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Sightless Love Episode 9 Update on Tuesday 25th September 2018


Yolanda goes to tell Marina that Paulino is going to leave the ranch and she is sure he made that decision because of Vanessa because she is always on her brothers neck and now he is a pain in the neck and since he can’t stand her, she has to leave.
The day of Vanessa’s birthday arrives and Alberto gives her the engagement ring and tells her that he had thought that they should get married in a month and everybody is happy except for Alberto and Vanessa but Susana tells them that she is going to organize a great wedding for them.

There is going to be a feast in town and Damiana assures Marina to make sure to wear the earrings and she wonders why she is insisting and Damiana says, it is fine if she is not going to wear it always for fear of losing them but she should wears them on that day.
Alberto tells Paulino that he knows that he is going to leave the ranch and he would like to know the reason and Paulino replies that he wants to go away to look for new adventures and Alberto wishes him good luck and tells him that if he comes back his job will be waiting for him and same vein, Paulino also wishes him good luck in his marriage to Vanessa.

Vanessa goes to see Paulino and she tells Paulino that if he is leaving because of her; that means he hates her very much and Paulino tells her that he doesn’t hate her, but quite the opposite rather he is madly in love with her because ever since she came to the ranch, he’s never stopped thinking about her but as it is a forbidden love and he will never be in the same league with her, because he can’t stand to see her being happy with Alberto, Vanessa then begged him not to go because she needs him by her side . Zacharias detects their meeting and he tells Paulino that he has to go away to the city before they realize that he likes Alberto’s fiancée.

Angustias finds Eulalia grave and speaking to Baldomero, he tells her that the woman was buried with a girl she bore on the same day and were buried in the same grave. She tells him that they are cousin’s from afar and she gives him money to clean and put many flowers on the grave every day.
Margarito gets surprise after he heard Paulino telling Mr. Luis that he will stay at “la Añoranza” and will not go to the city again and he accepts to go get some medicine for Alberto which he wants to treat Vanessa with.

Alberto meets marina and insists on taking her to her house and she tells him that doesn’t want to know anything about him and so he should better go and take care of his fiancée. Upon arriving home with Marina, Damiana discloses to the two that she and Alberto were born on the same day and Alberto tells her that he owes his life to Damiana. Marina asks him to leave and leave for good to the city and not come back again with his fiancée. Damiana then asks Alberto to not tell his family that they are staying there.

Angustias tells Prudencia that she’s found where her daughter was buried and that she was buried together with Alberto’s mother Eulalia says the caretaker of the cemetery. Prudencia will like to visit the grave to put some flowers on but Angustias do not agree with Prudencia going to the graveyard and quickly, Luis enters the room and they go quiet and the man become suspicious again. Prudencia tells him that they were only discussion about visiting the cemetery to witness things and Luis says he will rather go with Prudencia and not Angustias going with her because she’s aroused his curiosity.
Damiana tells marina that she doesn’t want her to build hopes, but she is sure that Alberto feels something for her, yet still she sees that he is only confused but truly he loves her and Marina goes a bit smiley but tells her mum to never say that to he again. She walks out in pain but Damiana prays to God that he helps her daughter to be happy.

Now, Prudencia looks confused and asks Angustias as what to do now that her husband wants to go with her to the cemetery because she wouldn’t know how to visit her daughter’s grave and Angustias suggests that, when they arrive there, she should wander there a little with her husband and then intentionally go to that grave and when he asks her anything, he should tell him that she found that graveyard by chance

Alberto tells Vanessa that Paulino isn’t leaving the ranch anymore and she becomes glad to know that.
Marina continues to think about what her mum told her about Alberto loving her but looks confused and she shed uncontrollable tears.

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