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Till The End of Time Episode 46 Update on Monday 1st October 2018

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Saanjh fumes reminiscing Arjun promising to take her out for ice cream, but instead going to meet Maya with ice cream. Suman asks what happened. Saanjh says Arjun again went to meet Maya with ice cream. Suman says she cannot hold Arjun forcefully and has to wait until he realizes her love and gets back to her. Saanjh says Arjun runs behind moon seeing its brightness, but does not know moon is glowing due to some other phenomenon. She will leave Arjun’s hand at this stage.
Maya takes Arjun to her dining table and lights candles. Arjun is surprised to see so many ice cream flavors already present. He says already there is a buffet of ice creams and he unnecessarily brought more. She asks which flavor he likes and serves him. She eats his brought ice cream. He says it has
melted. She says she is eating it because he brought it. He says he has not tried other flavors. She mixes different flavors and asks to try now. He tries and says not bad. She says he should not jump to a decision without testing. He looks at chole bhature and says he likes food also a lot, especially chole bhature. She says dig in then. He asks if she will deduct money from his salary. She says actually yes and laughs. They both enjoy food. Jahnvi watches them from her room.
Saanjh calls Ayan and asks to inform her once Arjun returns and says Maya is very dangerous and unpredictable. Her brother says she should not have loved Arjun at all, if she did not see how much Suman lectured. Saanjh says shut up. He mimics how she was requesting Ayan.
Arjun leaves Maya’s house. Maya tastes his left ice cream. Jahnvi comes and asks her if someone had come, Arjun…Maya smiles. Jahnvi says she does not like ice cream. Maya says she is changing her habits according to Arjun’s habits.
In the morning, Saanjh waits for Arjun near his jeep. Arjun comes getting ready for office and says he was awake whole night. She asks why. He thinks if he informs he was with Maya, she will fume. He lies that he ate so much ice cream, with high sugar he could not sleep. She angrily looks at him. He jokes and says he has to leave for office before Maya fires him and promises to take her out for lunch. Saanjh calms down.
Arjun reaches office and enters Maya’s cabin with referral magazines. He sees her sneezing, says he brought magazines for referral and they can discuss after lunch as he is going for lunch with Saanjh. She asks him to sit with him till lunch and starts discussing. He explains and she just stares his face. Lunch time passes. She says he forgot to go for a lunch with Saanjh. He leaves hurriedly. She asks assistant to send Arjun’s 2 team interns.
Precap: Saanjh sees lots of gifts in Arjun’s house and asks Vandana what is all this. Vandna says Arjun’s gifts. Arjun comes and asks what is this. Saanjh asks if he really does not know what s all this. He says no. She says one who can buy happiness for him has sent all these gifts. He says Maya.

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