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Till The End of Time Episode 22 Update on Friday 24th August 2018


Maya panics seeing Ashwin. Aswhin pins her to a wall and she pleads to leave her. He says she did not leave Jahnvi for him, then how can he leave her. He tries to slap her. Arjun comes and holds him hands and pushes him to stay away from Maya. Ashwin yells at Maya that she hired a goon, but will not be spared for long. Arjun warns him if he does not run frm here, he will break his another leg, then he will be forced to beg near temple. Ahswin leaves. Arjun asks Maya to relax, man has gone. Maya leaves. Arjun mimics no need to say sorry, thank you.
Maya goes to her room and vents her anger on punching bag and reminisces how Arjun saved her from Ashwin and his words. In the morning, heavy rains start in Mumbai and roads gets blocked. Arjun reaches office and sees peon cleaning office
and murmuring himself he will clean office by 9 a.m. He asks if Maya came. Peon says not yet. Maya enters office. Arjun asks who was that man yesterday, why was he troubling her. She says yesterday nothing happened and goes directly to conference room. She asks employees to show their presentation. Arjun says even he has presentation to show. She asks him to mail it and goes out. Colleague asks Arjun what did he do this time that Maya is ignoring him. He says he does not know and will know it. He walks towards Maya’s cabin with his laptop.
Saanjh and Jeetu’s date continues. Saanjh tells that she lied makkhi, sorry Arjun calls her boss Malkani as Makhi and she is getting his hobbies. He asks what did she say, stomach ache, fever, headache…She says she lied that her house got a short circuit due to rains. She continues praising Arjun and smiles. Jeetu notices her expressions.
Arjun enters Maya’s cabin. Maya asks why can’t he knock and enter. He knocks and enters and asks why is she ignoring her since morning. She says Mr. Sharma I don’t have time. He says what happened that she is calling him Mr. Sharma from Arjun and reqeusts to give him 2 min to show his presentation. She nods okay. He shows presentation and she just looks at his face silently and smiles and turns when he looks. She then closes laptop and Arjun’s finger gets injured. He shouts behan ki..chudia….she sould remember he is a photographer. She says she saw presentation and he may lave. Peon brings tea and she says thank you. PEon is surprised.
Jeetu and Saanjh’s date continues. Jeetu asks if she and Arjun come here often. Saanjh says even this time he wanted to come, but could not due to her arrogant boss. He asks if Arjun is afraid of his boss. Saanjh says he is not afraid of anyone and continues talking about Arjun. Jeetu says done..then he is ready for marriage. She asks what…He says she praised Arjun so much that he will send his parent’s to Arjun’s house to talk about his and Arjun’s marriage. She asks again what…He says bad joke and says their marriage. She gets sad. He says this is what the plan is. She says plan was different. He asks what.
Maya reminisces how Arjun saved her repeatedly. She imagines Arjun coming and saying she is thinking of her and goes closer to her. She closes eyes.
Precap: Maya sitting inside car looks at Arjun playing with children. Driver gives her Arjun’s wallet. She gets angry seeing a photo in it. Jahnvi says she should forgive Arjun and give him a chance.

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