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Who Killed Libia Episode 39 Update on Sunday 12th August 2018


Sofia feels dizzy and after testing, she notices happily that she is pregnant and she looks so happy to be a mother.
Gabriela ill speaks of Libia in front of John, Franco and Oscar that their insolent attitude can be compared to a girl called Libia who way back came to face her to get what wasn’t her but God paid her back with a punishment she deserved and this moved John to go confront her and even try hitting him but he was stopped by his brothers yet he still demanded her to give him an explanation about what he said but Gabriela slaps him twice and he tried to hit her back but Sofia arrives to disallow him to ill-treats her mother.
Quickly, Gabriela pretends to feel ill and Sofia tells John that she never imagined that he would hurt her mother and feels disappointed of him. Her three daughters then take her to her bedroom and she intentionally tries blackmailing Sofia to disclose to her where she went last night but Sofia refuses to tell her but only give her a hit that, very soon the truth will be known and of course it is something that makes her happy which she can never hold back her happiness on it. Gabriela then goes confused.
Fernando tells Mrs. Gabriela insinuatingly that Sofia is not the only reason why he stayed back in the hacienda when he asked him not to leave as he decided, but also for her as well because she (Gabriela) has become someone very important to him and he feels very bad that he wasn’t there to defend her against those men and Gabriela still can’t think far that as a good person like him, her daughter can’t love him but he asks her to put Sofia’s issue aside and think of a way Augustin will sign the documents for them to get the money they need.
Sofia tells Don Augustin that John’s reaction towards her mum surprised her and she even wanted to take him out of her life forever because she was the one who wanted their love to come to an end but now that she is pregnant with his baby, she fears her mother’s reaction and most of all, is afraid of her health. Don Augustin then looks happy and gives praise to God and tells her that he feels so happy with the news and advises her to focus on the wellbeing of her pregnancy and stop thinking about others and that he is willing to move somewhere with her if they have to.
Jemima tells Sofia about why she broke up with Oscar and Sofia disbelieves her that Oscar could do something like that because the only thing she recalls is that, Oscar do loves her very much but Jemima doubts that. Sofia then advises her that eve so, that shouldn’t push her to marry Oduro who doesn’t love her. Jemima spills out the beans to her that, not only does she not love Oduro but as it is, he also disclosed to her that he loves her not but wants them to accept their engagement in public and in front of their family but when they are alone, they can do whatever they pleased. Sofia then advises her to then be careful and never do anything that might hurt her later and suffer as she is still suffering.
Fernando still demands Sofia to tell him where she spent the night and she answers that, she remembers one thing that they are both free to do as they wish and that she is not afraid of him because now that she has a very important reason to face anything, she will be willing to defend herself against all who tries to be a blockade. Fernando then becomes confused with the statement.
Benito goes helter skelter looking all around for the love of his life Eugenia but nowhere to be found. Same time, Eugenia has also bumped into Eladio asking him to help her get a job and his mum Hotencia shows her a place she could get one and at the same time she realizes how much her son is having interest in the girl.
Gabriela and Eva engage in a conversation and there, Fernando overheard them talk about the fact that Rosario is Eva’s daughter and he becomes very surprised.
Gabriela wants her father to sign some documents so they could withdraw money but he tells her that, he will never do that signing until she kicks that Fernando out of the house and their lives but Gabriela refuses to do so.
Eva gets surprised and feels happy but worried to find out about Sofia’s pregnancy because she’s afraid of her mum’s reaction towards that, and Sofia says, she careless and she’s ready to face any blockade. So, Eva then advises her that her baby is entitled to grow up with her parents and so she should fight for that love.
Fernando intentionally with his own personal agenda goes to propose to Rosario to make Eva believe that she is really her mother in case she approaches her to tell her the truth and which is also something that might be true which he also thinks in case that is so, she could be getting many benefits out of it and this makes her confused.
Gabriela is furious because Don Augustin didn’t sign the papers for her to get money and so she confronts and reproaches him in front of his grandchildren Sarah, Jemimah and Sofia that he wants to kill her the same way, he killed her mother that is why he is creating so much problem for her and this makes Don Augustin becomes sad since actually he continues to say he has no hand in that. Don Augustin in great furiousness then confronts his daughter that he truly recollects that during that time indeed he was drunk but he wasn’t the one driving but her (Gabriela) instead and so if that accident came into being causing her mother dead then it was her and not him as she’s been saying always by accusing him of being a murderer.
She then advises her children to not give heed to what their grandpa is saying and not follow his whims if not, he will also kill her as he did with their grandma and make them orphans and Don Augustin asks God to forgive her for calling him a murderer. Then, she goes like fainting again and as usual she pulls the attention of her children close to her again but Don Augustin tells the children that, Gabriela knows only but one thing and that is to lie about things and that is one of her exhibitions by pretending again to faint but Sofia tells him that seriously she can’t get the meaning of their argument.
John tries jumping over the wall of the hacienda but he is threatened by Rosendo to shoot him if he dares.

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