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Fall Into Temptation Episode 73--74 Update on Tuesday & Wednesday


THE PRESENT: Miriam tells a comatose Damian that she feels betrayed by him because she has had to endure Raquel’s humiliations and also to confront his lover’s family for Benjamin’s custody all for him and now it seems Damian is irresponsive meaning he is going to leave her as his dad did to her. After, she asks the doctor to unplug him right away. The doctor then tells her that she has no right to make that decision except Damian’s wife and his children but if they weren’t present, she would have been allowed to do that. Miriam then states that if that is so, she will no longer pay for the medical bills.

Santiago goes angry after Lola tells him about her pregnancy and she says she is having the baby no matter what though she’s messed up and also the baby is for Juan and not Bebo and Santiago thinks having a baby is a very difficult task.
Mia tells her mum that if she dares end her dad’s life’s support she will never forgive her because it will be the same as killing him but they should have a little bit of hope.
Alina suggests to Rueda that together they can drain more money from Andres since he is now into money laundering in the shadows since he is no longer getting money from Miriam and he accepts.
Miguel and his gang go to see Vincent and he asks him to get into their car whiles at that, same vein, Antonio and his men also detect the man who used Damian’s credit card and he asks Godoy and his men to go after him.

Nacho is proud of his son Bebo after he says that he will look after Lola and her child because he loves her very much and Augustin looks so surprised and Nacho says’ it’s been long ago.
Florencia tells Santiago that she left the house without saying a word because she didn’t want to lie to him about Damian and Carolina’s relationship and this really makes Santiago berates her for denying him the chance to fight for his family.

Damian’s doctor tells Raquel that his insurance is maxed out and that Miriam doesn’t want to pay his hospital bills anymore and this makes Raquel and her children look very bad but they are still willing to do everything to have him get his life support and the doctor tells them that, if they don’t pay, the hospital will no longer continue to pay for their medical bails.

THE PAST: Vicente demands that Carolina call Damian to ask for his silence money, but she tells him they ended their affair and seriously their argument ended on a spot that, Florencia heard that Carolina has a lover but Carolina tells Florencia that everything she heard her brother say is a lie.
Mia asks Damian if he’s having an affair with either Carolina or Lola and he says no and that Carolina is only a family friend and Lola is his employee.

Since Vicente continues to pressure her to get back with Damian to help him get his money since if that doesn’t happen, he can’t pay off his death and they will kill him and Carolina holds Vicente at gunpoint and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t leave her alone.
Patricia tells Lola that Miguel is involved with drug dealers and so she should be very careful about him and not tell anyone that she has a relationship with him too.
Santiago arrives home and asks Carolina to explain why she took out his father’s gun and why Vicente is trying to squeeze money from her and she goes silent.

THE PAST: Santiago arrives home and asks Carolina to explain why she took out his father’s gun and why Vicente is trying to squeeze money from her and she explains to Santiago the debt she has with Vicente which is because he saved her from being raped by her father and Santiago apologizes to her for being hard on her when in fact she’s gone through a lot.
Florencia tells Agustin that Vicente said that Carolina has a lover and it seems he looked so sure but Carolina told her that when her brother is drunk, he makes stupid comments and Augustin asks her to not say a word to anyone about what she heard.

Damian would like Raquel to change her decision to dissolve her partnership with Carolina but she still insists and so he had no choice than to accept her.
Laura is shot in the leg while struggling with Godoy with his gun to shoot him for cheating on her with Celia.
THE PRESENT: Santiago apologizes to Lola for being hard on her about the pregnancy and Lola says she’s rather disappointed him for being pregnant and he encourages her to not give up because he will support her with whatever decision she takes concerning her pregnancy. Then between father and daughter, he calms her down by telling her a story about his expectations when she was about to be born and he’s always loved her ever since she was born because she is her princess and will love her forever.

Miguel asks Vicente to shoot Blas Garrido the person who used Damian’s stolen credit card in the town, but at that time, Godoy and his men also arrives there and the scene looking like an action movie, the shooting begins from each side and one ends on Godoy’s hand and whiles Miguel’s gang were arrested, he was able to escape with Vicente.
Rodolfo asks Andres about money laundering in the company and he answers that everything is being diverted to the catering company but when Rueda tells him that Alina knows about it and the police is coming after him but together with Alina, they can help him clear his name with the police but it comes with a great price so to dismiss the investigation.

Raquel goes to Santiago house with Mia and there she tells Santiago that Miriam does not want to pay the hospital bill any more. Quickly, Antonio arrives to tell them that the fingerprints on the gun used to kill Carolina are Damian’s and this makes Mia go mad because she thinks her dad is uncapable.
Fede confronts Miriam and tells her that he is going to take his father’s place at the company from now onwards so he can decide also to allow his dad to be at the hospital. Miriam thinks that is not the way to handle things but Fede says he’s part of the board and should be informed of every decision that goes on in the company. Miriam looks very shocked with his attitude and he tells her not to stir him and he tells her if she though he was always going to be that good little boy who she manipulates anytime? No, and he’s sorry because he will not allow her to keep the money that is rightfully his and that of her mum’s and family. He also tells her that he knows about the shady movements of funds she and Andres are doing and she institutionally goes like fainting making the boy feel bad.

Miriam calls Andres to let him know that, Fede has grown to be a man and clever one of course because he confronted her that he knows about their shady dealings and also, he is going to be part of the board and this has made her so afraid. Andres then says’ if small Fede is able to control her by setting limits for her, then he is also going to do same and that is from now onwards things will be done the way he wants; no more anger and no more fits against Raquel because is so tired of her manipulating him always and so she should obey him if not he will reveal to Federico all of the shady things she is doing in the company.

Antonio is going to investigate the financial movements of the Becker companies since he knows about the money laundering business and he tells Raquel about it too.
Santiago speaks with Lola, and he tells her that he wants to have a relationship with Raquel and Lola accepts to give them her support.
Fede confronts Andres and tells him that he knows about the large sum he stole from the company with the help of his grandmother and Andres looks shocked and he asks him if he will get rid of him for disclosing the truth and Andres goes speechless.

Claudia goes to visit Lola to ask her for her help as she does not believe that her daughter Patricia committed suicide and she wants to fight for justice because her daughter always appear in her dreams and asks her to help her and so now all she wants Lola to do is to tell her about the name of Patricia’s boyfriend.
Whiles Santiago and Raquel are in bed thinking about future plans, Damian opens his eyes and the nurse tries alerting the doctor.

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