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Till The End of Time Episode 43 Update on Wednesday 26th September 2018

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Arjun tells Saanjh that Maya gave him a shock by proposing her on hot air balloon. Saanjh asks if he accepted it. He says no, Maya is a high class girl and he is middle class boy, he is just Saanjh’s duffer. Saanjh runs and hugs him and asks if he rejected Maya’s proposal. He says no. She is shocked and part ways and asks why did not he. He says he loves his high paying job and does not want to lose it. She says Maya gave him such a high salary and costly gifts as she loves him, once he rejects her, she will kick him out of her job. He says Maya keeps her personal and professional life separate and she will not mess it. She asks if he has gone mad. He says yes, he will not leave his job and he does not need her friendship. She says fine and walks away. Maya watches them
from a distance enjoying ice cream.
Ashwin decorates house and tells Suman that he is happy that Saanjh would be proposing her duffer today and would engrasp in duffer’s love. Suman hopes their thinking comes true.
Ashwin tries to emotionally lure Jahnvi. Jahnvi asks him to go out, picks vase and throws on him and runs away. Vase bruses off Aswhin’s hand and falls down. Ashwin runs behind her. She runs and locks herself in a room, but her sari pallu gets stuck in a door. Ashwin pulls sari and shouts she cannot escape from her, Maya is a psychopath and he will not let her ruin anyone’s life, he will stop her. He laughs.
Arjun gets his jeep to go back home. Saanjh sits in backseat. Arjun says he needs someone in front. Ayan and Saanjh’s brother sit outside. Arjun says they are revolting. They both say they will not get in until they stop fighting and befriend again. Arjun asks Saanjh to stop fighting, he will tackle Maya in his own way. Saanjh asks really and sits in front seat. They leave towards home.
Saanjh reaches home and informs Suman about Maya proposing Arjun hot air balloon. Suman says she should have blow off balloon, at least Arjun is sensible and rejected Maya’s proposal. Saanjh says he did not yet, he did not say yes or no. Suman gets worried.
Maya reaches home. Jahnvi worriedly opens door. Maya pulls her hand and asks if she like dher surprise. Jahnvi nods yes. Maya gives her chikki and other gifts. Jahnvi asks if she is fine. Maya says she is very happy and proposed Arjun. Jahnvi asks if he accepted her proposal. Maya says not yet, but once an illusion/Saanjh over him vanishes, he will accept her love.
Ayan informs Vandana about Maya proposing Arjun on hot air balloon. Vandana gets tensed. He says bhai did not yet agree though. Vandana says Arjun is very immature and will mess up, she is very much worried about him.
Arjun sitting on terrace murmurs to himself if he says yes to Maya, he will lose Saanjh’s friendship and if he says no, he will lose a lucrative job, he will lose in both situations, he does not know what to do.
Precap: Maya asks Arjun if he liked his new cabin and calls him Fashion and the City’s senior photographer. Saanjh tells Arjun that Maya promoted him as she loves him. Maya enters and says wrong…

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