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Sightless Love Episode 8 Update on Monday 24th September 2018

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Alberto tells Paulino that Vanessa’s party was cancelled due to her hurt foot and so he would want him to serenade Vanessa as a surprise on his behalf and Paulino accepts but out of anger and Marina hearing this goes more hurt.

Isauro tells Bryan (marina’s new tutor and a friend) that he should refuse to help marina in anything that she asks him by assisting her with any paper work and Bryan says she is his friend so he has to help her but Isauro blackmails him and tells him that his mother is his patient who he treats freely but if he dares him, he will start charging his mum and Bryan has no choice than to accept Isauro’s condition and he as him to make up an excuse for not helping marina.

Toribio tells Angustias that he already has the information she requested, that the day a girl was buried, she was buried together with her mother because she died in childbirth because Damiana could not help her and so she goes home to tell Prudencia about it and she thinks it could be the mother of Alberto and her daughter that were buried there.

Mr. Luis asks Margarito for all of the workers names because he is devoted to finding out who could have stolen the earrings that he bought for his wife Prudencia, Margarito tells him that none of the workers came into the house, only him and Angustias was with her wife all the time, Mr. Luis tells him that maybe Damiana stole them and Margarito replies that Damiana is not a thief, that she doesn’t charge even the people who are uncapable to pay her even though she is very poor.

Marina goes to see Bryan to help her with her studies but Bryan refuses to do so just because of Isauro’s threats and asks her to go see Isauro instead and Marina wonders why he said that and Bryan says since he can’t help her, it will be better if she goes to seek help from the doctor since he’s been her source of help with her studies all this while.

After all effort made to trace the thief of the Aqua-marine earrings failed, Luis extend his anger on his wife Prudencia stating that, he is disappointed in her for lying to him about the earrings and so he questions her to tell him about other lies she might be hiding from him and quickly, Angustias enters and tells Luis that, he should rather extend his anger on her and not his wife because she was responsible for the lost of the earrings and that Prudencia was only protecting her from his wrath and Luis asks Prudencia as to why she thought he could be capable of sending her nanny to jail over that Earrings and that she should trust him a bit but warns them that should either of them deceive him again, they will regret the day they were born.

Marina goes to see Isauro about the exams she wants to take and Isauro says, it’s a very difficult things that is why Bryan wasn’t able to help her. She tells him that she can’t forget Alberto even if she travels far away and Isauro tries to convince Marina that she is actually not in love with Alberto as she thinks and she should hate him for making fun of her instead but Marina replies that she loves him and she confirmed it when she heard his voice but Isauro tells her that she must stay away from Alberto and of any place where she might find him and Marina replies that she has Alberto into her heart and that is impossible.

Vanessa have a dream whereby she was enjoying the play of Paulino and at the same time making love and gaining consciousness, she overhears Paulino in real life singing and playing his guitar as usual and this time around as she comes to peep him through the glass and enjoying, Alberto walks into the scene and goes closer to her to wish her a happy birthday and she tells him this is so romantic. He tells her that he asked him to serenade her. After Alberto left and Alberto also left, Vanessa walks into her room and start shedding tears.

Paulino also arrives home feeling so down and tells his father that he needs his blessing because he wants to leave the ranch and his father asks for his reason and he tells him it’s because he can’t stand to be close to something he wants but not being able to have it. His dad still doesn’t understand and he tells him that he isn’t excited about taking care of lands that doesn’t belong to him, that he has other ambitions and so he can may be go to the city and his dad looks very sad since his son has always loved the countryside.

The family presents their birthday present to Vanessa and Alberto gives her the engagement ring and she looks so happy.
Yolanda goes to tell Marina that Paulino is going to leave the ranch and she is sure he made that decision because of Vanessa.

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