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Who Killed Libia Episode 35 Update on Saturday 4th August 2018


Fernando summons the guards in the hacienda that there is a thief around so they should be on guard and as they were trying to figure out who the thief is, John jumps onto his horse and runs through the compound and Fernando tries to pull the trigger at him but it was to no avail because John was so smart to escape. Fernando then gets very furious and warns Rosendo and the other guards to always be on guard during night hours else he will sack all of them. In the same vein, Gabriela and her daughters gets frightened due to the gun shots and they rushes into Sofia’s room to check if she is ok and as they enter into her room they find out that she is fast asleep. Fernando then comes to inform Gabriela and her daughters that a thief came into the premises and he tried shooting but he couldn’t get hold of him so its better he goes to sleep with Sofia and guide her since she isn’t well but Gabriela stops him and tells him that there is no need for him to sleep with Sofia since she always embarrass him anytime he tries get closer to her.
An officer gives the report of the investigation made on behalf of  Libia’s death to John and his two brothers and explains to them that, when Libia died, there were some bruises on her head and they are sure that when the river drowned her, she might have hit her head on the rocks which led to the cause of her death but John argues with the officer that it might not be true and so what if the bruises caused on her sister’s head was due to the fact that someone might have hit something her on the head.
John goes to inform Don Augustin that Sofia is not well and Tina promises Don Augustin that she will help by taking him to the hacienda so that he can go and visit his granddaughter and Don Augustin asks her how she is going to do that and Tina tells him that Hortensia has a pickup and since she can drive, she will ask her to lend it to them so that they can go and visit Sofia. In the same vein, Gabriela becomes annoyed upon seeing Don Augustin and Tina as they arrive at the hacienda with so much noise but she later pretends to be glad that Don Augustin has finally come back and tries to embrace him but Don Augustin tells her not to get close to him and that he only came to see her granddaughter Sofia and not to sign her documents if that’s what she thinks. Don Augustin then goes into Sofia’s room and Sofia becomes so happy to see her grandpa and Don Augustin tells her that she is the reason why he came and also advices her to do what her heart tells her and never comply to her mother’s will.
Pablo tells Franco about where Luis is and Franco asks Pablo to take him there and upon reaching they see Petra maltreating Luis and Franco shouts on her to stop maltreating the little boy like that and there Armando comes to warn Franco to stop meddling in other people’s affairs. In the same vein, Armando goes to inform Fernando that Franco has managed to locate the whereabout of Rosa’s son but he thinks that the little boy his son instead of he Fernando which he thinks it’s a very good idea for Franco to think that way. In the same vein, Fernando goes to threaten Rosa to stay away from Franco and Eva else his son Luis will be the to pay for the consequences.
Fernando goes to offer some tea to Sofia to calm her down and also enable her to recover fast and as he hand over the tea to her, he says in his mind that he will definitely make love to her and this time around its going to succeed and he exits but as Sofia tries to take in the tea, it mistakenly slips from her hand and pours on the flour and there she begins to think about John. In the same vein, John enters into the hacienda and climbs on a rope into Sofia’s room from her window and there Jemima gets to see him.  Rosendo also approaches and Jemima intentionally sends him to go and look for her missing bag so that he doesn’t get to see John as he sneaks into Sofia’s room.
Ofelia consoles Rosa that she should stop the tears and know that this isn’t the first time that Fernando has come to threaten her but Rosa tells Ofelia that since her son is involved in this, there is no way she will be calm and that if Ofelia is a mother like her she will understand her pain and wouldn’t tell her to calm down and Ofelia tells Rosa that she feels the pain because she has taken her as her own daughter.
Fernando comes out of his room and plan to enter Sofia’s room but Gabriela interrupts. In the same vein, Jemima goes to inform Eva that John has sneaked into Sofia’s room so she is scared that someone might catch them and Eva walks to the main entrance to distract Rosendo so that he leaves the gate to pave way for John to escape without being caught. Fernando then tells Gabriela that he thinks there is someone in Sofia’s room because the door is locked and as they try entering John quickly runs out of Sofia’s room and Jemima rather climbs and enters Sofia’s room making it seem as if she was the one in the room all this while and she tells Sofia to pretend to be sleeping. As Gabriela and Fernando finally enters, Jemima convinces them that she was the one who locked Sofia’s door because she wants to sleep by her side and look after her and Gabriela tells Fernando that if so then they should excuse them and they leave.
As John rides on his horse home, he thinks about what has just happened between him and Sofia and says to himself that Sofia is in love with him indeed and in the same vein, Sofia also lies in her bed and feels glad that Fernando and her mother didn’t catch him with John and also thinks about John and says to herself that John is in love with her indeed and she smiles with joy.
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