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Ashoka Samrat Episode 43 Update on Thursday 25th October 2018

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Scene 1
Khurasan says to bindu that Aakramak(Navin) misbehaved and you appointed him as professor in royal school, bindu ask Chanakya to answer him, Chanakya says Aakramak did mistake and he was punished but we should not forget that he is a great warrior, we should not waste him, he is talented and if he can teach students then whats problem in it, if you think i am wrong then.. Bindu says i know Aakramak is great warrior and as professor he will teach alot to students.

Siamak comes to Ashok and ask why did you come late in class? did Sushim say anything? Ashok says let him do what he want to, i am here to learn things, Ashok says lets go for class, Sushim’s friend says that Aakramak is weird soldier, Sushim says he is servant of my father, if he do something with me or with you people then he will be expelled.

all students come in class, Aakramak says that great warrior is always attentive, he shows them then track which they have to pass, there are ball swinging and having pricks in them, all students have to pass them, then have to climb ladder, then jump down, he says you will be judged on time basis and i will see fear level in you people, its mission to show you that you dont have to be afraid of heights. students one by one starts going on track, if anybody touch the balls then he will be disqualified, he says to students that you can pass one track then how will you fight in war? you people will become warriors?

Siamak comes next, he passes the balls nicely but one ball touches his face, he fails too, next is Ashok, Sushim taunts that he will start crying if he fails, Ashok starts the track, he passes obstacles nicely, passes balls and climbs the ladder and stand on pillar, Siamak is impressed, he then is about to jump from pillar but recalls how he fell from cliff, sushim smirks and says he is coward, Aakramak ask Ashok to jump, Ashok doesnt move, Ashok recalls how bindu ask him to trust him and jump, he jumps from pillar, all claps for him, sushim says i will show to do it perfectly, sushim goes next, he passes obstacles, climbs the ladder and jumps from pillar, all claps including Ashok and siamak.

Aakramak ask him to do again, Sushim says why i will do again? Aakramak says this is practice and you have to do it again and again, sushim says i am tired, i will do tomorrow, Aakramak says i dont know who you are and here you are just my student and you will do what i say.
Scene 2
one cook says to Dharma that what you made in lunch, Samrat doesnt eat this, Dharm says Samrat will like it, cook says i am making food for him for years and now you will tell me what to make, now i dont have any other dish to present him, if he doesnt like you dish then i will suspend you from here, he takes dish and leaves.

Charu says to Helena you asked all to do lunch together, anything important, Helena says i got letter of Ujjain’s king, he will come here with Agni soon, Noor angrily looks at Justin, Bindu says we should them good welcome, Charu says i am preparing for it, Helena is excited to welcome her daughter in law, Bindu says to include Noor too in preparations, her anger with justin will lessen, she was angry with Justin as he didnt inform her, Noor says i was miffed but i am happy for Justin and now i am also not miffed, cook present dish to Samrat, Samrat ask where is my favorite dish? cook says we couldnt make it, a new cook has come in kitchen, she made this dish and said you will like it, Charu says how Dasi will decide that what Samrat likes, Samrat Bindu eats the dish and recalls how he ate same dish at Dharma’ house, he says i have eaten this dish after many years, this is very nice, infact its same like i ate it some years back, from today my favorite dish will be considered this dish, cook nods.
Scene 3
Dharma ask Kasturi(other cook), what did Samrat say? Kasturi says Samrat liked it alot and he said that this is his favorite dish from now, Dharma thinks AShok likes it too.

Bindu says to Chanakya that i have decided to increase clinics in country, Chanakya says good idea, you seem happy today? Bindu says bringing Ashok here has lessen my guilt for subhadrangi, dont know he is fine in royal school, Chanakya says Ashok will have to face problems in school but he will make his place, like he made place in our hearts, Bindu says he is not common kid, he is strong, intelligent, quick and great person, i was hurt seeing him wasting his talent, sitting in Vann, now he is learning things in Royal school, now he will get mission in life, then i will feel that i fulfilled my promise to subhadrangi, one day will come when one of my son will become Samrat and Ashok will be army head.

Sushim is angry on Aakramak, he says he is thinking that he can say anything to me, this happens when commoners like him and Ashok are given good posts, they dont deserve it, i will ask bindu to throw Aakramak from here, he used to bow to me and now asking me to bow, Ashok comes and says teacher is like God and its not good to talk like that about him, Sushim says you will give lecture to me? dont involve in my work, dont forget you are here only because of my father, go from here, Ahok says thanks for reminding me, i also dont want to waste time on you, sushim says you forget who you are, i will show you that you can never come to our level, accept my challenge if you are on our level, Ashok says to prove my level i dont have to accept any challenge, sushim says wish Bindu would know coward you are and he wants coward like you to become warrior, Ashok says i accept your challenge.
PRECAP- Siamak says to Ashok that Sushim may not behave nicely but he has talent, he is great warrior, nobody works more harder than him in school. Ashok says i will work hard and one day will make Sushim lose the game he is best at..

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