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Meri Aashiqui Episode 29--30 Update on Tuesday 25th September 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Romil’s residence
A drunk and inebriated ranvir takes a cab and comes to romil’s house, to threaten him and puts a knife on his brother’s throat. His wife and father come to him and recognising him, beg him to take it back, and let romil go. ranvir says that romil should get what he dserves. He tries to make him understand, that he always thinks wrong of romil, but romil always wants best for him, and that he hopes that he would get his brother back, and not his property. His brother tries to calm him down, while ranvir threatens him that he didnt just hurt romil, but gauri too, and disrespected harshad which he wont tolerate at all. ranvir asks if he would call romil back, and give him his share. he agrees. ranvir leaves, and then turns around to say that if there’s police complaint then he would be have to face the consequences. He leaves, while they dont protest at all. ranvir eyes the toy knife, and thinks that he came in highly handy. meanwhile, romil’s brother calls the police to arrest ranvir, and tells them what he did. His father calls baa also to tell him about the same, while baa is furious, and shocked too to hear about this. she cancels the phone in rage.
The police comes with romil’s brother and tries to insult them, but baa comes in asking him not to behave disrespectfully again. she asks why would they spoil their relation, due to this. But romil’s brother doesnt let go, and when he continues, baa asks him to stop now. As ranvir comes in, he is shocked to find romil’s brother there, who accuses him of being inebriated. Baa identifies him as their servant, saying that they dont have any relation as to what he does outside the house, and asks him to do whatever they want to with him, and they wont interfere. The police asks why he threateneed, and he defiantly asks romil’s brother to answer this. the police gets angry and begin to thrash him. baa comes in saying that they should stop the drama, and do whatever they want with him, but get out of the house. the police take him away, while all are tensed, and baa is frustrated. ranvir turns around to look at the house, and then leaves with the police in the jeep. He thinks that maybe now ishaani can take a descision. hearing the police siren, she wonders why the police came at this time.
Downstaits, baa continues to vent out her frustration at ranvir, and warns everyone that noone should tell anything to harshad. Ishaani comes down tensed. baa shuts everyone down. Baa asks ishaani why’s she awake so late at night. Ishaani says that she got up from the sound. Baa orders her to go back to sleep and not interfere. ishaani complies.
The guard tells ranvir’s parents and they are shocked. amba rushes out, but her husband asks her not to, as baa wont help her, and harshad isnt here. She asks him to go to the police station while she would herself go to baa and even beg if she has to. Amba rushes to her, and asks her to save ranvir, as he respects her a lot. baa angrily tells her what she did. she begs baa to please save him, then she would herself punsih him. baa jerks her away with her feet, while her head is hurt. Amba winces in pain, but continues to plead for her son, while she throws her out, saying that he is getting what he deserves.
Scene 2:
Location: Police station
ranvir is locked in a cell. Baa calls the police to instruct him to beat him mercilessly, and ruthlessly. Baa thinks that now he would learn a lesson. In the police station, the inspector asks the hawaldars to beat ranvir upto pulp. They comply and start beating him ruthlessly. His parents are distraught as they see him being beaten up, and keep screaming innocence, but in vain. they beg them to stop, but noone listens, and instead they are told that their own masters got ranvir caught. they are shocked. outside, amba goes into a fit whiule her husband calms her down somehow.
The next morning, ranvir’s father rushes in haste, asking amba to stay here, as he is going to this just one person who can save him now.
Scene 3:
Location: ishaani’s residence and on the road
ishaani is shocked as hea hers about ranvir’s arrest from his father and asks why didnt he come to her sooner. ranvir’s father pleads to ishaani and says that only she can save him now, as the police said that only they can do something now. ishaani is tensed, and says that she wont let anything happen to her friend. she rushes out. she goes to sherman’s room,and romil and gauri’s room too but doesnt find them there, and sees that father;s phone is not reachable too. she calls sherman but it doesn tget through. she wonders what to do now. She comes to baa, and tries to plead, but she says that she knows already, and ishaani begs for mercy, while baa tells her what all she did. baa says that she cant afford another court case, and that this isnt good for gauri. Ishaani begs, while baa reprimands her for caring so much for the servant. baa reprimands her that if she does anything wrong, she wouldnt have any mercy at her at all. ishaani leaves.
In her room, ishaani cuddles in a corner and tearfully prays to the lord to please help her, as ranvir hasnt done anything wrong, and that he shouldnt be punished at all. She hopes that something happens. she calls up chirag, and breaks down, while he is tensed for her. she tells him about ranvir’s arrest, and chirag says that he wont let anything happen to ranvir, and asks her to have her trust on him. the screen freezes on her tensed face.
Precap: As ranvir confronts ishaani, she slaps him tight across his face. ishaani asks what did he think of himself that he would go in heroic style, and nothing would happen to him. she asks if he has any brain at all or not. Ranvir eyes her helplessly, and thinks that it did have the effect that he wanted her to have, and that now she is finally angry at him.
Scene 1:
Location: Police station
ishaani comes in her car, Chirag comes with the bail papers and presenting them to the inspector, asks for him to be released. ranvir comes out, barely walking, limping rather, wounded and bruised in various places. Chirag asks him to go out and meet ishaani who’s very tensed.
A teary eyed ishaani is relieved to find ranvir, walking out, but is distraught to find him bruised and wounded. they both approach each other. Ranvir starts to make a joke to cheer her up. As ranvir confronts ishaani, she slaps him tight across his face. ishaani asks what did he think of himself that he would go in heroic style, and nothing would happen to him. she asks if he has any brain at all or not. she starts reprimanding him for being soi brash and not caring about anyone and starts crying. Ranvir eyes her helplessly, and thinks that it did have the effect that he wanted her to have, and that now she is finally angry at him. He tries to cheer her up, but she jerks him away asking him not to touch her. Chirag asks her to calm down, and adds that he got a stay order and till the court further decides, romil and gauri can stay peacefully in their house. Ishaani goes past ranvir, and rushes to chirag, and higs him, thanking him profusely. He too hugs her back. Ranvir eyes her emotionally. He cries and leaves from there.
Scene 2:
Location: ishaani’s residence
baa is shocked that ranvir got out, and is frustrated that chirag got him out. Chanchal asks if she feels that ishaani would refuse chirag. baa says that she would definitely leave chirag high and dry, after flirting around with him for a month.
meanwhile, in ishaani’s room, falguni tries to point out chirag’s contribution to her and her life. Falguni tells her that she has to wear the bangles given by chirag’s mother tomorrow, and that she wont need and accept a no from her side to this relation. ishaani is tensed. she adds that she needs to decide by tomorrow, till they send gauri and romil off. she asks ishaani to get rid of her america dream and think coolly. she leaves, while ishaani is tensed. Chanchal sees this and thinks that baa was right that ishaani has america dream on her mind.
In his room, his parents attend to ranvir, his wounds and bruises, apalled and distraught. He hopes that ishaani takes the descision tonight, that would make her life and break his.
The next morning, the pagphera ritual begins, amidst much festivities. The ritual begins. ishaani eyes chirag while dancing, while ranvir’s eyes are on her, and he gets emotional yet again. Disha finds ranvir like that and is surprised. An evil idea possesses her. Disha leaves seeing ranvir leave. She comes upto him, and then smears her hand in the colour red, and intentionally drops the dupatta, and asks ranvir to drape it around her. As he complies boggled, she eyes him leeringly. he leaves, but she continues to eye him lustily. Chetali begins to start giving advise to gauri, while devarsh and prateik start amusing chetali about the same. They are all amused at chetali’s overbearing nature.
Baa says that its indeed a lucky day for them and gauri and romil, but then remind that ishaani’s month wait would be over today and today she would give her descision whether she would marry chirag or not. She turns to ishaani too, while ranvir too waits in anticipation. Ishaani tensedly eyes chirag, harshad, falguni and baa. harshad asks her to speak, and then baa asks her to speak as chirag’s parents are waiting for her answer. falguni tries to put it to tomorrow, but baa insists that chirag’s torture should be over now, in barely disguised sarcasm. baa asks that out of her dream to go to the USA and her parents’ dream, to see her getting married to Chirag, which would she choose. Baa is amused at ishaani’s dilemma. Baa asks her to speak her mind and that whatever descision ishaani takes, they would all be comfortable with that. All are tensed. ishaani eyes ranvir helplessly, and he looks away. Chirag says that he wants to say something on ishaani’s behalf, and that ishaani’s answer is not known to him, but he knows that ishaani is his friend, and as a friend, he wants her to go to the Us and pursue her dreams, as she has workded hard and she deserves this chance, and that its just a matter of four years and that he would wait. ishaani is shocked as she had thought differently. Ishaani comes upto him and tells chirag that he doesnt need to wait any longer, and that she has already made up her mind. ranvir waits for ishaani’s answer with bated breaths. Ishaani finally says yes, and adds that she wants to marry chirag. Baa is perplexed while falguni and harshad are overjoyed. the screen freezes on ranvir’s distraught face.
Precap: Ranvir tells Chirag this time he said the right words without him telling him. Chirag says if not him, then he would say Ranvir is best fit for Ishaani. Ranvir gets surprised and asks how it’s even possible? him and ishaani?

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