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Till The End of Time Episode 44 Update on Thursday 27th September 2018

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Suman sees Saanjh tensed and if she does not trust herself. She says she does not trust MAya’s wickedness and Arjun’s innocence. Maya at her home picks thorns from rose and makes Saanjh’s name from it and grins like an usual psychopath.
Saanjh does not get sleep thinking about Arjun’s words that Maya shocked him by proposing her and he did not and he will handle the situation, to trust him. Vandana comes. Saanjh gets up and asks how come she came at this time. Vandana tells her Arjun’s childhood incident when she got married to Arjun’s father when Arjun was 6 year old, Arjun left home for 1 month and stayed in Saanjh’s house. Saanjh says he convinced Arjun to get back home and kicked him out. Vandana says she has to do same even now and get him
out of Maya jaal/trap. Saanjh says Arjun does not need her help and he promised he will handle situation himself.
In the morning, Vandana prepares breakfast for Ayan and Arjun. Arjun comes out of his room getting ready for office. Vandana angrily tells Ayan to tell his brother that she does not want anyone to hurt Saanjh. Arjun says nobody can come between him and Saanjh and Saanjh is only hers.
Arjun reaches office and after a bit of witty chat with peon sees his desk missing. He asks eveveryone. Peon says Maya madam asked to remove his desk. Arjun starts cribbing. Maya takes him to a big cabin with full of flower bouquet and asks him if he liked his new cabin, Fashion and the City’s senior photgapher. Everyone clap for him. Arjun is surprised. Maya shows him rose and says she removed all thorns from it except one. Arjun sees Sanjh standing, ignores Maya, goes and hugs Saanjh excitedly. Maya fumes in jealousy. Arjun takes Saanjh and says this is his new cabin. Maya dismisses all staff members and walks out with them. Saanjh tells Arjun that Maya loves him, so she is doing all these favors. Maya enters and says wrong, she promoted Arjun due to his talent and nothing else.
Once Maya leaves, Arjun shows his new printer, desk, etc., to Saanjh and asks her to click his pics. She asks if he has gone mad, Maya is building a web of luxuries around him to trap him completely. He shouts Maya is ver professional and does not mingle personal and professional life. Argument starts. Arjun shouts that Saanjh is jealous of his progress.
Precap: Maya asks Arjun what is special in roadside tea. He asks to sit. She sees dirty chair and hesitantly sits with Arjun and enjoys tea. Ashwin thinks someone is trying to fill colors in Maya’s colorless life..

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