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Who Killed Libia Episode 41 Update on Saturday 18th August 2018


Gabriela calls all her daughters and everyone around that she has a big surprise for them therefore she wants them to toast to the wonderful news she has heard and there Sofia and Fernando also enters and Sofia tries to talk to her mother but she refuses to listen and goes ahead to mention to everyone in a loud voice that she will soon be a grandmother because Sofia is pregnant and everyone looks surprised but Fernando breaks the silent and tells Gabriela that the child Sofia is expecting isn’t his and Gabriela gets shocked then, she drops her wine glass on the floor.
Ofelia recriminates Rosario for toying with Eva’s feelings, by accepting her as her mother when she isn’t even sure and, Rosario says she did it for her son’s sake because ever since she was born, she has never experience the love of a mother before but how Eva embraced her son upon knowing that he is her son, she welcomed them with great heart of a mother and there and then, she realized that, she in fact needs a family for her son.
Mrs. Gabriela furiously slaps Sofia and demands that she tells her the name of the father of the child but Sofia refuses and Gabriela becomes disappointed and she rains insults on her for bringing shame to the family and Fernando and Fernando tries defending Sofia. Then again, Gabriela comments to Sofia that she doesn’t deserve a good person like Fernando because even in her wrong he is still defending her when in fact Fernando has been a good husband to her all his life and she decide to throw her out of the house but Eva claims she is leaving with her.
Don Augustin tells Gabriela that he is also leaving the house and will make sure to hire an attorney to help him secure his hacienda and prove to her that he is actually the rightful owner of the house. Quickly, she comes up with that her pretentious illness and collapses. She is taking to the hospital and Gabriela tells Dr. Gomez that she needs to come up with something to tells her family to make them believe she is seriously experiencing other crises aside her heart condition and should make it very shocking health condition to make her have power over her children to make them suffer since they refuse to listen to her.
The doctor then goes to tell the family awaiting at the hospital’s reception that, their mum is in a very critical condition and anything can happen which can cause her to lose her life and this truly brings pain on the children.
Don Augustin tells John that Sofia gave him the greatest test of love by giving him a child and he should be patient with her now because Sofia feels guilty of her mother’s illness.
Father Teddy encourages Sofia to never give up or feel discouraged about her mum’s illness and also to continue blaming herself for being responsible for her mum’s illness. The child she is also expecting will be born in great love and joy since it was out of love they both conceived him and this writes a bit of happiness on Sofia’s face.
Tina thinks upon pondering on the things Hortencia told her about someone who could be responsible for triggering the accident, she suggests to the three brothers to tell the police so they can investigate into the matter.
John goes to the hospital and bumping into Fernando there, they challenge each other and Fernando warns him to leave if not he will have him to contend with and just when John was about unleashing his anger, he recollects an advice Augustin gave to him and that is to have patient in all things since Sofia is still a married woman.
Mrs. Gabriela pretends to have a paralysis of half her body (stroke) and not even when she sees that Jemima is suffering an asthma crisis gets her moved to seize that charade, her mind is already made up of making the children suffer for her own selfish interest gain.
Franco thinks after Sofia gives birth to their nephew, the angry nature of John may calm down but Oscar doubts that and thinks their brothers character is mixed with his blood and therefore the birth of the child can never quench it. In other matters, Oscar believes that the illness of Gabriela can make him and Jemima unit again because many opportunities can be created because he truly loves her dearly.
At the hospital, Fernando tries enquiring from Eva to disclose to him who the father of Sofia’s child is but she refuses to spill a thing out of her mouth because she will rather remain trustworthy to the children than to betray their trust. Fernando then states that; never will he allow that so called loved which Eva has said the two really have to function because it will be over his dead body.
Eva arrives home to inform Don Augustin that Gabriela’s illness looks serious this time around and it’s not a joke as they thought since she could even lose her life. Don Augustin then looks a bit down upon hearing that and never wish that for her because she is his only daughter. He also feels so depressed considering how the family is falling apart gradually and now he doesn’t know what to do because not only does Gabriela’s illness worries him but also Sofia’s pregnancy and that of Jemima’s asthma. But the most of it all is the evil Fernando is the one going to take care of the hacienda.
Sofia tells Don Augustin that due to her mother’s illness, he will have to sign the papers so that the hacienda is not mortgaged, if not she would die and Don Augustin accepts to do so.
Sarah tells Fernando that she considers him a good man; he tells her that the only thing that would help his soul and make him happy is knowing who the father of Sofia’s child is, Sarah then looks at him worriedly.

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