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Ashoka Samrat Episode 32--33 Update on Tuesday 16th October 2018

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The episode starts with Ashoka coming back home and calling out to his mother. He says that she should have been home by now. She left long ago. He thinks that she will be somewhere waiting for him. He will look out. Outside his home, he runs into his old friends who say that the village was dead without Samrat Vanraj. Ashoka says that no issues, I am home now. And my mother is home too. She left for the forest with Bindusara but left for home before he did. She should have been back home by now. His friends say that something is wrong. What if something happened to her. Ashoka yells at them saying that nothing has happened to her. She is fine! The body that was cremated by the king was not my mother. His friends ask him to spill the details.
Bindusara takes blessings from Helena. Helena blesses him with health and success and wishes that he might succeed. Bindusara takes his blessings and makes a move. He addresses Mahamatya saying that should there be any problem governing the empire on my behalf, please take help from Chanakya. Chanakya assures him that the kingdom will be absolutely safe in his absence. The entire empire sees him off.
Late that night, Ashoka is sleeping in his hut when he hears Dharma calling out to him. He wakes up with a jerk and looks around as if searching for his mom. He walks or as he dreams of dharma standing at the door. Dharma disappears as he reaches her. He makes the futile attempt to reunite with his mother but each time she disappears as soon as Ashoka comes closer. At last Ashoka wakes up all alone in his hut. He shouts for his mother.
Helena reaches the balcony of the room and sees some movements. She exclaims that they are here. It’s finally time. Justin reaches the room of Queen Noor. She is resting when he comes near. Noor exclaims that Justin’s emotions take a huge turn every time Bindusara is out on a mission. Justin smiles to her. Suddenly, Noor feels pain in her stomach. She cries. The other queen of doing magic with voodoo. She says that both Sushim and Siamak are inconsequential to the King because of her, she can suffer. Justin freaks out and runs to arrange for a doctor for Noor. One of Chanakya’s men inform him that some movement was observed last night. Chanakya fears that Helena might be behind this.
Helena welcomes the guests to get room. It is her father Seleucus. Helena says that they need to get hold of the empires soon. The Ujjaini kingdom is in desperate need of help. We can get Justin marry the princess and take over the empire. Chanakya reaches Helena’s room but is denied entry. He senses something is wrong.
PRECAP: Bindusara tries to explain Ashoka that his mother is dead. The idol that he is considering his mother is just a piece of stone. Bindusara breaks the idol. Ashoka infuriates. Chanakya comes to know of a mysterious woman. He sees a woman running away. She is none other than she Dharma.
Scene 1
Ashok comes in garden and finds butterfly there, he follows butterfly, and finds stone, he hugs it and cries remembering his mother.
Helena is leaving, she says to wives that i am going to pray for Samrat, if i go afeter Bindu comes back then he wont allow me to go so i am leaving in his presence,c Charu says if it for Bindu’s long life then we will not stop you, Helena leaves from there. Charu ask Noor why you are silent? you seem tensed, Subhrasi ask her too, Noor says i am fine, Charu says you are accepting truth, Noor says you dont have to worry about me, Charu says how can i not worry for you, please come out of dream land, truth is waiting for you, she leaves, Subhrasi ask why did she say like this? Noor says dont know but have to find out, Subhrasi ask her to take rest. ,,
Scene 2
Ashok is cutting woods, he says to stone that woods for making food is ready, i will bring something from jungle to eat. he comes in jungle and jumps on tree, he pluck some fruits, and in process falls from tree but someone catches him, he looks at him and smiles, its Bindu who saves him, they both smile at each other, Bindu ask are you fine? Ashok says Samrat you here, Bindu says my friend was miffed with me so i came to find him, he hugs Ashok, they both get peace hugging each other, Khuarasan sees them and recalls how Chanakya requested Bindu to go on holiday and maybe he will find his friend, Khurasan thinks so it was Chanakya’s plan to make them meet. Bindu says to Ashok that i am happy to see you, Ashok says i will make you meet my mother, i told you that my mother is alive and safe, Bindu ask where is your mother? Ashok ask him to come to his house and see, Bindu says how is it possible.
Justin comes to Noor, he ask how are you? she brings him closer, he says you seem naughty today, she says my effect is getting less on you otherwise you dont speak when i am near you, she is about to kiss him when Siamak comes there, they are shocked to see him, Justin ask Siamak you here? Siamak says i was finding to practice with you but ddnt find you so came to meet mother, Justin sys lets go for practice, he smiles at Noor and leaves with Siamak.
Chanakya comes in village, Some lady says to Chanakya that we were finding Nirjara and we saw a lady who had veil on her face in this village, we thought she is Nirjara as she was hiding her face, she is living in house, we have doubt that she is Nirjara, Chanakya ask lady to knock her house and ask for water then we will catch her and remember she should not run away, i want Nirjara at any cost, Lady starts to walk towards house, lad knocks her house, all soldiers have taken their positions.
Helena’s caravan stop, she finds Mandir on way and ask soldiers to stay outside whle she goes towards Mandir, Radhagupt is spying on her, Helena doesnt go in Mandir and hr body double enters the Mandir while she comes in jungle to meet Nickator, Radha is not able to see face of body double and thinks she is helena only.
Scene 3
Bindu comes to Ashok’s house, Ashok says my mother is busy in working, till she comes to meet you i will serve you, Bindu says we want to meet her first, Ashok says she will be happy to see you too.
Prime minister ask soldiers who sent soldiers on border? soldier says Chanakya ordered us saying there is some danger, Prime minister says nobody even informed me, is there no value of prime minister here? soldier says sorry and leaves, Charu who have listened all this comes to Prime minister, she says all know what is your position but you are always silent so Chanakya is using your powers, i have never seen any prime minister telling his soldiers that he has powers too, you can redeem yourself only if you help me to make Sushim new Samrat, if you help me then i assure you that you will be given all the powers and respect of being prime minister in sushim’s regime, its your time to decide now, she leaves, prime minister thinks.
Radhgupt comes in Mandir and sees the face of body double of Helena, he is stunned and says Chanakya was right, Helena is upto to some plan. Nickator and Helena leaves from jungle.
Lady is still knocking the door of house, she comes to Chanakya and says no one is opening, Chanakya ask his soldiers to open door by force, they breaks the door, bomb blast happens in house, both the soldiers are burnt, house is burnt too, Chanakya is stunned, he finds lady in veil running from there, he orders soldiers to catch her alive, they run behind lady.
Ashok comes in house, there is someone sitting and wearing dupatta in house, Ashok calls her mother and says Samrat has come to meet you, Bindu looks at her face and its stone on which Ashok has draped Dupatta, Bindu is shocked, Ashok says see i told you my mother is alive.
PRECAP- Bindu says to Ashok that you have gone mad, you have started believing that this stone is your mother, Ashok says how cant you see that she is my mother not a stone, Bindu brings out his sword and breaks the stone, he says to Ashok see this is just stone not your mother, Ashok gets angry, he says to Bindu that i had only mother in my life and today you snatched her too, he cries and hugs bindu, Bindu consoles him.

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