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Fall Into Temptation Episode 69 Update on Monday 29th October 2018

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THE PAST: Fede painfully confronts Damian after finding him with Carolina and he questions him to have the decency and tell him the truth and Damian confirms that he truly is having a relationship with Carolina and seriously he feels disappointed in his dad.

Same vein, Raquel was also making calls to know where Federico is but he is not with Nicholas. 
THE PRESENT: The doctor informs the Becker family that Damian is now in the condition to be able to return home to continue with his recovery. 

Antonio goes to interrogate Damian and when he begins to remember things he suffers another crisis. Due to that, the doctor asks Raquel to take Damian home immediately and to find him a good lawyer to speak on his behalf because anytime the police come closer to interrogate him, his recovery goes double step backwards. Raquel then assures the doctor of doing her possible best to take care of Damian until he gets well to face the police interrogation.

Alina tells Santiago that Benjamin is going to return to live with them and Raquel takes the boy to them, Fede makes the most of it to make up with Nico; Santiago tells Raquel that Benjamin needs a mother and she could be that wonderful mother to him but doesn’t know if they can be together in future and Raquel says that is what it will be. 

Jovita tells the people who deliver the bed for Damian that it has to go in the study but Miriam stops them and orders them to put it in the master bedroom where Raquel sleeps under the orders of Miriam and that means she will have to sleep in a different room. Raquel then becomes very angry with Miriam and kicks her out of the house after a confrontation with her. 

Nico and Santiago congratulate Lola on her engagement to Bebo and it was all fun. 
Andres visits Laura and asks her to convince her audience that Damian’s accident was due to a robbery and Laura refuses to obey his whim but in the end Andres was able to sleep with her to corner Laura into obeying him. 

THE PAST: Damian admits the truth about his relationship with Carolina in front of Fede that it did happened to him and he never knew how to control that feeling and he knows one day Fede will understand him but Fede tells his dad that all his life he’s never smiled to his mum Raquel the way he did with Carolina though he never didn’t want to cheat but he fell hopelessly in love with Carolina and in fact Federico asks him if he wants to go home to confess to his mum but Damian says he can’t. Vicente buying fuel at the station spots them arguing and he informs Carolina and he tells her that it could be that Federico saw them. 

THE PRESENT: Alina calls Santiago and asks him to go to her house to give him information about Juan, Santiago goes and she asks him if he prefers to kill Juan to protect his daughter Lola from Danger and Santiago goes angry and wonders why she could think of him to be a murderer and Alina says she was only testing him. Again, she confesses to him that she is in love with him. 

At the police station, Vicente tells Rodrigo that Andres has not told him the whole truth because he doesn’t trust him but he should ask Andres what he knows about the money Damian was going to give him the night of the accident because he is the only one who knows the truth. 

Andres tells Cynthia that they can’t continue to see each other so to end him up committing same mistake which almost ended him up losing his job and marriage but he still needs her for his investigation and Cynthia goes bored and left. 

Raquel is devastated by the situation she is going through after Damian’s cheating with Carolina and she thinks it’s because she caused everything after allowing anyone int her house and entering her bedroom freely without thinking twice and that is why Damian never saw her as a woman again and cheated on her and so the best is to call Santiago to save him from ending up with a horrible person like her and at that time, Santiago was also with Alina and she asks him where he is and she goes speechless stirring at Alina.

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