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Gangaa Episode 341 Update on Thursday 27th September 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Crematorium
While the buyer impatiently waits for ganga, the saints try and ward off ammaji, by telling her that the girl needs to be sacrificed so that they can save her son. Ammaji tells the fake saints, that she was told that they shall have ganga sacrifice someone, not that ganga herself shall be sacrificed. she says that she cant take this girl’s life, and that she cant continue this puja furthermore, and decides to take ganga back. she tries to pick ganga up, but the sadhu stops her with a dagger. ganga is shocked as she gets up on her feet. they overpower and take off their fake wigs, and come in their true self, and then capture ammaji, and then tie her against a funeral pyre. ganga tries hard to resist, but she gets captured too. Later, Ganga is stuck inside a black coffin, she asks and screams why was she kept captive and begs to be saved. she goes off into unconsciousness. they take her out, and as she lies unconscious on the floor, they call the buyer, and ask her to take her away, and give them remaining amount. he however inspects the girl first, while ganga lies unconscious. then he agrees, and they lift an unconscious ganga and help him place her in the jeep and drive off.
Meanwhile, sagar breaks free from his clutches, and then rushes in to save ammaji, who was being burnt alive on the funeral pyre, by one of the saints. he hits the saint, who falls on the floor, and then rescues ammaji, who hurriedly asks him to go and save ganga. as he rushes outside, he finds ganga being taken away in a jeep. he starts rushing after the jeep, calling out incoherently to ganga. Sagar rushes distraught on the road, while ganga, who has woken up, struggles frantically, to free herself, calling out his name. the jeep waivers around, as they try and put her down. finally, the jeep bolts into a lamp-post. all run away, while sagar catches up on her. in the tussle, he falls and she lands right atop him. he asks if she is okay. she complies. just then, the police arrives, and they nab the goons. pulkil arrives, and is assured that ganga is safe. then ammaji arrives in a daze. ganga asks if she is okay. ammaji says that she is relieved seeing her alive. Ammaji profusely apologises to ganga, that in her bid to save sagar, she couldnt see their fake appearance and unintentionally, she drove her to this. ganga begs her not to think like this, and hugs her overwhelmingly, as tears stream down her cheeks. ganga says that its wonderful that they found out the truth about those rogues. sagar and pulkil stand tensedly. the police leaves.
Scene 2:
Location: Prabha’s residence
Prabha wakes up after seeing a horrific nightmare, as to how yash gets killed in an escapade by the police. she turns around and finds her husband already awake and in a daze. she asks him why hasnt he slept so late. he says that he is fine. she asks whats the matter as he is hiding something. he lashes at her, saying that he xcant bear lights on, and lashes her to close them. she complies and sleeps. then He remembers how he has been insulted and embarassed in his office by his colleagues, and how he was summoned to the office, wherein the boss, says that since his son is implicated in a murder case, and being involved in this case, its reached higher authorities. he is asked to resign as they wont wish to fire him. he writes a letter saying that his going away, shall hurt her, and he shall have to live with the regret that he stranded her in tyimes of trouble, but he has no other option.
Scene 3
Location: Sagar’s residence
Sagar wakes up and comes out in the balcony, to find ganga playing with a pup. he writes a letter and throws it in a bucket. Ganga gets a letter from sagar, that he shall always stand by her in times of trouble, and wont let any befall her, and asks her to trust him. she too writes back something, and sends it back in the bucket. she writes saying that she knows, and even if he doesnt say anything, she has the faith, that as long as he is there, his ganga shall not have a prooblem. they eye each other overwhelmingly. he writes back saying that when he feeds her to small animals, he finds her behaving like a granny, and then says that he is sure that she shall look equally pretty then too. the screen freezes on their happy faces.
Precap: Sagar and Pulkit are tensed, as sagar tells him that he is going to the police station to file a complaint again mamaji. there he got to know from the police inspector, that at the nearby bus station, there has been an incident. he says that they found a dead body and claims that it can be their maternal uncle. pulkit is shocked too. Later, sagar gathers up everyone, including prabha. They all go to the police station for identification of the body. on recognising the same clothes, they are apalled and distraught, as the women break into shrill screams, who are aghast and apalled.

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