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Who Killed Libia Episode 59 Update on Sunday 30th September 2018

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Armando and his guards go to the brothers’ premises and points a gun at John and Sofia begins to plead with him not to shoot and surprisingly, Fernando shows up and pulls away Armando’s weapon and questions him as to why he wants to hurt them and instructs him to get lost but to Armando’s surprise, he receives a slap from Fernando as he tries to explain himself. John then makes Fernando to understand that he coming to their rescue still doesn’t change anything and so he shouldn’t think that they owe him any gratitude.
Fernando goes to inform Armando that it was really senseless for him to have sent his wrath on John in that manner and Armando explains to him that if only he knew what John came to do with his brothers, he wouldn’t have prevented him from killing him at that moment and Fernando orders him to shut up. He continues to tell him to focus on things that will benefit him instead because he was being told that Kino said something before he died in the prison and if the police should carry out their investigations, it will result them in a huge mess.
As Fernando drives home, he starts saying to himself that saving John from being shot by Armando is going to enable him to get closer to Sofia but to his amazement, Otafrigya and his guards crushes up with him and they quickly grab him out of his car and takes him away. Fernando later receives some strong beatings from Otafrigya and his guards after which they caution him to pay back his debt else he will be astonished with what will happen to him.
Armando summons one of his guards to deliver a message to Nimo to shut his mouth and not mention anything that concerns Kino to the police else he will also join him in the grave. Father Teddy and the police officer later goes to find out the real truth from Nimo as to what Kino said before dying but this time around, he denies everything and says that Kino never mentioned anything to him so Father Teddy should stop insinuating.
Fernando goes to make love with Gabriela and he leaves a flower beside her the next morning and as Gabriela sees and picks the flower, she begins to reminisce what happened between them the previous night and decides to take off her wedding ring as she continuously mentions Fernando’s name.
Oscar and Jemima start to plan on how they are going to have their secret marriage and Jemima tells Oscar that she knows her mother will go mad when she gets to realize that they got married but she is very sure that later she will calm down and there she will let Oscar move into the hacienda and live as a couple so that he can also take charge of his father’s properties.
Fernando walks to Father Teddy in the chapel to confess to him that it’s true Nimo isn’t responsible for Bernardo’s death but rather he was the one who caused it and this really hits Father Teddy and he gets speechless.
The school principal walks into the brothers house together with a social worker and the police to take away Pablo and the little boy starts to cry and tells John not to permit them to take him but Sofia makes John to understand that he has to release Pablo to the authorities because they are right. John then calms Pablo down by telling him not to worry because he will come for him soon but the little boy refuses to understand and tearfully says to John that he has really disappointed him because he promised to take care of him till the end but now he just broke his promises by releasing him to the authorities and they take him away.
Macuya invites Oscar into his room telling him that her contract has come to an end and so she wants to see him for the very last time before leaving. Macuya then gives Oscar so much to drink that he gets booze and she decides to take advantage of him and they both ends up in bed. Oscar later comes to realize what Macuya just did to him and tells her that he didn’t like it at all because he already told her he has a girlfriend whom he cherish so much and he hurriedly left and Macuya teases him that she has finally gotten what she wanted and she laughs in joy.
Fernando goes ahead to explain to Father Teddy that it wasn’t his fault that Bernardo fell from his horse and hit his head on a stone but rather he was only trying to prevent him from going to see her mistress Libia and Father Teddy asks Fernando how he got to know about that girl and he tells him that Bernardo never hid his affair with that young lady so it was obvious. Father Teddy then questions him about how Nimo got involved in this issue and Fernando briefs him that he was the one who set everything up as if Nimo crushed his car with Bernardo but it wasn’t so. He later asks Fernando if he regrets all the sins he committed and Fernando boldly tells him that he hasn’t regret anything and if he doesn’t shut up upon what he has just told him, then he wouldn’t hesitate in killing him and Father Teddy assures him that he isn’t sacred of his threat because with God by his side, he will overcome any obstacle that may come his way.

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