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Who Killed Libia Episode 42 Update on Sunday 20th August 2018


Sarah tells Fernando that she considers him a good man; he tells her that the only thing that would help his soul and make him happy is knowing who the father of Sofia’s child is, Sarah then looks at him worriedly and Just when she is about telling Fernando who Sofia’s baby father is, Jemima has a nervous breakdown at that moment and interrupts her and Fernando thinks Jemima is an evil person.
Doctor Gomez tells Sofia that her mother will have to stay at hospital for a while to avoid that she encounters another crisis due to may be problems they may put her through and he blames Sofia for being responsible for her mum’s condition and suggests to her to be prudent or otherwise, she will be responsible of her mother’s death in the end and when that happens, she will have to bear her sister’s insanity too.
Eva tells Rosario about how she abandoned her daughter at birth but regrets it now very much but can tell it surely that she is her daughter and asks her to allow her to be near her to earn her love and she accepts but asks her to not expect much from her because it’s not easy to accept her after so much abandonment and Eva thanks her for even accepting her as her mother her as her mother when she isn’t even sure.  She shows her her son and Eva grows happy to have a grandson so beautiful as him.
Sofia goes to see her mum before going home and her mum quickly kicks her out because she pretends she never wants to see her again, and after she left, Gabriela bounds back to normality and together with Fernando, they ridicule Sofia behind her back to the maximum point. Meanwhile, Sofia looks very worried with the situation.
Same vein, Fernando congratulates Gabriela for bringing up this great charade and he thinks this will actually weakens Sofia and she will do all that she will command but it seems like Gabriela knows her daughter Sofia very well to have a hardened heart and doesn’t think that has even moved her and so she decides to continue with her illness act so that Sofia will obey her every whim and also she suggests to Fernando that they have to also find a way of getting rid of the child Sofia is expecting to seize any embarrassment that may befall them and Fernando agrees also that never will he allow that bastard child to come out of that womb of his wife.
Sarah continues to act cold towards her grandpa and refuses to allow him get closer to Jemima all because she believes that he is a murderer for killing their grandma and Augustin reproaches her to stop acting childish but she shuns him and walks out on him.
Rosario tells obelia that regardless of whether Eva is her mother or not, she will accept Eva because she needs someone to love her as well as her son because ever since she was born, she has never experienced the love of a mother before but how Eva embraced her son upon knowing that he is her son, and welcomed them with such a great heart of a mother and there and then, she realized that, she in fact needs a family for her son and she believes one day, she might even fall in love with her as her own mother.
Eva reveals to Sofia that, she finally spoke with Rosario and finally she’s accepted her ones and for all and that has brought great joy to her and Sofia also thinks if that is so, then she has to see Rosario too and make her know that she loves her too and make her understand that she is her sister too so together they can all start to learn and love themselves very well.
Father Teddy tells Fernando that he wrote to his authorities and in case they agree, he will be allowed to disclose his confessional secret and that can formally help Sofia to get divorce from him forever and he reminds him again that Sofia is not alone. Fernando then becomes furious.
Oscar goes to see Jemima at the hacienda after hearing from Eva that she had a nervous breakdown. Sarah goes angry and decides to throw him out looking so very upset but Oscar says he dearly loves Jemima and so he will stay by her side through thick and thin but Sarah reproaches him and asks him if that were so, he would have cheated on her with Rosario because Jemima saw him hugging Rosario and there Oscar recollects and explains things to Sarah that he was only giving his support to Rosario when she came looking for Franco at their house whiles looking so depressed, but nothing is going between them and he loves Jemima sincerely.
Sofia tells John that she will divorce Fernando as soon as her mother recovers and be with him and she asks him to be patient with her and not attack any member of her family again because though her mum is a bit inhuman but no matter what, she is still her mother. She also has the courage now to fight for any obstacle and John suggests again that they run away but Sofia refuses and she knows after the process have been accepted by the church authorities, the divorce will certainly come to pass and she will be free and John accepts to wait for her in all patience so he can also be with Sofia always.

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