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Till The End of Time Episode 19 Update on Thursday 16th August 2018


Arjun after looking at CCTV footage identifies thief as Lalvani and exposes him in front of whole office. Lalvani says he did not steal and pleads Maya. Arjun pushes him and Maya orders peon to kick Lalvani out. Maya sends everyone out of her cabin. Arjun asks her to apologize. She stands silently. He says she can apologize whenever she likes. She gives him a promotion letter with 9 lakhs per annum salary. He walks stunned towards parking lot and sits on his jeep dumstuck. Maya comes and asks if 9 lakhs are less. He says 9 lakhs per annum is too much, 75,000 rs per month, even if he eats 2 burgers, if Ayan steals money from his purse, if he refills his jeep, they wil not vanish. He shouts mumbai ka raja kaun… Maya asks him to calm down and says he will get 9 lakhs perks extra. He
jumps in happiness that he will get 1.5 lakhs per month. Maya leaves. Arjun shouts again mumbai ka raja kaun.
Saanjh gets ready and looking at herself in mirror says Arjun Arjun..he is a duffer…Prem comes and tells his college story that a girl had called him to meet at college tank and he climbed. He then says if Arjun proposes her, he will be very happy to get her married to Arjun, but he has not yet, so she has to meet the guy he has selected. She nods yes. He asks if she know who encouraged him to climb tank to meet girl. She says maa. He says no, college boys as he was representing whole college boys. He further says jus like that, she is representing her parent’s ubringing in front of the boy, so she should be very careful. She says okay. He says boy’s family is coming in 1 hour and leaves.
Arjun comes Saanjh’s house and calls her. She thinks whether to pick or not. Her brother sugggests her to pick. Arjun calls her to come down as he will feed her pani puri. She gets tempted. Brother nods no. Saanjh says sorry, a boy is coming to meet her. He says when did her priorities change, she does not have time for him. He says after marriage, anyways priorities change and even time. She says sorry and disconnects call. She then scolds her brother that he did not let her go and have pani puri.
Arjun goes home and tries to tell Ayan about his promotion, but Ayan does not want to. Arjun says between 2 brothers, 3rd person should not interfere. Ayan says 3rd person is his mother and leaves. Arjun says his both friends are not with him to celebrate his success.
Maya reaches home. Jahnvi asks where was she whole night. She says she was catching office thief and Arjun was helping her. Jahnvi says Arjun does a lot. She says it is his duty. Door bell rings. Jahnvi opens door and sees Ashwin and asks why did he come again.
Arjun stands on terrace wall and extends hands, loses balance and is about to fall when Vandana comes on time and holds him and pulls him down. The halwa she brought for him falls down. She says she brought halwa to celebrate his promotion. He says he does not need. She says she promised her husband that her family is incomplete with Arjun. He says even he promised his mother that nobody can take her place. He eats a bit of halwa and leaves. Jahnvi thinks she does not want to take Arjun’s mother’s place and just wants some respect in Arjun’s heart.
Ashwin apologizes Jahnvi with his crocodile tears and asks to hit him. Jahnvi says he is still acting, what he wants. She left everything for him, but he left her itself and made her just an ATM machine. It is enough now, he insulted her so much that day. Maya says right, he loves her and Maya’s money and not them. Ashwin says he just needs her love and wants to be Jahnvi’s Ashwin. She asks him to go before Maya wakes up. Maya his voice walks out her rom panicking. Ashwin continues his drama trying to convince Jahhnvi. Maya silently walks towards door. Jahnvi says she does not have anything except herself. He says yes, he came to give and not take. He gives her a gift box. Jahnvi hears Maya coming and sends Ashwin from there. Maya comes and sees Jahnvi standing neaar door.
Maya burns her father’s items at home. Jahnvi says she is trying to burn her father’s evidences, but she is his biggest evidence..

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