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Kuch Rang Episode 255--256 Update on Wednesday 26th September 2018

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Ishwari asks Dev whatever she said does not matter, will he kick her out of his life and get Sonakshi back. Dev asks why she drags Sona always, she is out of his life now. Jatin comes to Sona’s office and seeing flower bouquets asks if they got big contract. Sona gets dustbin bag and says Dev sent these. He asks why she is fuming. Discussion turns towards Dev. Jatin says as per he knows Dev via her and Bejoy, Dev can play one role at a time and he is playing mamma’s boy role now…He lost his mother when he was very young and his dream, Dev is enjoying. Sona says he is very good that is why Bejoy loves him. Jatin says that is why Bejoy wants them married. Sona says only Dev cannot be wrong, even she may have made mistakes. Whatever she tries to forget Dev, she is unable
to, she has made some mistakes. Jatin says love is not a fever that it comes and goes. Sona asks when did she say he still loves Dev. He asks when did he say that.
Dev tells Ishwari that he wants to stay alone for sometime. Ishwari says whatever she did is for betterment. Golu lies teacher that he is having severe stomachache and wants to talk to his Big Cha. Teacher permits. Golu calls Dev. Dev tells Ishwari that he will talk to her later, moves aside and tells Golu that he will reach school son. Golu says he wanted to tell something important, Suhana is not that uncle/Jatin’s daughter and she does not have father. Dev asks how does he know. Golu says Suhana herself told. Dev reminisces doc telling that Sona has only 7% chance to conceive and thinks if Suhana is not Jatin’s daughter, then whose daughter she is.
At Bose house, Asha asks Sourav how is Ronita name. Sourav says it is very lovely and if she is naming her novel character, then it is really good. Bejoy and Daadi smile. Sourav asks why they are laughing, what they are hiding. Daadi says they have found a girl with name Ronita Mandal and she is coming with family to see him. Souarav feels shy.
Sona goes to pick Suhana and seeing Golu asks if his real name is Golu. He says Ronak Tripathi, but his family calls him Golu. She says it suits him and asks if she can drop him home. He says his big cha is coming. She says okay and leaves with Suhana. Dev sees them and thinks Sona came alone to pick Suhana, if Suhana is really Jatin’s daughter.
While traveling in car, Suhana talks about Golu’s big cha. Suhana says if any time she wants to meet her father, she can tell her. Suhana says she promised her that she will not meet her father. Suhana continues talking about big cha. Sona says she should meet big cha then. Car stops at a signal. Dev stops his bike next to car. Suhana sees them and tells Suhana Golu and his big cha..Sona is busy on phone and by the time she finishes talk Dev leaves. She sees another biker and asks if he is big cha. Suhana says no.
Dev drops Golu home and follows Sona’s car. Car stops outside Sona’s old house. He goes and peeps via door. Asha and Bejoy discuss about alliance. Suhana asks why nobody informed her about it. Sourav comes out and they all taunt him. Dev stands confused. His phone rings. Bejoy says some phone is ringing from outside. Dev realizes it is his phone and picks it from phone and hides. Asha checks and walks back.
Ronita comes with her parents. Bejoy introduces everyone. Suhana brings Sourav and introduces Jatin and Sona. Dev thinks whoever sees Sona will be ready to destroy himself. Sona chats with Ronita. Suhana brings Sourav an dsahs she is important member of this family and Sourav is her uncle. Families get along well. Sourav gets mesmerized seeing plumpy Ronita.
Dev calls Elena and informs her about Sourav’s alliance and says she should go and meet her family. She says he knows the situation. He says nobody can stop her and Sona’s family is in their old house. He asks her to get ready and reach there. He then sees Suhana chatting with Jatin. Suhana sees him and thinks he came even here and signals him.
Precap: Elena gets down getting ready. GKB asks where she is going. Elena says she is going to meet her family on Dev’s insistence. Ishwari asks where is he. He says outside Sona’s house.
Suhana while talking with Jatin sees Dev standing outside window and says he came even here. Jatin asks what did she say. She says nothing.
Elena gets ready and nervously thinks how will she react when she meets her family after 7 years and how will they react. GKB stops her and asks where is she going. She says to meet her family. GKB starts shouting how can she break her promise. Elena says Dev bhai permitted her to meet her family. Ishwari calls Dev and asks why did he permit Elena to meet her family. Dev says Elena stayed away from her family for 7 years because of promise made to them, why should she further. Sourav is marrying and he felt to let her met her family at least now. Ishwari asks how does he know about it, where is he. He says he standing outside
Sona’s house and is waiting for Elena. Ishwari is shocked. Dev disconnects call. GKB with Vicky continue arguing with Elena in broken English. Ishwari says let her go, they should not stop her further. GKB says Elena is her bahu and promised her. Ishwari says Elena kept her promise and now they should not stop her and asks her to go. She walks out. Elena follows her and thanks her. Ishwari says Dev is standing outside Sona’s house and she should go and find out why did he go there. GKB’s maid DK hears their conversation. GKB and Vicky fume that their plan will ruin now. DK informs them that Ishwari sent Elena there as Dev has gone there. GKB and Vicky get more tensed.
Suhana sees Dev and signals him. Sona comes and Suhana says Golu’s big cha is even here. Sona asks where is he. Dev hides. Sona says looks like she needs to wait next time until big cha comes and meet him.
Jatin sees Sourav in kitchen overpouring in glass water due to nervousness and jokes that he will flood whole kitchen, asks if he is nervous. Sourav says no..then says very nervous. Jatin encourages him and says he will inform Ronita that he is nervous. Sourav says no..Jatin says Ronita is waiting for him and takes him out.
Dev eagerly waits for Elena and once she comes he asks her who is Suhanan. She asks how does she know. He says there is a girl of Golu’s age and she needs to go in and find out who she is. Elena walks into home.
Rontia’s mother suggests Asha that they should let Rontia and Sourav meet first and not be in a hurry to fix alliance soon. Sona says she is right and asks Dev to take Ronita on a date. Jatin asks Sourav and Ronita and takes them towards door. Elena enters. Ronita’s father asks who is she. Sourav emotional says his sister. Whole family gets happy and hugs Elena. Elena asks Sourav to go on his date. Sourav says it is okay. Elena says she will call him later for sure and sends him. Ronita says they can to later if he wants. Sourav says it is okay. Elena tells Sona that she could not control herself hearing about Sourav’s engagement, so she came. Elena asks how does she know about it. Elena gets nervous.
Bejoy goes to Suhana’s room and asks her if she wants to meet guests. She says no. He says let us play hide and seek and asks her to hide. She hides. He calls maid and warns her not to let Suhana out, else he will throw her form Howrah bridge. She asks reason. He says he does not want Elena know that Suhana is Sona and Dev’s daughter.
Dev waits for Elena till late and enters Sona’s room via window. He sees Suhana and Sona’s photos on wall and a file.
Recap: Dev finds Suhana’s delivery file, Sona’s pic with baby Suhana and is shocked to find out that Suhana is Sona’s daughter.

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