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Ashoka Samrat Episode 18 Update on Friday 28th September 2018

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Scene 1
Dharma is giving treatment to Ashok’s wounds, she says what are you thinking? Ashok says i am thinking about Acharaya, one one hand he keeps me away from you and on other hand, he save me from all problems, i cant stand him, Dharma recalls how Acharaya said that peace doesnt mean that Ashok should remain silent, Ashok ask what are you thinking? Bindu comes there, Dharma takes veil, Bindu comes to Ashok and smiles, Ashok greets him, Bindu says i got to know that my friend is in clinic so i came to meet you, Dharma says who friend? Bindu says this Samrat Vanraj, he became my friend last day, Dharma smiles, Bindu ask about his health, Ashok says the doctor of yours is magical, she treats me well, Dharma says Ashok is a great kid, he is courageous, he smiles in pain too, the son like him make parents proud, Bindu says to Ashok that you are away from your mother and Dharma is away from her son, why dont you live together in palace, Bindu says i have already talked to Acharaya about Ashok living in royal palace, you both will get each other’s time too, but if you dont want then i will not force you both, Ashok says no no, your wish is my command, this is great idea, Bindu says i have to think about my friend, he shakes hand with Ashok, Dharma thinks what if anyone gets to know that Ashok is my son.
Sushim is in jungle, he has put an apple on kid’s head and is about to hit it with Arrow but his friend inderjeet says that anyone can hit it with open eyes, can you hit the apple with close eyes, Sushim smirks and says i accept your challenge, Sushim closes his eyes to hit apple when his friend comes, friend informs Sushim that Bindu is impressed with Ashok that he has given room to him in palace and has asked to live with a lady(Dharma) who is doctor of Bindu, also he has decided to send AShok to royal school, sushim says this cant be possible, this cant be true, what Ashok have that Bindu is giving him more importance than me, i wont let this happen.
Scene 2
Guru ,,
meet soldier whom he have to make enter in city using his sources.
Sushim comes to Bindu and says that i got to know that you have asked Ashok to live in royal palace and also enrolled him for Royal school, in royal school only kids of royal family go, Samrat says its work is to make a great warrior for Magdh so that he can protect Madgh in future and when i saw Ashok, i thought to not lose him, he can be useful for Magdh, Sushim says to Bindu that i request you to not put Ashok in royal school as with his presence, the atmosphere of school will not remain cool, Bindu says try to understand people, Ashok is good kid at heart, he talks straightforwardly, he is courageous, he is grounded and everyone have their shortcomings but all dont have to overcome that shortcomings but Ashok has ability to overcome it, Bindu says you are hurting me by favoring my enemy, Bindu says he is your friend not enemy, he will definitely go to school, Sushim ask is this your final decision? Bindu says this is order of a king, Helena comes there and see Sushim Angry, Sushim leaves, Helena says to bindu that why you are hurting your son for that kid Ashok, Bindu says that Sushim should understand, i have seen many good things in Ashok and i want to polish him, Helena says inbetween many good things in him, there can be single bad thing which can hurt you, what if Ashok deceive you? Bindu says Acharaya have liked Ashok which means that Ashok surely have something, remember Chandragupt maurya was a common kid too but Acharaya saw good qualities in him and made him king, Helena says dont compare him to some common kid, this way Ashok can dream of becoming Samrat, Helena says to Bindu that i dont want Acharaya to do same with you what he did to Dhana Nand, Bindu says dont worry i trust Ashok, he is a great kid, Helena thinks you dont have any idea what is going to happen in future.
Men of Rakshasa enters Patliputra, they put herbal roots in lake.
Scene 3
people are drinking water from lake and start getting ill. Ashok wakes up in stable, he says to Gul Bhushan that i will live in royal palace from now with my mother, Samrat has done great for me, Ashok is about to drink water but Bal stops him and tells that water has some problem, all are getting ill. Ashok says we should help people. Ashok comes to people and find them all suffering by drinking water. Acharaya orders soldier to help all people and give me sample of water.
Bindu is imformed that lake water has some problem, all people have become ill drinking water from it, Bindu leaves to find about the matter.
Acharaya says this is not simple problem as it seem.
Noor says to siamak that i have brought a water for you, dont drink common water, it has some problem, drink from it only, drupat ask her mother if this all water is for Siamak? she says no you can drink from it too.
Charu makes one kid drink the water to test it before Sushim drink it, she says to Sushim that this is time to prove yourself, go to people, help them to show that you are a great prince, sushim says i will not go to these common people, what if i get ill too, Charu says if you want to become Samrat then you have to do all this, this way Bindu will be impressed by you too, just show your face to people and comeback.
bindu says to khurasan that how can problem happen in one day? announce that we are with people, we will do anything to help them, Ashok comes there with some kids, he says to Bindu that do something, you are fine this means palace people are fine, Acharaya comes there, he says if whole water had problem then palace people would have got ill too but this means that water is manipulated in outskirts only, i will find out soon, Helena smirks that everything is going per plan, Ashok ask Bindu that we use palace water to help people, Bindu says yes.
Scene 4
Acharaya is investigating near, he finds herbal roots in water, Radhagupt says who can do this, Acharaya says we will find soon, soldier comes there and informs that we have got a deadbody. Achraya says this water cant kill anyone, he ask Radhagupt to check the body, Radhagupt finds letter with deadbody, he shows it to Acharaya, its same letter in which it is written that Unani’s are attacking Patliputra.
Ashok is helping people in clinic, one girl is not drinking syrup, Ashok says we will play a game that i will count till 10 and if you drink syrup then you will win, else i win, AShok starts counting when she drinks syrup, Ashok says wow you won and i lost, Dharam smiles, Ashok comes to Dharma, he says soon we will live together, Dharma says but this is not good, what if anyone gets to know that you are my son, Ashok says why you worry so much, what if anyone gets to know that i am your son, Samrat has given this order so Acharaya cant do anything too, dont worry everything will be fine, Dharma thinks how to tell you Ashok what i am worried for.
Acharaya says to Bindu that it is written in letter that Unani’s have done this so that our attention is diverted and then they will attack Patliputra, they can use this chance to attack, Bindu ask Prime minister to go and find about this matter, Acharaya says i will find out how people came in Patliputra and mixed herbal roots in water, Bindu says i cant trust anyone else than you in this matter, you find out, Helena listens all this and smiles.
Ashok is giving water to everyone in market, he says dont worry, Samrat is helping us and soon water will be fine too. Sushim comes in Market and makes weird faces seeing common people. he finds Ashok helping people, he listens some people praising Ashok that he helps everyone, he is a great kid and he will get reward for it, i want to him to get success, Sushim fumes. he comes to Ashok and says to his friend that i will tell you a story, a donkey used to live in stable of palace, he started to think that he is horse, then Samrat as welfare gave him place in palace but once a Donkey will remain Donkey always (taunting Ashok), Ashok fills water in bucket and comes to Sushim, he gives bucket to Sushim and announces in people that sushim is saying that he will make everyone drink water and will also hug common people, come and take water from Sushim, all gather around Sushim, Sushim starts giving water to people angrily, Ashok says you know why donkey was made to live in palace as horse? i will tell you that when a horse can act like a donkey (taunting Sushim) then a donkey can dream to become horse, this is whole story, next time tell whole story otherwise it will not be fun, Ashoka hai Ashoka plays.
Scene 5
Bindu says to Helena that Acharaya thinks that Unani is going to attack us, Helena says ,my father (nicator-Unani force head) will attack you? Bindu says Acharaya have got some evidence, helena says he want to prove this, tell me hoe can a father attack her daughter’s house, Unani’s alliance with Magdh can be seen with my marriage, my father always think good about Magdh, Bindu says why acharaya will tell a lie, Helena says he want to fill your ears against me, you doubt me this means you dont take me as mother, how can you doubt your Yashoda, Bindu says i am sorry if have hurt you, Helena says Acharaya has some other plans, Helena says to Bindu that the way Acharaya is taking side of Ashok, i feel that he will do same with you like he did with dhana nand so that he can make Ashok, the next Samrat, Bindu says but Ashok is just a kid, Helena says Dhana nand did same mistake of taking Chandragupt as kid, you dont have to trust Ashok and Acharaya blindly, as Samrat you can doubt anyone, Bindu says i dont trust anyone blindly but take decisions by seeing truth and proofs. Helena thinks now we will frame Acharaya and Ashok, the one who want to serve Magdh will be called as betrayer of Magdh.
PRECAP- Justin comes in stable, he puts sample of herbal roots in Ashok’s luggage. he hides, a soldier comes there for investigation and find roots in Ashok’s things, he tell this to Sushim, Sushim smirks.
Soldier says to Bindu that we have got roots in Ashok’s things. Bindu is stunned to know that herbal roots were found in Ashok’s things. later Guru ,,
is attacked by some soldier. A letter is presented in court, soldier says i found this letter from Acharaya’s room, it is written in letter that Samrat will be killed and Kalinga’s force will attack Patliputra to control and acharaya has hatched this plan alongwith Kalinga’s forces. 

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