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Fall Into Temptation Episode 75 Update on Thursday 27th September 2018


THE PRESENT: Whiles Santiago and Raquel are in bed thinking about future plans, Damian opens his eyes and the nurse tries alerting the doctor and he comes to check on Damian stating that that there is no indication but it’s a start that he will gain consciousness any moment and that gives them hope and he decide to inform the family about it.
Jovita is called by the hospital and she tells Mia that her father has woken up because that is what the call she received from the hospital said.

Lola tells Claudia that the name of her daughter Patricia lover is Miguel and he is a very dangerous man that is why Patricia didn’t want her to tell her anything but the woman doesn’t care anymore since she is going to have the case reopened because she’s sure that her daughter never committed suicide and asks Lola to testify about everything she knows but Lola refuses. She tells her that she wants to go see the journalist to help her since she can’t trust the police and Lola gives her Laura’s number since she requested.

Andres tells Fede that he will never kill her because he is incapable of harming him and also, he should never think that he is doing some shady business or wanted anything bad to happen to his dad or the company and he is also not a thief or an extortionist and Fede says he lies quite well so he will at least believe him. but now, Fede tells Andres that the shares that belongs to his father will be handled by his mum and him from now onwards. She will have access to all of his credit cards and every month, she will get the money she deserves. Quickly, he receives a call that his dad just woke up and Andres goes anxious and confused.

THE PAST: Mia is happy because the Alvarados are out of their life for good since her mum never wants to have anything to do with Carolina and Damian asks her to change her attitude and stop being cruel and being happy over others predicaments.
Damian asks Azucena to go speak with Carolina that he truly wants to see or speak with her because he’s not being himself and she decides to go speak with Carolina as Damian asked her to and there Carolina tells her to go tell Damian that truly as she said, their relationship is now over.
Santiago goes to talk to Raquel as he wants to help to resolve the problems between her and his wife but Raquel tells him that she will always be his friend, although she isn’t going to change her mind on the issue of dissolving their partnership.

Laura is very upset as she finds out that she’s going to be disabled because of the gunshot she experienced in her leg and she blames her husband for ruing her life and now she can tell he will certainly abandon her as everyone else now that she’s disabled.
Azucena goes to tell Damian about what Carolina told her and she tells him that she understands him perfectly well about what he is going through because he also suffered this kind of forbidden love.
Damian goes to Benjamin’s baptism and is very unhappy for not being able to be part of his son’s life the way it should be but he still presents a present to the child and after taking pictures with Santiago and Carolina and Benjamin, he leaves after a short time by whispering into Carolina’s ears that, she doesn’t know how he wanted to screamed loudly whiles entering the church room to tell everyone that Benjamin is his son.

Mia and Fede are going to take a gift to the baby from Raquel because she can’t seem to forget about her great love for Benjamin and they take it to him whiles they continue the celebration in the Alvarados house.
THE PRESENT: Cynthia pays a visit to Godoy at the hospital and whiles telling him that she was worried sick when she heard that she was shot because he is very important to her, Laura enters the ward and the two especially Cynthia goes speechless.

Mia is calling her mum but she isn’t picking and she decides to go to the hospital to see her dad all by herself. Same vein, Fede is at the hospital looking so frantic trying to locate Raquel but she was all along enjoying the moment with Santiago in the shower. Miriam arrives at the hospital and causes a scene as she wants to see her son and Fede luckily gets a return call from his mum and he tells her that his dad woke up and Raquel telling Santiago about it, he goes so speechless and nervous.

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