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Madhubala Episode 295--296 Update on Monday 1st October 2018

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Part 1
Radha tells Sikky its her blessing for his new business n to respect it.. n Sikky assures..! He one can stop him to get Salman married n Radha says..except him..who is not ready to find a girl! He talks of Yuvraj n Ranbir n Radha pulls his ear..! She asks to focus on regular people first!
Sikky says. .boond boond se PEG banta hai.. err sagar bharta hai.. He takes her blessing too! Sikky remembers Radhas instruction n starts asking servants if they are married or not.. then thinks of RK ..! He sees Bittu.. from bottom down.. n thinks of getting a girl for Bittu with tummy!
He is on phone n Sikky measures his Tummy n he walks off! Sikky says.. ye chota pataka kareega mere business me bara dhamaka..
Sultan is shown packing books and other things in old trunk n recollects Rasheed telling him about his mom …being in mental hosp .. Meera running n hugging him! Recollects .. Rasheed saying his father is Mohan Kundra.. ! He slams the trunk n Kaka holds it in time to save his hand from getting hurt!
Kaka asks Sultan what he has decided? Keep his past buried or tell RK?? Sultan says.. that he hates RK. .A LOT… !!! Recollects meeting RK … pointing gun at RK on the road… RK asking him his surname.. at the party… RK hitting him ..!
Kaka says weird joke of destiny .. he is Sultans step brother..a bitter truth! Sultan fumes! Kaka says bitter truth n Sultan walks off..!
RK enters the bedroom .. looks at his Dads pic n says..his studio is starting again… his armchair will be where it used to be .. n his fave songs will play on gramaphone n Madhu holds his hand n says sometimes of her choice too n RK repeats ..!
Meera tells Sultan there is a lot of pain in his eyes! as if they havent seen happiness .. n even if they if they saw n it went off! She her mom told her memories of childhood are special n sweet.. to make one smile..! She asks him about his childhood..!
RK recollects.. how Mohan took him to the studio as a 3 yr old… n how he din wanna come back…! He says.. he shouted.. hid behind black cloth n threw things n his dad promised to take him to studio!
Sultan says. .no memory! Meera asks..why.. was there lot of pain? Sultan says..all was a lie..! Meera says all cant be! Childhood=Mothers love.. n it cant be a lie!
Meera says how her kid used to cry a lot…n says how she used to quieten him..! Sultan teary eyed asks how she used to? She sings.. Chanda hai tu ..Sultan smiles n shed a tear …!
She asks if he is better? He nods.. teary eyed.. n Meera sulks she made him cry! She begs forgiveness folding hands n Sultan holds her hand n says.. he is sorry..he dinno she was there.. n he couldnt come in time to her! Meera says. .but he did..come ..even if late! He says..this shows there is so much love..! Meera wipes his tear n says.. now sleep like good kid!
Sultan holds her hand n says MAA n Meera says.. Haan Beta..!
Next day morning.. Madhu is holding Radhas hand n they come to Sitara studio ..! Sikky – Dips arrive n Bittu too! Sikky asks Bittu his fave heroine n he says U ..!
RK says..before studio opening n havan.. wanna show something.. he got made..! All come to the havan spot n RK shows the big portrait of Mohan Kundra..! He rues he was late to give his dad n her the respect.. n apologises..! Radha unveils the full size portrait of Mohan Kundra..! All smile.. n Radha is emotional..!
Part 2
Pandit says pooja mahurat time started..! Sikky is still chasing Bittu n asks his hobbies!
The havan begins n a car stops outside Sitara studio…!
Pandit says..they are doing havan for peace to Late Mohan Kundras sould..! Sultan steps inside the studio..! Pandit says.. havan first ahuti by Mohans son.. ! As RK is doing the ahuti.. Sultan comes n holds the ahuti stick/spoon! All are shocked!
Part 3
Madhu looks at Sultan.. so do Radha-Dips..! RK n Sultan glare at each other! Everyone else looks at each other! RK gets up with a start.. n so does Sultan..!
Pandit says this havan is to be done by Late Mohan Kundras son…n asks ..who is Mohan Kundras son of the two?? RK-Sultan say in chorus MAIN HOON..!! All are shocked! RK n Sultan glare at each other..!! Camera rolls around them…!
Precap — Sultan jerks from RKs grip..! RK picks a stand to attack Sultan..! Madhu rushes to stop RK ..! Sultan walks to Mohan Kundras pic.. n with red eyes..glaring at the pic..breaks it with the rod as RK-Madhu Radha n all watch shocked..! 
Madhubala 21st June 2013 Written Episode
Part 1
Madhu asks Sultan what is he saying? Sultan tells Madhu .. to stay out of it as its not about her..! RK asks him to talk with respect with his wife..!
RK tells Sultan that.. he has some guts… first attacking his car.. then his party ..n now coming to his fathers studio..!
RK tells Sultan that he can hit him for coming here but its a pious day.. so dun wanna touch any dirt..!
RK tells Sultan. .telling u with respect… get out..
Sultan walks towards exit..
All sit for havan again .. n Sultan pours water on the havan fire ! All are shocked!
RK attacks Sultan but Sultan blocks him..! He attacks RK ..! Madhu intervenes n asks RK-Sultan to stop it..!
Sultan tells RK that… the man.. whose portrait is here… he is not deserving of all this..! No havan or puja on his name can be done..! He rues that.. the impact of Mohans slap is so deep in his life. n RK screams.. Sultan dare take my dads name!
Madhu asks what crap is this? Sultan says.. its touf to believe but its true..!
Sultan says.. the man whose dirty blood is running in RK.. same blood is running in his veins too..! RK claps.. n says..that the desire for revenge.. has taken him so low that..he has attacked a departed soul?
Sultan revenge n RK says .. it is.. n it ignited the day Rishbala got married n asked him to leave..!
He says.. Sultan has cooked up a disgusting khichdi .. n decided not to let Rishbala live in peace..! Sultan says. if he had that feeling..he would have used that to ignite RKs funeral pyre..!
RK says..not to worry about pyres … he says.. he couldnt accept Rishbala wedding so decided to claim he is illegitimate son of Mohan Kundra..! Sultan says wrong.. he is not najayaz… RK is Mohan Kundras najayaz son..! All are shocked..!
Sultan says.. Mohan married Meera.. cheated him n then married Radha… so he is not illegitimate.. RK is..! RK says ENOUGH! RK says.. quota of hearing crap is over..! He says.. to leave..before anything unwanted happens..!
Madhu asks Sultan that he said his mom .. n Sultan says..found my real mom! RK asks Sultan to look at him … n dare to connect his dads name in all this..!
Sultan says. .have proof…that will show..where is dirt.. in front of him ..or in him..! Sikky comments.. no one has habit of normal wedding in family!
Sultan brings Rasheed in front of RK .. n asks him to tell all…! Rasheed stammers and says.. he is Mohan Kundras son…! All are shocked..!
Rasheed says… when Sultan was born.. Mohan brought him to Rasheed ..! RK whacks Rasheed and he falls at Radhas feet..! Radha identifies him…says he was Mohans driver…! Radha says..he left with Mohans money..!
Sultan tells RK another lie by Mohan! Radha chides Rasheed for returning favour like this..! Rasheed says.. Mohan married Meera.. (Sultans mom)! RK says.. ENOUGH..! He pushes Rasheed away…!
RK tells Sultan ..very bad story … trial is bad.. result too..! He says..good that Sultan found his mom ..but he doesnt know his dad yet. sad.. coz nothing worse than being called najayaz..! Sultan fumes..! RK says God wants him to be in pain n asks him not to snatch others identity n name.. ! RK says..he was n is najayaz! Sultan punches RK ..he bleeds from the lip…! Madhu holds him…!
Sultan says dun say najayaz..! RK punches Sultan..! Both are fighting again.. when Madhu asks them both to leave each other..!
Part 2
Bittu calls Security and asks Sikky to help but Dips stops him…! Sultan shows RK his bleeding hand n says.. today or tomorrow RK will have to believe him coz its about his mother too! RK pushes Sultan … as Rasheed runs off..!
Radha breaks down..! Dips n Madhu comfort her..! RK n Sultan continue fighting..! Madhu rushes to stop RK from hitting Sultan with rod.. ! Madhu is holding the rod when it falls and Sultan holds it before it hits Madhu .. while RK pulls Madhu aside to save her from the rod…!
Part 3..
Madhu tells the duo to stop it..! Sultan asks to pick the rod and beat her ..n tells RK that next time he raises will be on her.. first..! Madhu asks duo what they are doing? R they nuts?
Sultan throws the rod…n tells RK …its not over… .. its THE START …!! Sultan turns to leave. .but stops… takes the rod.. n breaks Mohans Portrait.. as RK fumes…n Madhu stops him..! Sultan glares at the pic with tears in his eyes..n RK glares at Sultan..!
Precap —- Bittu asks RK what is he planning to do.. n that they dunno where he is ..! Madhu overhears RK telling Bittu that he must be in this world.. n that he knows what is to be done..!

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