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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1109 Update on Friday 28th September 2018

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The Episode starts with Pragya coming near the lift. Abhi leaves before she could see him. She scolds Kiara. Kiara asks her to see doll chor and says he was first ok, now lovely. Pragya asks about his name. Kiara says Abh..she tells that she is confused as he told her many names. Pragya asks if she took his sign for the activities. Kiara says no and tells that the lady is lying to her. She says don’t scold me infront of her, else she will know you scold me. Pragya says all Delhi shall know. Tanu talks to her friend and comes to hotel Aqua where Abhi came for the meeting and says if she had told her before then she would have come with Abhi. She tells that she is going to contest for Mrs. India contest. Her friend tells that she knows that she will become something big and asks her to come. Abhi comes
to Purab and tells that lift was stuck. Purab asks him not to lie and tells that I know you would have been crying by now, due to darkness. Abhi says yes, but she was with me.
Purab asks who is she? Something serious? Abhi says she is 7 year old girl. Purab says if she is the same girl, you told me that if you had a daughter then she would have been of same age. Abhi says yes and tells that she is very smart and unlocked my mobile. Purab says you would have told her. Abhi says no and tells that she has cared for him like Dadi when he was in lift and scared. He says she is aflatoon. He says if I had a daughter then would be like her. Aaliya comes and calls them. Abhi tells Purab that if he plans to make children song, then he will make her write lyrics and sing song. Purab says if I had my niece, she would have been like her. Abhi says if daughter is like this, then how mother would be.
Pragya talks to Chachi and says she is found.. She asks Kiara to commit and asks her not to go anywhere without telling her. Kiara says she is hungry. Pragya says we will have your favorite palak paneer. Kiara says it is not my favorite. Pragya asks her to make it as her favorite. Kiara says she wants to drink milk shake. Pragya says there is no milk shake outlet here. Kiara says she will call doll chor and asks him to bring milk shake. Pragya asks how you will call. Kiara says she is smart and will find his number. Pragya says she wants to meet him and thank him for taking care of her kishmish. Kiara says even he wants to meet you.
Abhi tells that they need to hear terms and conditions. Purab asks him to tell. Client tells that they will be two performers in Advertisement. Aaliya says you didn’t tell me about him before. Abhi asks who is he? King comes there. Client says he wants to see their reaction. Abhi says he is cancelling his world album, and you want me to share my screen space. He asks who is he? King says how did you become a star, you don’t have talent or manners. Abhi says I have it, but not for you. King says I remember your cheap thing and fraud. Abhi says I told that it would not have happen. King asks Client Mr. Rajeev to be careful. Abhi asks him if he accuse him wrongly then he will forget Athithi Deva Bhavo. King asks didn’t you give money to people to cheer for you, and asks him to learn to value artiste. Abhi says I have hatred for you and asks him not to come infront of him again. King says next time will be pay back time. Abhi says I will teach you a lesson. He tells Mr. Rajeev that this Ad is off. King says me too, I don’t want to work with him.
Pragya and Kiara come to the hotel restaurant. Pragya says you have to eat sandwich. Tanu and her friend come to the same restaurant. Her friend tells that she is pregnant. Tanu says it is a shocking news and asks her to get abortion and live her life. Chachi comes there and talks to Kiara. Kiara says she can take care of herself. Pragya orders milk shake etc. Tanu comes near here and orders coffee. She collides with Waiter and coffee falls on her. Tanu gets angry on him and tells her friend that she will meet her some other day. Chachi calls Pragya and asks her to bring ice. Pragya brings milk shake with ice, and her coffee, but coffee falls down. She tells chachi that she will wash her dress. Kiara goes with Chachi.
Abhi tells Aaliya that King blamed him because of her and has been insulting him repeatedly. Abhi says whatever happened in the conference was your doing, and asks her why didn’t you ask him before. He cancels the Adv. Aaliya says deal is signed. Abhi asks her to tear it. He says he will not work with him in world album also. King comes and asks him to stick to his words and have some self respect. Aaliya asks Purab to come with her and talk to organizer. Purab says you should have listened to me. Aaliya asks him to go in his car. Pragya comes to the washroom. Tanu comes out of bathroom and sees Pragya cleaning her dress. She gets shocked.

Tanu looks at Pragya and sees Abhi coming from other way. She thinks she will keep Pragya away from Abhi and that they can’t meet..

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