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Kuch Rang Episode 257--258 Update on Thursday 27th September 2018

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Sona asks Elena how does she know about Sourav’s engagement. Elena gets nervous. Bejoys says she has come after a long time, let her have some good food, he will ask cook to prepare something for her. Elena says she is not an outsider. Bejoy takes Asha to kitchen and asks why did she come here, ask her to go out. Asha says she is like their daughter. Sona also joins. Bejoy says she is just Dixit family’s bahu and just came here with some reason, if she will know about Soha, she will inform Dixits. He feels Dev has sent them. Sona says yes.
Sourav and Ronita chat nervously. Sourav tells this is his first meeting with a girl. Ronita says for her it is not. He asks 2nd, 5th, 40th. She says 5th. He asks what is her favorite food. She says dhoi mach. He says
even his favorite. He asks where he likes to go. She says wherever food is. Sourav says even he likes same. They both get along well.
Sona and others join back Elena and Ronita’s family. Dev eagerly waits for Elena and calls her she rejects call. He messages if she found anything. She replies not yet, not to message again as phone battery is low. Ronita’s mother asks Elena what she does. Elena says she is a professional photographer and is on a sabbatical as she has a 6-year-old son. Asha and Sona are surprised and get very happy. Elena shows Golu’s picture and says it was unplanned. Asha looking at Golu’s pic says so cute. Bejoy takes mobile and Dev’s message comes just then. Bejoy reads it and fumes more. Sona takes mobile and gets switched off. Sourav and Ronita come out smiling. Everyone congratulate each other. Rontia’s family leaves. Elena tells Bose family she felt good after meeting them after a long time. Bejoy says he did not feel though and shouts to get out of his house, he loved her like his own daughter, but she came here to spy on them. Elena starts crying and runs from. Sona asks Bejoy what happened. He says Dev sent her to find out something. Dev sees Elena coming out crying and ask what happened. Elena says they checked her mobile and saw his message. He says should have lied something, asks her to go home now. She leave for home.
Elena returns home crying. Ishwari asks what happened, where is Dev. She says Dev sent me to Sona’s house to find out about a small girl Suhana. When she was showing Golu’s pic, mesho/Bejoy saw Dev’s message and kicked her out of house. Mamaji says she went after 7 years and had to see all this. Ishwari asks where is Dev. Elena says Dev told he will not return until he finds truth.
Deve enters Sona’s room via window to find out who Suhana is and finds Suhana and Sona’s photos on wall. He opens cupboard and finds Sona’s maternity files with Sona and Suhana’s post delivery pics, etc. He reminisces doc telling Sona has only 7% changes of pregnancy, is shocked to know that Suhana is his and Sona’s daughter. He gets very emotional that he has a daughter. Suhana comes there and laughs seeing him. Sona calls Suhana and she runs out and brings her to room saying Big Cha is here. Dev hides. Sona asks where is big cha, she will have to meet Big Cha now.
Ishwari eagerly waits for Dev. Dev enters and emotionally hugs her. She asks what happened. He asks to just let him hug her tightly. She asks if he is fine. He says her son is also a father, he has 6-year-old daughter from Sona. Ishwari and Mamaji get very happy hearing this. GKB and her puppet son Vicky are shocked and get worried that their plan to loot Dev’s wealth has shattered.
Precap: Dev meets Suhana and asks if her mom did not tell about her father and if she does not want to meet him. Suhana says her mom told he is a good man, his name is Dev Dixit.
Bejoy tells Asha that he is sure Dev sent Elena, he saw Dev’s message on Elena’s mobile. Asha says he must have mistaken. Bejoy says he is not, else why she ran away after he confronted her. Sona reminisces Suhana telling about Golu’s big cha repeatedly and thinks if Dev sent someone to spy on them.
Ishwari gets very excited hearing about Suhana and tells Dev that sshe wants to meet her granddaughter right now. Dev says he not know if she knows about him, he will meet her tomorrow and find out first. His new life will start from tomorrow and he wants to live with her daughter. Ishwari says yes.
Next morning, Dev reaches Suhana’s class. Suhana sees him and thinks if he is really in front of her again. Teacher asks her what she is looking at. Dev hides.
Suhana turns and does not find him. Dev comes again and clicks her pic. She smiles. He waves and leaves. During lunch break, Suhana sits on a bench for lunch. Dev reaches and emotionally touches her. She holds his hand says she is checking if he is really there. He says even he did not know until yesterday that she is really there. She asks if he came to her house yesterday. He nods yes. She asks if he brought lunch. He nods no. She says she will share her lunch and asks if he washed her hand. He nods no. She feeds him. He asks to tell about her family. She says her daadu, daadu, Sourav mamu, mama. He asks whom she loves most. She says mama. He asks what about her papa. She says she has not seen her papa, but her mama told he is a good man, he is a good brother, good son, but was not a good husband though. H asks is it. She says her mamma does not lie. Her father’s name is Dev Dixit. He asks if she does not want to meet him. She says she promised mamma that she will not meet her papa. He asks what is his name. She says his name is Dev Dixit. He says her papa is right in front of her, he is Dev Dixit. He continues expressing his emotions. She reminisces promising Sona that she will never meet her papa and runs from there. Dev runs behind her. She stops reminiscing incident again. A speeding car speeds towards her and she closes her eyes.
Ishwari eagerly waits for Dev to return with Suha. Mamaji asks her to have food. She says she is not hungry and is eager to meet her grandaugter, says let us go out and wait. GKB gets tensed that Ishwari is back in form and out of her room.
Dev rescues Suha on time and asks why did she do this, what if something had happened to her. She silently looks at him. He hugs her emotionally. Suha is back home. Asha goes to her room and asks why she is so silent today. Suha says she met her father Dev Dixit today.
Dev reaches home on his bike. Ishwari excitedly asks where is Suha, if she is coming in a car. Dev says she looks very cute. Ishwari asks like him or her. Dev says she is Sona’s replica. Ishwari gets disheartened hearing this. Mamaji says it is common for children to look like their mother. Ishwari asks where is Suhana. Dev says she did not come.
Sona reaches home hurriedly and asks Asha why did she call her so urgently. Asha says Suhana met Dev Dixit today, he is Golu’s big cha. Bejoy says he knew Elena came to know Suha’s secret yesterday. Sona reminisces Suhana tells repeatedly that Dev is around.
Precap: Asha tells Sona that they need to talk to Suha and need to know what is running in her mind. Sona says she needs to meet Dev first. She calls Dev and says she wants to meet him. He says even he wants to meet her, their relationship is more stronger now, she needs to come wherever he calls her.

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