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Till The End of Time Episode 21 Update on Thursday 23rd August 2018


Maya cuts her wrists and rashly drives car. Jahnvi pleads her to sto car. On the other side, Saanjh scolds Arjun why he is ignoring her call. She sees red stain on his shirt and says blood. Arjun acts as panicking and then says it is a sauce. They both walk into their building with their usual nok jhok. Maya stops car and sits next to her car door. Jahnvi cries why did she cut her wrist. Maya says she told that she has to kill herself first. Jahnvi reminisces yelling at Maya that Ashwin’s blood in her body and she has to finish herself to get him out of her life. She says she just got dirty blood from her body. Jahnvi cries that she will not go away from her. Their family doctor passes by and stops seeing them. He checks Maya’s wrist. Maya reminisces Arjun’s
shirt getting stained with her blood.
Arjun and Saanjh go to Saanjh’s house and their usual nok jhok continues. Arjun says Maya drew her car tyre on his feet and it is paining. She says is it and says tomorrow her would be husband Jeetendra Kumar Srivastav is meeting her. He jokes and asks her to ge maggi for him. She asks if he does not have maggi at his home. He says she prepares maggi well. She leaves.
in the morning, Vandana sees Aryan sound asleep. She picks his last night clothes and sees blood on his shirt. She wakes up Arjun and asks how did he get blood, if he is injured or he fought with someone. He says it is a sauce. Ayan enters. She asks them both to reconcile and stop fighting, else she will kick them out of house. Arjjun sees it is already 10:15 and says he is late again. Vandana smells shirt and says this is definitely blood.
Maya gets ready for office. Jahnvi says doc suggested her to rest. She says raat gayi baat gayi, this is a new day, she has important meeting today. She says at her office, she is the boss and everyone is afraid of her. She leaves for office and briefs Rhea about her today’s appointments. Arjun enters late and says he came late as his leg is hurt and she had driven car on it. Maya angrily gets into her cabin. He could not drive and had to use auto and she does not know how auto drivers misbehave. She picks her purse and walks. He says he informed aunty that he is coming late. She shouts to call Mrs. Mehrotra or madam and not to to befriend. Once she gets out of cabin, he says he is not mad to befriend her family. She hears that and fumes. He tells peon that Maya is gone and even he is going. Peon says she may come back. He bribes peon and asks to handle himself.
Jahnvi comes out of lift. Ashwin stops her and asks how is she. She reminisces promising Maya that she will not meet Ahswin again and tries to leave. He asks why she is holding medical reports if she or Maya is ill. Jahnvi says they both are fine and asks him to go. He asks if she liked his gifted sari. She reminisces Maya burning sari and says it was nice. He says she looks pretty in green sari and says he needs 5 lakhs. She says she knew and locks her apartment door. He says goons will attack him if he does not give them 5 lakhs. She says she cannot. He says he will get it from Maya itself and walks calling Maya’s name.
Ayan cals Arjun and says he is in trouble and needs his help. Arjun says he knows he is with a girl and needs money, he cannot help now and disconnects call. He then calls chini ki bori/Saanjh’s brother. Saanjh waits for Arjun in a restaurant and thinks her fiance will come and go, but Arjun will not come. Arjun enters with Saanjh’s brother wearing white clothes and dancing in Jeetendra’s style on Naino me sapna, sapno me sajni…song. Everyone get disturbed hearing loud music. Maya is having a business meeting with her client on the other side and client says it is too disturbing. Maya cannot see Arjun’s face, she walks towards him angrily. Manager stops him and says he will handle it. He goes and asks Arjun to stop loud music. Arjun says they come to restaurant to enjoy and dances without song. He then taunts Saanjh that her Jeetendra came. Saanjh asks him to go before Jeetu comes. Arjun tautns he must be very boring. A handsome man Jeetendra enters chattting with people around. Arjun jokes with him some Jeetu is coming to meet Saanjh. Saanjh say she is Jeetu. They both sit. Arjun scolds cheeni ki bori. Cheeni is bori says they are looking weird in front of Jeetu. Arjun asks Jeeti if he is a doctor. Jeetu says he was and now he is researching on cancer patients for which he gets 80 lakhs per annum. Cheeni ki bori calls him jiju and asks where was he all these day. Arjun scolds if he is on his side or Jeetu’s. He says obviously Jeetu’s. Arjun gets afraid seeing Maya there. Saanjh tells Jeetu that he is afraid of boss and came without informing her. Arjun goes to talk to her and silently leaves.
Maya gets Jahnvi’s call who informs her that Ashwin is coming there. Maya panics hearing Ashwin foot steps and runs. She clashes with Arjun and runs. Arjun thinks what happened to her. She stops and finds Ahswin in front of her.
Precap: Ashwin holds Maya and she pleads to leave him. He says even she did leave Jahnvi and is taking away from him. He tries to hit her and Arjun comes and holds his hand.

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