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Kuch Rang Episode 253--254 Update on Tuesday 25th September 2018

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Dev is surprised to see Jatin with Suhana. Golu asks Dev if he wants to meet Suhana’s uncle. Golu says yes and send him to get one more ice cream for himself. Golu returns and says looks like Suhana’s uncle does not want to meet him. Dev says even he does not want to meet him and gets into car. He calls his employee and scolds that Jatin has a child, but he got wrong info.
Vicky asks Ishwari if she met Sona, what did she tell about Jatin. Ishwari says Sona is not dating Jatin and is also not dating anyone like Dev.
Suhana tells Jatin that Golu’s big cha gave her rose. He asks big cha. She says just like she calls him with some other name. Sona reaches school and asks Suhana if she is alright, she will complain against mischievous boy. Suhana
says she is fine. Dev gets into car and sees Sona with Jatin and Suhana. Golu says Suhana’s mom is very beautiful. Dev says she is not as she cannot..then stops.. Golu says they look perfect family. Dev says sometimes whatever is seen is not true. He drives car. Sona gets up to leave. Jatin gives pendrive and asks what is in it. She nervously says nothing and takes it.
GKB tells Vicky that she has settled their life. Vicky asks how. She shows Dev and Golu and says she has diverted Dev’s attention from Ishwari to Golu. Vicky says he heard Dev telling he will make Golu as his legal heir. GKB says yes.
Jatin asks Sona why she is looking tensed. Sona says nothing important. Jatin insists. Sona says Dev’s mother is bothering. She gave USB with their lunch date recording and says they both are dating. Jatin says anyone would think same, he even spoke to Bejoy and even Bejoy thinks they both…Sona angrily asks if baba spoke to him regarding this and walks towards car.
Devv walks into his room and seeing Ishwari and mamaji says he does not want to talk now. She says till when he will suffocate, he told he is living life his way, but is tensed. She insists him to tell that he is not happy. Dev says how can he be happy when Sona is happy with someone else and moving on. He thought Sona is suffering like him, but she has held someone else’s hand. He knows he should not feel pain, but he is in severe pain. Sona did not take 2 seconds to leave him and is holding someone else’s hand, she betrayed him. Ishwari says time does not stop like river and air, it moves and Sona is remarrying.
Sona reaches home and asks Beoy and Asha why thye think she should remarrry. Bejoy says Jatin is smart and gentleman, he will keep her happy. Sona asks why they think only marriage can get happiness, they know she cannot marry. Ishwari on the other side asks Dev to move ahead and select one path among many. If he agrees, she will get him a girl. Sonna tells Bejoy and Asha that she is happy with her daughter. Ishwari insists if Sona can move on, even he can. Dev says he will never marry, he loved Sona immensely. Sona tells parents she does not want to marry any time and that is final. Dev says same.
Dev drops Golu to school. Other student’s mothers get happy seeing him. Golu says he loves going on a ride with him. Dev says they will go again in the evening. Golu says those aunties are looking at him. Ladies leaves. Dev says they are looking at them both. Golu says girls don’t befriend him. Dev says they are afraid of him. Suhana sees Dev and runs towards him, but falls. Dev lifts her and asks if she is okay. She says okay. Dev says she should not act too smart, he will take her to medical hall. Suhana says she is perfect. He drops her down and says same. She says eve her mamma says same. He is surprised and asks mama…She says yes. Dev reminisces Sona with Suhana and Jatin. Suhana gives candy as return gift.
At Bose house, Jatin does reverse pushups. Sourav counts. He jokes with Bejoy. Topic changes to Suhana and Jatin says Suhana sat on him while doing pushups. Sourav says Suhan was testing him before ccompetition. Jatin says they won. Bejoy says he does not understand why Sona does not want to marry him. Jatin says they should respect Sona’s decision.
Golu tells Suhanana that big cha does not like candy. Dev says he likes his cute friend’s gift. Suhana asks him to call Ms. Bose, she likes it that way. Dev asks what else she likes. She starts describing. Golu fumes seeing their bonding. Dev reminisces Sona and tears roll down his eyes. Suhana asks why is he crying, he did not even fall. Dev says he fell long ago. Suhana tells him about their school function. Dev says he will attend to meet his cute friend. Suhana leaves. Golu fumes that he forgot him. Dev says how will forget his best friend. He asks what about Suhana. Dev says she is his new friend and thinks if life was going perfect, he and Sona would have a daughter like Suhana.
Precap: Sona tells Ishwari that she came to thank her for reminding because of whom she and Dev separated. Dev angrily looks at Ishwari.
Dev returns to his office and sees Sona walking in at the same time. He opens door and tells Suhana when their destiny is same, he can open door at least. She walks in. Dev’s employee gives him file to sign. Dev picks Suhana’s pen and thinks why he feels connected to this child.
At school, Golu tells Suhana that he wants to befriend her and wil protect her like a brother. She says she is already strong. Golu asks to listen to him first and says Big Cha told about friendship. She ass is it. He says he is only his big cha and not her big cha.
Sona sees flowers on her desk and asks assistant who sent them. Assistant says she does not know. Sona then reads a note congratulating for her new marriage and new husband and new life with Dev’s name at the end.
She fumes. Dev in his cabin asks his assistant if he kept flowers and note on Sona’s desk. Assistant says yes. Dev says Sona will walk in fuming and waits for her.
Mamaji asks Ishwari why did she lie Dev about Sona’s new relationship, if Dev will know about it, he will get more angry. Ishwari says she wants Dev to move on in life and remarry, so she lied, she will find a girl and convince Dev. GKB hears their conversation and rushes to Vicky and tells their plan is failing, GKB is eager to get Dev remarried. Vicky says he will not let anyone ruin his plan, he will make Golu as Dev’s legal heir and knows how to tackle Sona and Ishwari’s new girl.
Teacher asks Suhana and Golu to submit their assessment. They submit their drawing. Teacher asks Golu why did he write Dev’s name as parent. Golu says his actual parents don’t even have time for him and Dev takes care of him and his best friend, so he considers Dev as his parent. Teacher asks Suhana why did she draw a biker. Suhana says she has not seen her father, so she drew her imagination. Once teacher leaves, Golu asks Suhana why did she lie that she has not seen her father. Suhana says she does not lie. Golu says then her father had come to pick herr. Suhana says he is Jatin uncle, her mother’s friend. If she does not want to meet her father. Suhana says she promised her mamma that she will not meet her father. He asks what if she sees him, what will he tell him.
Dev eagerly waits for Sona and hearing door opening says welcome and turns, but sees Ishwari. Sona walks in next and asks how dare he is to send bouquet. Dev says as a friend, it is his duty to congratulate her for her new life partner and new life. Sona says Ishwari must have told him and congratulates her from creating bigger gap between her rand Dev. She tells Dev that Jatin is her childhood friend and business partner, nothing more than that and she is not ready for a new relationship. She says his mother is eager to get him remarried and walks out congratulating him. Dev angrily asks Ishwari why did she lie. She says Sona was even his employee before marriage, she should Sona will marry Jatin eventually like she married him. Now he knows truth, will he kick her out and get Sona in.
Precap: Golu informs Dev over phone that the uncle who met Suhana the other day is not her father. Dev asks if he is not liet. Golu says no. Dev reaches school to pick Golu and sees Sona taking Suhana alone and thinks to find out truth.

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