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Ashoka Samrat Episode 44 Update on Friday 26th October 2018

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Scene 1
Noor comes to Charu and says you seem much interested in justin’s marriage, i didnt see you preparing for any occasion this much, Charu says i want all to prepare for it, this is political marriage and is in Magdh’s favor, i am feeling that you are not happy with this marriage, you were miffed with Justin too, Noor says Justin teach Siamak so i talk to him, so i thought he should have told me this news, i will go for rest, Charu thinks she was shocked listening about marriage that day and now she want to rest, there is something fishy.
Sushim and Ashok gets ready for challenge, Siamak thinks that Ashok should not have come in sushim’s talks, Sushim ask Ashok are you ready to lose? Ashok says one should not be so much over confident, Sushim says i will teach you that only, he says the challenge is that you have to fill bullet in pipe(gun) and fire it at swinging pot, the one who will hit the pot first will win, Ashok thinks for a while and then say i am ready, Ashok stands on rotating stand, fill bullet and blows it towards pot, it doesnt hit the pot, Sushim and co. laughs, then Sushim comes, he stand on rotating stand, fills bullet and blows it, it doesnt hit the pot, then Ashok comes, he fires again and it misses the pot again, Sushim comes and blows bullet, it hits the pot this time, all claps, Ashok is shocked, Siamak is sad, Inderjeet says you won sushim, sushim comes to Ashok and says if you wanna beat me then you have to be royal, he leaves.
Scene 2
later in night, Ashok comes to play area and finds bullet and gun, he stands on rotating stand and blows bullet at pot but it doesnt hit it, Ashok is frustrated, he says what i will do for my land, its rightly said that royal school is not for me, Siamak comes and says you lost once and you lost faith in yourself, Ashok says my greatness was shown today, Siamak says sushim is best at this game, Siamak says to Ashok that Sushim may not behave nicely but he has talent, he is great warrior, nobody works more harder than him in school thats why he is great student, the one who will work more harder than him will be able to beat him. Ashok ask can i become great warrior? Siamak says it depends on your thinking, Ashok says i will work hard and one day will make Sushim lose the game he is best at, Siamak says i will wait for that day, they leave to sleep.
AShok is sleeping on his bed, Sushim’s friends inderjeet and others comes and surrounds AShok, they smirk.
In morning, all students are standing on one feet, Ashok is missing, Aakramak is setting their body postures, Ashok comes there, he says sorry to Aakramak and says when i got up, i found someone tied my feet with bed, i had to break chain so i got late, Aakramak ask him to go and come after freshen up, he ask students to stand on one feet while eyes closed, Sushim says what drama is this, they close the eyes, all loses balances, Aakramak says when your eyes are opened, you are able to see everything and you can support your body but when eyes are closed you loses balance too, Ashok comes there, Aakramak ask him to hold heavy wooden sticks and take rounds, punishment is for everyone who comes late, Ashok holds sticks and starts running. the other professor comes and says to Aakramak that give Ashok more severe punishment, he doesnt deserve to be here, he ask him why you making royal kids having such tought tasks, Aakramak says this is my class, i know what to do, you dont need to tell anything, AShok is still running, the class is over for all students, Aakramak comes to Ashok, he falls on ground, he says i dont know who do what with you, i dont want you to come late, go and have lunch, he leaves, Ashok is tired.
PRECAP- Siamak show royal sword to Ashok and says to Ashok that this is not common sword, this is sword of great mauryan, this is history of magdh. Sushim comes to Ashok and says if you think this sowrd has attracted you towards itself then this is just because it wants to show you how coward you are, you doesnt deserve to be peon here. Ashok thinks that no this year, Sushim will not get this sword, i will get it.

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