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Fall Into Temptation Episode 45 Update on Wednesday 22nd August 2018


THE PAST: Carolina tells Damián that she was her father’s princess when he was sober without alcohol, but on the other hand he never liked Vicente, because he always beat him and one night he arrived home looking more drunk than usual and he began to caress her in a disgusting way and he opened the front of his pants and when he was going to leap on top of her, her brother Vicente hit him really hard in the head with a hammer and the authorities assumed that he had fallen into the river, because he was drunk.
Santiago tells Raquel that he feels that Carolina deserves a great man better than him, because he feels that she has gotten bored with him for accepting to take a loan from the Beckers not knowing she was instead doing everything possible to help with money and that makes her very amazing. Raquel tells him that it isn’t like that because he is a great man who fights for his family and Carolina adores him.
Damián then proposes to Carolina to allow him to be closer to baby Benjamin but Carolina says he can’t do that because he wouldn’t know how to explain things but Damian still proposes that she thinks about giving him the opportunity to be his godfather which he thinks Santiago will accepts and with that no one will suspect anything, Carolina tells him that she needs to speak with Santiago.
PRESENT DAY: The man who rescued his two boys from hurting each other with a gun they found at the accident scene and started playing with it, calls the police to come over to get the gun.
Whiles Santiago was with Raquel, Damian was still with Carolina and he asks her how she will feel if it turns out that Raquel and Santiago are also doing same thing as their and Carolina throws same question back to Damian as to how he will feel if he gets to know that.
Raquel tells Nico that she already knows he has a relationship with an older woman and that it hurts Mia and she doesn’t want that her daughter suffers due to that. Nico replies that what hurts mia is to see her with his father not him instead. Raquel the asks him what he thinks about her relationship with his father and Nico answers that if circumstances were different he would love her to be with his father, but his mother died very recently and it doesn’t matter what his mother did, he doesn’t agree and support their relationship.
Godoy reveals to Cynthia that the gun discovered by the police was the one used to shoot Carolina and he is sure that Santiago may be the brain behind the shooting but if the DNA test comes out and the result is detected, he is sure that if Santiago is the mastermind or had a hand in Carolina’s death, then that means all the protection being giving to him by the police because Of Antonio who was his father’s friend, will be taking off of him.
Whiles Miriam insists to Rueda to help her gain custody of his grandson Benjamin, same vein at the hospital, Raquel asks Andres if he thinks that his aunt will fight for the custody of Benjamin and Andres replies that she is already doing it because she is discussing it with Rueda and Raquel goes shocked and asks him not to tell her that and Andres says he thinks may be there is only one thing that can stop her and Raquel wants to know that particular thing.

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