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Who Killed Libia Episode 36 Update on Sunday 5th August 2018


Eva goes to check on Sofia in her room and Sofia tells her that she feels much better this morning with so much joy in her heart and Eva tells her how glad she is to see her in that mood. Sofia then asks Eva if she has heard anything concerning her daughter and Eva answers her that yes because she has this feeling in her heart that Rosa might be the daughter she’s been searching for all these years but anytime she tries to get closer to her she refuse and Sofia becomes so delighted and surprise but promises Eva that she will help her to find out if Rosa is indeed her daughter.
John, Oscar and Franco sit and begins ask themselves about why the three sisters are showing them so much love when they rather came in for revenge and they conclude that the way things are going, they can’t put any blame on the ladies because they never thought of ever falling in love with them.
Sarah walks to Franco to ask him why he kissed her in that manner the other time and Franco tells Sarah that he has no explanation to give her because he did it out of love and then Sarah asks him if he only kisses her to think of Rosa and Franco tells her that isn’t the case and that he loves her and loves Rosa too in the same way. Sarah then goes mad again and tell Franco to choose either her or Rosa but until then, she doesn’t want to see him in her life ever again and she walks away.
Sofia tells Eva that since she woke up from bed, she feels so fresh and free and Eva mentions to Sofia that she is aware that John sneaked into her room last night and Sofia begs Eva not to judge her wrongly and Eva explains to her that she will never think evil of her and that she is even in support of her to find love and be happy and not to commit the mistake she committed when she once fell in love because she regrets that very much. Sofia then becomes hopeful upon hearing Eva and tells her that John wants them to escape so that no one finds them to stop the love they have for each other and Eva advices her to do so and Sofia says to Eva that she is also going to consult her grandpa to see what he will also say.
Eva walks to Franco and warns him to be very careful with the way he is treating both Sarah and Rosa and Franco asks her what her concern is when it comes to that and Eva furiously tells him that she wouldn’t take it slightly with him if he should play with their feelings and Franco gets very worried.
Fernando takes a glance at Gabriela as she sits in her bedroom after taking a shower and later goes to see her in her study to complement her on her beauty and also advices her to find herself a man because she is still a pretty woman and any man in the town would like to have her as a wife but Gabriela objects to it and tells Fernando that looking at her age, she isn’t ready to take any responsibilities as a wife anymore but Fernando still insists that she better thinks about it.
Sarah furiously goes to report to Jemima about what Franco told her for being in love with Rosa and her at the same time and that she thinks Franco is only saying that all because he thinks she Sarah can’t compete with Rosa and Jemima tells Sarah that it’s all her fault because she has refused to dress and look more pretty to seduce Franco. In the same vein, Jemima dresses Sarah to look more pretty and as Sarah steps out and meets Franco, he becomes so glad to see her in that new look and starts to complement her but Gabriela later comes to cause confusion and yells at Sarah for chatting with Franco and commands her to get inside the house and also sacks Franco away and there she starts to pretend as if she’s dying and Sarah pleads with Gabriela that she is very sorry and that she wouldn’t repeat it again.
Sofia goes to see Rosa in her dressing room to speak to her on a very important issue but as soon as Rosa realizes that Fernando’s presence, she nervously asks Sofia to leave immediately because she isn’t in any mood to speak to her concerning anything and Sofia starts to plead with her but she still refuses and tells her to go away in fright. In the same vein, Fernando goes to attack Rosa as Sofia exists and asks her what business she is having with Sofia and Rosa tells him in tears that there is nothing going on but Fernando tells Rosa that he is going to let her little boy pay for it and Rosa pleads.
John and his three brothers visits Libia in her grave and there Oscar and Franco tells John that they are giving him the go ahead to be with Sofia and find their happiness even if they have to escape and they also shows appreciation for his care since their parents died and left them in his hands and John becomes delighted and thank his brothers for their encouragement and support.
Rosa tearfully goes to ask for the whereabout of Franco from Oscar and there Oscar starts to console her and as Rosa embraces Oscar, Jemima sees them as she tries to approach and feels very disappointed upon seeing Oscar and Rosa together without being noticed by them as tears drops down her eyes.

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