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Ashoka Samrat Episode 46 Update on Tuesday 30th October 2018

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Scene 1
Helena introduces Agni to Noor, Agni says to Noor that i hope to have good relation with you, Noor says i want you to know my position here, Agni says from where i come, we respect relations alot, she then greets Subhrasi, Subhrasi says i hope to have good relation with you. Chanakya comes there, ujjain’s king says i always wanted to meet you, Chanakya says but Ujjain never liked my idea of united India, king says with time, things changes too, i am here and it shows that time have changed, Bindu says i have to go to school kids today as there is some ceremony, Justin is with you, king says he will remain with us forever now, Noor fumes.
bindu gives speech to kids, he says i am son of chandragupt, i had got some skills from him but some skills were polished in this school, my teachers made me learn alot of things, he bows to Acharayas. Otherside Ashok is completing his punishment of taking rounds and thinks to go fast in ceremony. Bindu says to kids that the one who will win this competition will get great sword, i just want to say that its not important with whom you lose but your test is to how you use your skills, how you overcome your weakness, Ashok comes there and says he gave me punishment of taking rounds but didnt tell the place, so i can take rounds alongwith listening speech. Bindu says you will win when you will learn how to do hard work and use your mind, only one will be winner but you have to become warrior, Chanakya says a warrior should know how to face any situation, you will be tested this in competition, he ask Bindu to announce the competitions, Bindu hits a target with archery kit and lits the mishal of competitions, all smile.
Bindu says to Aakramak that we are hoping you will make kids warrior, Bindu ask where is Ashok? Aakramak says i have given him punishment, he comes late in class, other Acahraya says that he doesnt deseverve to be there, he even questioned acharaya, Bindu says this is his greatness, he sees things differently.
Scene 2
Ashok is taking rounds, Bindu comes there and says you will not stop seeing you friend too? Ashok says no its my punishment, its my mistake that i am not ahead of them, bindu ask who? Ashok says some students think that i dont derserve to be here, Bindu says you will have to fight, you know i have announced competitions, Sushim is winning competitions from 2 years, he deserve it too, he is hard working, the one who wins the competition is respected by all, Ashok says you are asking me to win against your son? Bindu says i still want sushim to win but i want you to work hard, Ashok ask will you be happy if i win? Bindu says you think you are strong enough to win this competition then work hard for it, Aakramak comes there and ask him to stop taking rounds, and throw this woods, Ashok throws it and is tired, he sit on ground, Bindu says he didnt stop his punishment even when he was talking to me, this much he respects his teacher, Aakramak you still think that Ashok is punishable, he says to Ashok that i have many hopes with you, Sushim listens this and is angry, Bindu says to Aakramak that there is dinner for all Acharayas with Ujjain’s king, you come there too, he nods and leaves. Bindu says to Ashok that sometime, difficult situation makes us weak, we are destroyed but there is soul inside man, till it doesnt break, no one can win over you, Ashok thinks.
Scene 3
All students are eating food, Ashok comes there, cook gives him food, Ashok tries to sit but no one gives him place to sit so Ashok sit on floor and start eating food, Sushim says see this cheap guy started eating like animal, he doesnt get affected by any taunt, Ashok says now you have understood me well, you will question yourself that how i win this competition even listening to your dirty taunts, Sushim says dont even think about taking part in competition, Ashok says you wanted to remove me from your path but now i am not afraid of anyone, he leaves, Sushim is tensed but laughs and sys to his friends that what he think, he will win the competition.
Aakramak gives new task to students, he says this this competition is between students, by this we will get winner and we will get to know who can lead Magdh in future, this competition will show your skills to rule Magdh, Aakramak ask students to come forward who want to take part in task, Siamak, jeet, Sushim comes forward, Aakramak ask nobody else than them have guts to take part in competition, Ashok comes forward, Sushim says no Aakramak, he doesnt deserve to be even here.. Aakramak points Ashok to come, Ashok stands infront of Sushim, Aakramak says you need to choose your horse and ride it too, the one who handles his horse and wins the race will be choosen for competition, he rings the bell, all runs to sit on their horses, other Acharaya comes to Aakramak and says give some respect to Sushim, he is next king, Aakramak says this is school and all are equal students, Acharaya thinks that Aakramak will soon be thrown out of school for thinking like this, all students taking part in task sit on horse, Ashok is about to sit but falls, Sushim says there is still time, back out from task, all students leave, Ashok is hurt.
PRECAP- all student reach finish line, Sushim ask where is that cheap guy? Ashok and Siamak comes there while walking. later in Palace’s court, Siamak says to Noor that Ashok is my friend, Noor says royal kids can have mercy on poor kids but cant be their friends, Bindu is angered listening this. Later some mysterious lady enters palace riding horse and has veil on her face.

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