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Kuch Rang Episode 247--248 Update on Thursday 20th September 2018

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Ishwari with whole family gets out of house after earth quake and waits for Dev. Mamaji says let us go inside now as earth quake has stopped. Ishwari says she will not go in until Dev returns. Golu asks why earthquake comes. Vicky asks Elena to answer. Golu says he is asking daadi. DK in broken English asks GKB to answer. GKB in her broken English says when earth gets happy, it dances. Dev comes and asks Golu how is he. He says he is fine. Ishwari says she was worried for. Dev ignores her and leaves.
Asha invites neighbors and serves them bengali sweet sandesh. Neighbors enjoy and say they were missing her sandesh. Sona enters and Suhana gets happy. Sona asks if she is fine. Suhana says yes. Bejoy asks Sona if she is fine. Sona reminisces Dev lifting her and
says she felt like earth slipped under her feet.
Vicky tells GKB that Dev had gone to office to save Sona. GKB starts yelling. Ishwari leaves and mamaji follows. GKB sends DK and asks Vicky if Dev really went to save Sona. Vicky says his information is always right. GKB says they should not let Dev and Sona come near each other, else all their plans will fail. Vicky says Dev is coming to office regularly after Sona entered office, he cannot steal money if Dev is around.
Neighbor invites Suhana to her house. Suhana says she is busy with her school and does not have time for socializing. Neighbor laughs. Suhana then goes to Sona and asks if she does not like partying, she will send neighbors. Sona says she likes partying. Asha comes and asks what are they discussing. Suhana leaves. Asha asks Sona who saved her. She says Dev.
Mamaji with Ishwari walks into Dev’s room and asks if he went to save Sona, why did he risk his life. Dev says he already told he does not want to talk about it. Mamaji continues scolding and Dev confronts that he has moved on.
Asha asks Sona what did she see in Dev’s eyes when he lifted her. Sona says she did not see anything and does not have any feeling. Asha says if she wil be around Dev, it will be difficult for her. Sona says she has moved on. Golu enters Dev’s room and asks if he saved Sona, means he loves her. Dev says don’t know about now, but when he used to love, he used to immensely and trusted her a lot, but she broken without even thinking twice/
Vicky calls his friend and tells that Dev is becoming more problematic and is attending office regularly, if it continues, he cannot steal money. Friend tells him solution. Vicky says if he is caught, he will be finished. Friend says his name will not be in anything, Vicky says once Dev is tackled, he will tackle Sona. Elena enters and asks what is he talking about Sona. Vicky nervously says he did not. She asks why is he panicking. He gets romantic to divert her attention.
Next morning, Dev travels in his call via secluded area and stops car seeing a couple falling from bike. He walks towards them and asks if they are fine. They say they are fine, but he should worry about himself. Goons the surround Dev. Sona sees Dev’s miscall from yesterday night and calls him to ask why did he call her. Dev picks phone and asks goons who are they. Sona warns not to joke. She then hears goons shouting to hit Dev and kill him. Goons start beating Dev. Sona worriedly tracks Dev’s mobile location on net and rushes to the spot. Dev fights with goons, but one of them hits his head. Vicky watches from his car from a distance. Dev grips goon and asks who sent them. Before that, another goon hits Dev’s head again and he he falls down. The injure him severely and throw him in shrubs. She reaches spot and finds Dev’s car and his mobile on road, blood on road and calls Dev. Severely injured Dev says Sonakshi and fall unconscious..Sona is shocked to see him severely injured.
Precap: Sona rushes Dev towards hospital in her car and stops. Dev says she did not learn driving car yet. Sona says she does not have to. Kuch rang pyar ke…plays in the background.
Sona reaches injured Dev and tries to lift him. She asks him to try and he sits. She asks him to walk. He collapses. Vicky reaches home calling Dev. GKB in her broken English says Dev went to Jaipur. Vicky says he knows, but he did not reach Jaipur as client had called. Sona shakes Dev and says he is troubling her since she came back to Delhi. He wakes up. She lifts him and walks. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam…music..plays in the background. Dev says she is worried about him. She says nothing like that.
GKB asks Vicky when did he talk to Dev last and signals him. Vicky thinks he can tell he found Dev’s last location via tracker and will bring him back and get praises. He says he will go and search bhai. Ishwari says even she will come. Vicky says what will she
do there. Mamaji says he will go with Vicky. Ishwari says even she will come. Golu says even he will. Vicky angrily agrees.
Sona brings Dev till road and asks cab driver for help. Cab driver thinks madam brought a police case and he will be stuck, he speeds in his cab. Dev falls down Sona takes his head in her lap and asks him to talk. He says Dev dixit is so lucky that he is ding in Sonakshi Bose’s lap, closes eyes. Sona asks him to wake up.
At Sona’s house, Asha sadly tells publisher rejected her novel’s 3rd chapter. Bejoy says it should improve. Cab driver reaches and gives Sona’s laptop bag and says Sona brought a severely injured man, so he did not want to get into police case, so ran away from there. Bejoy scolds how can he do this and asks to take them there.
Sona asks Dev to continue talking and says he likes flower stories and starts her and Dev’s story. Dev says it his his and her story and she is missing one part. On the other side, Ishwari asks Vicky to speed up. Vicky says he is. Sona gets Dev into car and asks him to sleep. She applies brakes repeatedly. Dev says he told her many times to learn driving, but she did not. She says there was no need as he..stops..Dev looks at her. She starts driving again. Dev asks to stop car. She says they will reach hospital soon. He asks to stop car and get knife as he wants to stab his chest, it is better to die than break his bones in accident. She asks to shut up. He asks what if he dies before that. She says shut up. He collapses again. She asks to wake up. He says she is too much, what he should says, hi hello…Why did not she marry yet, if she did not find one or already has..if she meets him next time, she should give him a cauliflower…continues.. She says shut up again. She Car heads towards wall and Sona tells brakes have failed. He applies emergency brakes. Kuch rang pyar ke..plays in the background.
Precap: Ishwari thanks Sona for saving Dev and says Dev and she will not forget her help. Whole family walks into Dev’s hospital room and Dev looks at Sona.

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