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Fall Into Temptatation Episode 89--90 Update on Thursday 25th October 2018

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PRESENT DAY: Bebo will like to deal with Juan herself but she refuses to allow him to meddle in her issue with Juan but Nico thinks Lola should allow Bebo to protect her. They tell Santiago about Juan’s escape from home and how that could be a great threat to Lola. 

Raquel discusses with her children to help her decide on what they can do to help Benjamin to go back to his home but Mia says Benjamin is Damian’s son and not Santiago and Raquel berates Mia because she only thinks of herself and Damian, and tells her that she would like it if she were to think of her for a minute, and about all the things she has had to go through because of what Carolina and Damian did to her and Fede seconding his mum tells Mia to be smart and not oppose Benjamin going back with Santiago, because that way Raquel will have more time to participate in Damian’s recovery.
Antonio sends a security detail to the Alvarados home in case Juan shows up there. 

Raquel thanks Fede for supporting her about Benjamin’s custody and she asks him to keep an eye on Mia because she is not well. 

Santiago thinks it’s unfair that Damian is with his family while they no longer have Carolina.
Godoy plans to release Tato to use him as bait to catch Blas Garrido but unfortunately for them Tato is killed. 

Rueda goes to bury his son but is only accompanied by Alina and he tells Alina that, he has money and power but he’s all alone and Alina not caring much about his predicament, she still asks him to help her get the custody of Benjamin back to his family but Rueda thinks she is heartless.

THE PAST: Fede looks everywhere for Damian and he gets anguished thinking that he might be with Carolina. 

Damian decides to get Vicente out of the way like killing him and Carolina know that Vicente will never leave them alone, but she warns him not to kill him but Damian still says she is not to worry about Vicente getting in their way again because he will take care of Vicente. 

THE PRESENT: Doctor Moreno tells Mia to open up and admit that she has hurt others, otherwise her dark side will end up dominating her. Godoy and Antonio can’t catch Blas Garrido after someone murders Tato right after he is released. 

Alina gets Miriam to relinquish custody of Benjamin and she tells Raquel that everything’s forgotten about Mia thus she will not file charges against her for attempted murder against her, but Raquel replies that only after she is out of their lives it will be forgotten totally.

Lola is extremely upset when she finds a letter from Juan in her bedroom, in which he threatens to ruin her life as she did to his son by aborting him. 

Fede visits his dad at the hospital and asks him what he is going to tell Raquel and Santiago now that he’s awake and Damian stirs at him.

Santiago attacks Vicente at the psychiatry as to what he did to Carolina and Vicente tells Santiago that he saw him when he killed Carolina.

THE PRESENT: Santiago attacks Vicente at the psychiatry as to what he did to Carolina and Vicente tells Santiago that he saw him when he killed Carolina. Santiago then replies Vicente that he didn’t kill Carolina because he loved her and he tries to force Vicente to say who did it, but the guard intervenes to stop him and kick him out. 

Lola tells Bebo that she found Juan’s letter in her closet, because it seems he evaded the police and that he will never leave her alone. 

Mia after her therapy tells Raquel that her therapy session was a fiasco because their conclusion was that she always thinks of her family and never of herself. 

Raquel gives the good news to Santiago that Miriam has giving up on Benjamin’s custody and that could be that in his favor to retain Benjamin’s custody and he looks very happy.

Laura wants Godoy to forgive her and come back home in exchange she is not going to broadcast the news about his firm using Tato as a bait to arrest Blas Garrido but unfortunately, he was shot.
Raquel tells Mia and Fede about Benjamin who will be going back to Santiago’s house. Fede wants to know if his mum still loves their dad but Raquel answers Fede that she doesn’t love Damian and that she may never forgive him for cheating on her. 

Vicente confesses to Antonio that he was blackmailing Carolina and Damian because he knew about their affair, but claims not to know anything about the accident. 

Fede is happy after the doctor mentioned that Damian could be going home soon to continue his recovery; Mia loves the news but she is unhappy about Benjamin’s possible return with the Alvarados. Raquel tells Fede that she doesn’t love Damian and that she may never forgive him for cheating on her.
Andres wants to know updates about Vicente’s case with the police if not he could end up in trouble should Vicente open his mouth but Rodolfo tells him that he just buried his son but Andres tells him that the world doesn’t stop going around because of that. Rodolfo then tells Andres that the police are close to solving the case focused on a robbery motive, because they think Vicente a team of robbers attacked Damian because he had some money to give Vicente and that would take him (Andres) off the police’s investigations. 

Andres then says he is sure his Auntie Miriam is going to be disappointed because so far nothing ties Santiago to the murder and that will make Santiago be free and end up with Raquel and start sticking his nose into their business dealings and that will not help them at all. Rodolfo says that will never happen because Alina is doing everything to separate Santiago from Raquel and it looks like Andres is happy with the info.

Godoy tries to make Damian identify Tato and Blas Garrido if they were the cause of his accident by throwing a stone on his windscreen. Damian then goes into crisis upon trying to recollect how the accident happened and he doesn’t answer if he recognizes Tato or Blas Garrido and the doctor kicks Godoy out of the ward. 

Santiago surprises Raquel with a huge sum of money in a cheque form and also gives her a necklace as a form of showing appreciation to her for always believing in him from start and encouraging him everyday ever since she met him.

THE PAST: Damian arrives home and he tells him that he looked for him the whole day but didn’t see him and Damian says he’s been busy and Fede tells him that he knows he was with Carolina and Damian goes nervous and asks Fede why he followed him and didn’t ask him and he replies that it’s because he was afraid that he is cheating on his mum Raquel which he suspects but he doesn’t want to believe it. He then walks away leaving his father.

After, Mia tells Federico that Damian is hiding something about Carolina, but Fede replies that nothing’s going on and that Raquel knew they were going to meet. 

Damian and Carolina celebrate an anniversary of sorts and talk about the possibility of moving to the United States together. 

Fede borrows Raquel’s SUV, but doesn’t tell her where he is going with it.
Nacho tells Santiago that he has to leave to be near Bebo. 

After spending time together for a while, Damian decides to escort Carolina to the station so they can depart separately. While kissing to bid goodbye, Fede sees at a rest area, and then he confronts Damian, sobbing and heartbroken asking his dad to get out of the car because now he has confirmed his suspicions and Damian looks nervous.

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