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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1110 Update on Saturday 29th September 2018

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The Episode starts with Tanu seeing Pragya in the washroom of the Restaurant. She gets shocked and hides in the bathroom. She recalls Suwarni dadi’s words and Abhi telling that he can do anything. She thinks if she was Pragya or my illusion. She follows her and says this is Pragya in reality. She sees Abhi coming from other side and thinks I have spend 7 years with Abhi, and won’t let them meet even if they want. She stops Abhi from going towards Pragya. Abhi says I am going to drink water. Tanu stops him and asks why he is looking shocked? Abhi says you are looking shocked. Tanu gives him water and asks don’t you ask me where did I go? abhi says we stay together, but we are not concerned. He goes. Pragya also goes. Tanu tries to inquire about her.
Disha tells Sunny to go to school. Abhi
comes and asks what happened? Disha says he is not going to school. Abhi says you are Sunny…and asks him what happened? Sunny tells that the girl teases him a lot. Abhi asks Disha to give water and sends her. He gives ideas to Sunny to tease her. Disha brings water. Sunny agrees to go to School. Disha gets surprised and says you have splashed raita. Abhi says Sunny will do everything now. Sunny imagines to put water on Kiara and making her say sorry. He then thinks of making her fall down, and then opening her hairs style. He thinks to teach her a lesson. Tanu comes home and thinks this can’t happen, how she can return. He thinks who will give job to behenji and thinks if she is employee there. She thinks someone might know her and I have to find out. Sunny thinks of spraying in Kiara’s eyes and packs it. He thinks he will know soon that I am Abhi’s nephew. Tanu comes to Suwarni dadi. Dadi asks did you see Pragya? She asks her to search a room in Dharmshala and tells that Pragya is back and will kick you out. Tanu says nothing will happen. Dadi asks her not to take tension as her dream to become Mrs. World will be left incomplete. Tanu thinks Pragya didn’t come here for Abhi, then why did she come? I have to find out.
Abhi comes to meeting for the different album. He sees King there and says I will not stop today. He says I told you already that I don’t want to see this man’s face. Client asks him to relax. Abhi says album will not be made with him. King says singer shall love his singing and not his image. Abhi says if you talk about this, then I will not stop. Client asks them to hear him and says he has worked hard and put on many efforts and money. He says you can’t see that the album will be a huge success. King says I don’t have time for chit chat. He shows them popularity chart. King says I know this before. Client tells that Abhi and King got equal popularity now. King is getting accepted here in India. Client says your combo will burn the music industry. Abhi and King say impossible. Client says you both are behaving immaturely like a divorce case. Abhi says I don’t want to share my screen space with him. King says Me too. Client says you will get popularity in London and India. He says he has made their album and tells that it got millions of likes and comments. His assistant reads some comments. Client says your popularity will be doubled and asks them to keep aside their difference and think.
Goons decide to hide in Kiara and Sunny’s school. Abhi gets a call and panics. Pragya calls at school number and thinks Principal is not picking the call, thinks if everything is fine

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