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Till The End of Time Episode 42 Update on Tuesday 25th September 2018

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Arjun messages Maya if she reached Lonavla and where is her shooting. She replies tiger point. He thinks let us go then. Maya thinks she will propose Arjun today and makes him hers forever. Arjun gets ready and tries to leave hotel, but Saanjh stops him and says she needs to talk to him important and wants to take him somewhere. He says she can think, he will come in a moment. Vase falls and breaks. She says even vase broke as inauspiciousness, he should noot go. He says he is planning a surprise for her and needs to go. She gets excited and asks what surprise. He says she has to wait and gets into his jeep. She asks if he will come soon. He says he has slipped form her hands now and will not get back to her. She feels weird. Something breaks again and she thinks what is it.
reaches tiger point in his jeep and finds whole place empty. He thinks to save his job, what else he has to do. He turns and sees a serious looking man and says he cannot be Maya as he is not much frightening like Maya. He asks where is shooting. Man says on that mountainn and leaves. Arjun calls Maya, but she does not pick call. Saanjh in hotel room gets excited reminiscing Vandana and Suman’s comments that she should look best in front of Arjun and propose her. She picks Arjun’s binocular gift fom her suiticase and thinks how to gift wrap it, searches something to wrap gift. Someone is seen holding a knife and looking at her. Arjun reaches cliff and sees nobody there. He sees a hot air balloon nearby. He walks near balloon and sees Fashion and the City label on it, thinks shooting was going here and already finished. He hears a puppy sound inside it and gets into it to rescue it, murmuring that they both are Maya’s victims.
Saanch continues to search a paper to gift wrap and someone walks towareds her holding knife. Saanjh turns and shouts in fear seeing knife. Somone blindfolds Arjun, hand cuffs him and cuts balloon rope. It starts flying. Arjun asks what joke is this, leave my hand. It is Maya who is doing this. She remoes Arjun’s blind fold and says she does not hold hand to leave. Arjun is surprised to see her and flying in air. He pleads to get him down. Maya says he has to get habituated to heights as his place is in heights.
Saanjh realizes it is Ayan and her brother who walked withh knife. They both taunt her. Ayan asks if binocular is for him. Saanjh says it is for Arjun and not him.
Jahnvi gets tensed seeing Ashwin and reminisces Maya’s warning not to meet him. She asks what is he doing here. He asks if Maya ransacked her for someone else, he pity on her. Jahnvi falls into his trap again.
Maya gets closer to Arjun and Arjun asks what is she doing. She holds diamond ring and says I love you Arjun. He is suprised and says she is his boss and their relationship is professional. She says she wants him to be hers forever. He says again he is his employee and she is his boss, if she knows what he means. She asks if he is ignoring her. He says no..she is very good, but he did not see her as a girlfriend. Maya says love changes everything. He asks what if he does not want to. She walks behind and switches off balloon’s air. Balloon starts falling down Arjun asks if she is crazy, he was just joking. She switches on balloon. Arjun relaxes and says he was joking. She says even she was joking. Arjun realizes her posssessive for him. She says if her love can take him to the heights, it can burn him also. Balloon starts shaking and Maya drops diamond ring. They both hug while trying to balance each other. Arjun says it was not precious than her life. She says he is her life now. He says he needs time to think. She rolls his hands on her cheek and asks if he is not ignoring her. He says he is not and needs some time to come to the terms. She says from today all her time is his.
Ayan watches Arjjun and Maya’s romance via binocular and gets sad. Saanjh asks what happened, watches it via binocular and shatters. Binocular falls down and breaks.
Precap: Saanjh asks Arjun how was her photo shoot on hot air balloon. Arjun says Maya shot him, she loves him and proposed him.

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