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Kuch Rang Episode 259--260 Update on Friday 28th September 2018

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Dev returns home after meeting Suhana. Mamaji says girl is a laxmi and it is good that Suhana is coming to this house. Ishwari asks where is Suhana. Dev says she did not come. Ishwari asks why did not she come, if he informed Suha about her. Dev says Suhana is in a shocked when he informed her that he is her father, it is obvious for a small kid. He says he will bring Suhana home when she herself wants to come, until then he will not force here to come here.
At Bose house, Bejoy shouts Dev must have done something to Suha that she is so much afraid. Asha says they need to talk to Suhana right now. Sona says she needs to speak to Dev first.
GKB enters Vicky’s room and fumes seeing him sleeping. She yells in broken English that she worked so hard to grab this
house, but now Sona will come and rule over it, even Vicky worked hard in Dev’s office and he will not get anything. Vicky says he will not let Sona back in this house, let Dev play family family outside and at home. GKB again in irritating accent broken English asks what is his plan.
Mamaji tries to console Ishwari and says Suhana will come soon. Ishwari says she was hoping a lot 7 years ago and even prepared sweater for her granddaughter, now Suhana is a reality and she wants her granddaughter.
Dev gets emotional reminiscing Suhana, then reminisces Suhana telling that she promised mom that she will not meet her father. He then gets angry that Sona hid his daughter from him for 7 years, he will not spare her. Sona calls him. He says their relationship is more strong now. She says she wants to meet him. He says even he wants to meet her at his said place. She asks location. He gives location.
Sona reaches Dev’s informed destination and calls him back. He gives her new destination. She reaches place and asks him where is he. He gives her new destination. Drama continues. Sona fumes and reaches office. She sees Dev in office and knocks door. He opens and she shouts he cannot play around with her. He says she played with him for 7 years and hid his daughter from him. Argument starts. She asks what he wants. He says he wants his daughter. She says he cannot take her daughter from her. He says he will not, Suhana herself will come to him. He will live for his daughter now. She says he will not do anything, Suhana will not to him. Dev says if she does anything, he will forget that she was his wife once, now it is question of his daughter, and he will forget his morales, now a war will happen, everything is fair in love and war and this war. She thought she would hide Suhana from him forever. After accident, if he had died, he would not have know about his daughter. Sona shouts he is alive and she will not let him ruin her daughter’s and her life. He says he does not need her at all, he needs his daughter. She is so ruthless that she hid a daughter from her father. She says she brought Suha when she was 6 months old.
Precap: Sona says Dev that she brought 6-month-old Suhana to meet him, but denied meeting them. Dev calls home and asks who told Sona that he did not want to meet her.
Sona tells Dev that he never understood her at all. She wanted Suha to grow holding both parent’s hands and had come to meet him when Soha was 6 month old, but he did not even want to meet her. She reminisces going to Dev’s house and asking watchman to let her in. Watchman calls in and says sir told he does not want to meet her and after relationship is broken, why she has come back. Dev says she is lying like her sunflower story. Sona shows him boarding passes and says date is written on it. Dev calls mamaji and asks to call whole family and switch on speaker. Mamaji calls everyone. Dev asks who told Sona that he does not want to meet her when she came 6 months after she left home. GKB and Vicky say they did not. Ishwari says she sent Sona back. Dev is shattered hearing
this. Sona asks if he believes her now or she has to prove herself repeatedly. She did not want him to stay away from Suha and tried her best. Suha is small and he should not let her lost her childhood, he knows what she means better as he lost his childhood before he grew up. Dev loos at her dumbstruck. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam…song..plays in the background. Sona leaves.
Mamaji scolds Ishwari that she should not have sent Sona back. Ishwari asks not to look at her like that, remember what Dev was going through when Sona left him, then Golu came after 1 year and Dev got normal, Sona came during that time and she did not want Dev to go through same, so she stopped Sona from meeting Dev. Mamaji says what if Dev would have normalized seeing Sona, she should have given a chance at least.
Suha while having dinner reminisces Dev and his words. Asha watches her. Sona returns. Asha says Suha is sitting on dining table since 1 hour without having anything. She asks if she spoke to Dev, what did he say. Sona says she is very afraid, don’t know what Dev will do, Suha should not be affected with all this. Asha says she should be strong and knew Dev will know about Suha someday. Sona says seeing all this getting afraid is obvious.
Dev returns home. Ishwari cries that she did wrong, if Sona had told she had come with Suha, why she would not have met her granddaughter, she is so ill fated, now she can meet. Dev says she is Suha’s grandmother, but he is her father and he even prayed god for Suha and fought with god. If he had met Suha 6 years ago, he would not have suffocated each day.
Sourav comes down after meeting Suha. Sona asks if Suha spoke, ate something. Sourav says no, he tried a lot. Asha asks Sona to speak to Suha. Sona says she is worried as Suha usually speaks to her everything, but she did not even talk today. She goes to Suha and asks if she is doing homework. Suha says yes. Sona says let us talk for sometime, they used to enjoy a lot in Kolkota and go out for ice cream, let us go now. Suha says no, she has to do homework. Sona looks at her and says if she wants to do home and leaves weeping. Suha thinks how to tell mamma that she met papa today, hope dida/Asha does not tell mamma about it.
Dev tells Ishwari that to save her son, she kept him away from his daughter for such a long time. Ishwari makes her usual bechari type expressions. Dev continues pouring his heart out and says he kept away from his life for 6 years and for him, Suhana is just born. He lost a lot in his life because of his own mother. He leaves and Ishwari continues her bechari expression.
Precap: Ishwari gets dizzing in market. Suha holds her hand.

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