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Ashoka Samrat Episode 45 Update on Monday 29th October 2018

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Scene 1
Ashok comes in room to eat food, all have eaten food, Sushim says you should come on time to get the food and this food is not for cheap guys, he leaves, Siamak ask him to come for class, AShok says you go i will come, he leaves, Ashok ties rope around his belly and says i will not feel hungry by this. Ashok is leaving when he finds royal sword in one one room, he comes in and is fascinated by it, he is about to touch it but Siamak comes and says this is not common sword, this is of great Maurya that is Chandragupt Maurya, he won wars with this war, he gave birth to Mauryan empire with this war, this is history of Magdh, that is why it is put here to show students that they have to become great warrior to get this, Ashok says i felt like this sword was calling me, sushim comes and says this sword was calling you toward it to show that you doesnt deserve it, to show you that you are not of our standards, you cant get this sword, Siamak says he is enrolled in school by Bindu, you cant insult him like this, Sushim says let competition starts then i will show that no common guy deserve to b here, i will show that only i am great warrior and the one who doesnt even know about his father cant this sword, he is a cheap guy and he doesnt deserve to even touch it, i will win award this year too and will get this sword, all leaves, sushim says to Jeet that from 2 years, i am winning this competition and if i win this time to then this sword will become mine forever, Ashok is hiding behind pillar and says no Sushim, this time you will not win this sword, if this title is greatest here then i will get it this time, try and stop me.
Scene 2
Ashok comes in room, one kid stops him on gate and ask him to come inside if you can, Ashok angrily looks at him, he leaves his way, Ashok comes in room, all kids make fun of him that he is cheap guy, All are laughing on Ashok, AShok goes and sits on his bed, he finds dirty mud placed on his bed, all laughs on him.
Sushim is talking with his friends and says this Aakramak will leave from here soon, i am excited about tomorrow, Bindu will come and will announce the competitions, one friend says that Sushim will get that sword this time too, Jeet says that Siamak have worked hard too this time, Sushim says he is a kid, he cant come to my level, he says i want Ashok to participate too, i will make fun of him, Ashok is going from there, Sushim stop him and says your face is looking like you will cry now, you mjust be thinking where are you mother, where.. this is all just to show you that you are a dirt in this school, Ashok says thanks for forcing me to work more hard, Sushim says the one whom i hate, i hate with full strength and i will make sure that you are thrown out from here, one kid says now Ashok will starts crying, all laughs.
Scene 3
Ashok comes in room, all are sleeping, Ashok is feeling tired and sleepy , he washes his face and says i will not sleep tonight else Sushim will do something that i will be late for class tomorrow too, he tries to keep himself awake but sleeps.
Its morning, Ashok wakes up and says i got up on time and they couldnt do anything in night, he sleeps again.
Kasturi tells Dharma that Samrat liked food you made, senior cook comes and says today we have to make food as there will be announcement for competitions in school, all kids will be coming, Dharma gets happy thinking Ashok will come too.
Ashok wakes up and finds himself lying on some well. he is shocked. AAkramak starts class, he makes every student hit on slate, they have to punch it and break it, he says the warrior who gets tired in war is worst, he says this slate will break with my one punch but royal kids are useless, Sushim gets angry and punches the slate but it doesnt break, Ashok comes there and says i am sorry sir, i got late today too as they bound me today too, Aakramak show him wooden sticks, Ashok as part of punishment holds them and starts running.
Ujjain’s caravan reaches Patliputra, Justin looks at Noor, she is fuming, Charu notices this, Agnishika comes and smiles at Justin, Noor gets angry that he is looking at her. Ujjain’s king Rajajiraj (raj) greets Bindu and says i am happy that you accepted our proposal, my niece is lucky, Agni greets Helena and Bindu, Bindu introduces Justin to her, she smiles, Justin presents her gold necklace, Noor is burning in anger, Agni says to Justin that i am thankful that you thought i can be your life partner, i pray that our relation becomes stronger and this relation gives happiness to everyone. Chanakya sees all this and says to Radha that Helena doesnt know that she is playing from fire, he ask Radha to find about Rajajiraj.
PRECAP- Bindu says to all kids that i know you all want to win this competition but the one who is most stronger and he will get a chance to get the royal sword, Ashok and all kids listens this.

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