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Who Killed Libia Episode 57 Update on Friday 28th September 2018

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Eva goes to inform the brothers that she has one thing to confess to them before saying her final goodbye and John angrily orders her to talk quickly and leave and she clearly states that she is now certain that Rosa is indeed her daughter and Franco becomes amazed. Oscar later gets mad and asks Eva why she didn’t help Libia out when she went into the hacienda that day and as Eva tries to explain herself, Tina comes to inform them that Sofia just left and when she tried following her, she stopped her. John heatedly asks where Sofia could be going and Eva mentions to him that she is very sure Sofia is going to the hacienda to see her mother.
Gabriela tells Fernando that what Eva mentioned to her really caused her to faint without her knowledge and this time around it wasn’t fake but serious because the doctor himself has even confirmed that her health status is not in good shape but in all she is grateful to God because she is going to take advantage of that in other to get whatever she wants from hence forth without anyone challenging. Fernando then asks Gabriela about what Eva mentioned to her and she answers him that Eva told her the daughter she had is Bernardo’s and Fernando tries to confirm from Gabriela if Rosa is indeed Eva’s daughter and she replies to him that she isn’t going to talk about that for now and there is no way she is going to show Eva the whereabout of her daughter and that’s going to serve as a punishment to her.
Sofia arrives in the hacienda and Fernando quickly goes to ask what she has come to do because she has no right to be there and that she should leave immediately but Sofia refuses and tells him that he is in no position to send her out of her father’s compound or prevent her from seeing her mother and Fernando tells her that Gabriela don’t want to even set her eyes on her again so she should leave and Sofia tells him she can clearly see that he is only jealous because he can’t stand seeing her in the arms of another man and as they continue to exchange words, John suddenly arrives and angrily punches Fernando to let go off Sofia. The two of them then ends up in a fight hitting each other in anger and there, Gabriela shows up all of a sudden and points a gun at John to let go off Fernando else she will shoot.
Fernando then starts to puts words into Gabriela’s mind that she should shoot because this is the right chance for her to kill them and suddenly Eva Arrives and goes to call Jemima, Sarah and Don Augustin to come else Gabriela might do something crazy. Sofia then questions her mother why she hates her that much and Gabriela furiously clarifies to her that she doesn’t see her as a daughter anymore because she has already denied her on his father’s grave and she wouldn’t sit there to see her in the arms of that nobody whom she intend giving birth for and as she points the gun towards them and decides to pull the trigger, Oscar and Franco also arrives with a gun pointed at Gabriela that if she doesn’t drop her weapon, they will kill her. Gabriela and Fernando get really surprised upon seeing them arrive and Sofi and John get relieved for being saved.
Nimo opens up and confesses to Father Teddy that before Kino died, he was mentioning a name called Fernando but he couldn’t say anything concerning that name and he gave up the ghost and Father Teddy gets astonished.
Eva goes to inform Gabriela that she wants to leave the Hacienda because she knows she may not tolerate her anymore and Gabriela orders her not to move an inch because she is going to be in the hacienda whether she likes it or not and also endure her punishment for causing such a mess to her family. She then instructs her to mention the number of times she slept with Bernardo and Eva explains to her that it was just once and even that was no fault of Bernardo’s because he was drunk and she decided to take advantage of him and he never had any idea of what happened between them afterwards, not to talk of him noticing that she got pregnant for him. Gabriela then accuses her for being a disgrace to womanhood and to also bear in mind that her daughter will never forgive her if she comes to realize her silly mistakes.
Fernando questions Gabriela as to why she still insists in attending this very church after all that Father Teddy has caused her and Gabriela tells Fernando that there is no way she is going to quit attending mass as a good Christian like her kind and also after doing her best to support the development of the church, she won’t let go off it for any reason so if someone is supposed to leave the church then it should be Father Teddy and not her.
Gabriela and her family enter the chapel and they get to see Sofia and the brothers seated as well. Father Teddy begins his sermon on the topic of the “Prodigal Son” and he starts to enlighten the congregation that as a good Christian we have to learn to forgive anyone who offends us especially when our children go astray just as the father did to his son who later realized his mistakes and came back for his forgiveness. The preaching really hits Gabriela as she listens and out of the blue, she angrily gets up and tries to leave the chapel and her daughters decide to plead with her not to leave but she angrily tells them she doesn’t understand what Father Teddy is trying to imply and she walks straight to Sofia and gives him a dirty slap and walks away after causing such an embarrassing scene in the house of God.

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