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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 451--453 Update on Wednesday 22nd August 2018


Laxmibai's belief that British spies had been wiped out are proven wrong. Despite having lost Laddi, Rao Dulaju continues to work for the British. 

Capt Hugh Rose plans to breach the fortress of Jhansi. Though the British official finds it a difficult task, he hopes it can be achieved with the help provided by Rao Dulaju. 

Laxmibai anticipates British would attempt to enter the fort and asks her commanders to prevent it at any cost. 

Raghunath Rao informs Laxmibai that British units had surrounded the Jhansi fort. Laxmibai assures him that the strength of Jhansi might be less but the morale of its army was high. 

Capt Hugh Rose assures his soldiers that the Jhansi army will capitulate at the sight of the British forces. Laxmibai adresses her subjects and asks them to seek shelter inside the fort. 

However, the subjects decide to fight along with her. Kali shows Damodar arrows laden with explosives in preparation for the battle against the British. 

Damodar takes an arrow and runs out.  The East India Company warns Laxmibai against declaring war. In reply, Laxmibai fires cannon at the East India Company's camp and tells Capt Hugh Rose that she would declare war the next day. 

Damodar rushes inside Rao Dulaju's room and spots the courtier standing on his legs. Damodar enters a room and breaks the telex machine which was being used by Rao Dulaju to communicate with the British. 

In frustration, Rao Dulaju throws the arrow which Damodar had in his hands. 

The arrow explodes and the explosion alarms Laxmibai and others. Rao Dulaju stops the queen from investigating by urging her to show Damodar to a physician.   

Laxmibai, Moropant, Kali and others resolve to safeguard Jhansi from the British. 

Capt Hugh Rose learns that Rao Dulaju had taken charge of the Orcha gate and was yelling he would never allow the British to pass through the gate. 

Will the British defeat Laxmibai? the British soldiers attempt to enter the Jhansi fort. Kashi discovers that Rao Dulaju was actually working for the British. 

When Kashi refuses to join his plan to betray Jhansi, Rao Dulaju slashes her throat. On hearing Kashi's cry, Kali comes to check. 

An injured Kashi reveals Rao Dulaju's evil plans to Kali. Kali manages to hit Rao Dulaju and yells out that the British will enter the kingdom through the Orcha gate. 

Laxmibai along with Karma and others rush to foil Rao Dulaju's plan. However, Rao Dulaju opens the gate and British soldiers enter the fort. A fierce battle ensues between the British and the Jhansi soldiers. 

In the midst of the battle, Rao Dulaju runs to open the other gate of the kingdom. Laxmibai notices Rao Dulaju heading towards the gate; however, she fails to stop him. 

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Despite being wounded, Laxmibai challenges Capt Hugh Rose and his army that she will die but not surrender her Jhansi. Will Laxmibai be able to defeat the British?

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