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Who Killed Libia Episode 38 Update on Saturday 11th August 2018


Gabriela throws a big party to announce the engagement of Benito and Sarah, and Oduro and Jemima. Same vein, Eugenia goes to inform Raquel that she is leaving the house but she would have preferred her to stay until after the engagement ceremony but Eugenia refuses and she says she is an ungrateful person.
At the party, after being forced indirectly to get themselves engaged to the Elizondo family girls and putting the ring on their fingers, Gabriela announces that, their wedding follows a month later.
John and Sophia are still on their escape mission and they continue to look for a place to stay.
Fernando takes Rosario to where he took his son to and tells her that for now she will spend some days with her son, but will be locked up in that hotel room so she can go out and she agrees because she is even okay being by her son’s side and he promises to feed them always. After he left, she wishes that if she should get the opportunity, she will flee with her son.
Father Teddy arrives at the party to know about the motive behind it and he recriminates Gabriela that she insists on getting her daughters married to men they don’t love and asks her if she wants the children to suffer the same fate Sofia is suffering in her marriage but she careless and says he has no right to judge her because she hasn’t done anything wrong. Also, when she requested him to help her bring her father back home too, he hasn’t and so she warns him that if something bad should happen to her father, he is going to be responsible.
Tina and don Augustin take bread to their clients in the truck and when Fernando sees them, he sneaks to tamper with the truck breaks and they have an accident though unfortunately they survived with several injuries with Mr. Augustin in a serious critical condition. Sofia is seriously affected with the accident.
Oduro, Jemima, Benito and Sarah agree to be okay about their engagement in public and before their parents too but when they are alone, they can go to their separate free lives and this makes Jemima very happy because she reveals to Oduro that she actually doesn’t love him one bit. Same thing applies to Benito and Sarah as they also agree on same deal.
Oscar and Franco go to the hacienda whiles the party is ongoing and they inform the Elizondo family about the accident and Fernando asks if he died and after telling him he is alive, he feels disappointed. But they have nothing to do than leave the party and they left with them to the hospital to see Augustin. There, both Gabriela and Fernando wish separately in their minds that Augustin should have died in the accident because that would have been better for them.
Oscar and Franco agree to inform John and Sofia bout the accident and Sofia feels very distressed to know about the accident that her grandpa had and asks John to let them go back home. She tells him she is setting him free of their engagement because she realized that their relationship is impossible.
Jemima still refuses to tell Oscar the reason behind her anger and her indifference towards them but all she says is that, he is an ungrateful and unfaithful being.
Sofia goes back home to check on her grandpa and Don Augustin advises Sofia that she shouldn’t have come and that she should go back and elope with john before her mother sees her but she says no.
Sofia goes back to the hacienda and Fernando tries to hit her because he demands to know where and whom she spent the night with, but Eva, Jemima and Sarah arrive to stop him.
John also arrives to check on Mr. Augustin and he asks him to take Sofia away, but he tells him they are through because Sofia is never going to have the courage to leave her family for their love.
Sofia feels dizzy and after testing, she notices happily that she is pregnant and she looks so happy to be a mother.

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