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Fall Into Temptation Episode 70 Update on Wednesday 31st October 2018

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THE PRESENT: Raquel finds out through Nico that Santiago and Alina went on a trip together and Raquel tells Cynthia that they have fooled her ones again and it’s now very hard for her to trust people again after Damian’s cheating and it looks like another betrayal to him from Santiago.

Nico tells Mia that he became interested in Alina because he saw Mia wasn’t all that into him. Mia replies Nico that he deceived her and lied to her and that everything is over between them and Nico says he never wants to be with Alina but her but Mia wants nothing to do with him and Nico looks devastated.

Santiago tells Alina that he will make Juan pay for everything he did to Lola but Alina tells Santiago that if the find Juan they will let the police to handle him. Alina insists to Santiago about her love for him and he punches to her that he loves Raquel and no one else and it hurts him to have lied to Raquel about his trip with her and he can tell Raquel will go ballistic to find out that. Alina tells him that it was Raquel’s jealousy that made her become interested on him and Alina says she envy Raquel very much because she would have loved a man to love her as Santiago does with Raquel.
Rodolfo tells Miriam that Andres is involved in the accident.

THE PAST: Fede reproches Carolina for her deceit and why she did it and she says it’s complicated because she can’t tell how it happened it just happened. Federico then reminds her of his dad married to his mum and she married to Santiago and they are great family Friends of their family and she is also like a second mother to him but she never thought of all thses and just destroyed their families. Carolina then promises Fede that she will break up with Damian but he should please not let his mum Raquel know.

Florencia Heard the conversation and questions Carolina why she did that to Santiago and Carolina says she made a mistake and that can happen to any woman and so she beged her to not tell Santiago about it and Florencia assures her of not telling Santiago because she can’t even look him in the eyes to lie to him.

Mia still insists on knowing from his dad what he talked about with Federico that they have to exempt her and Damian tells Mia that he doesn’t have to tell her what he talks to Fede about and so she should stop putting stupid ideas into her mum’s mind because they only discussed men stuffs. Damian then tries playing smart on Raquel by telling her that Mia made everything up about he meeting a woman and that he only talked about men thing Federico is going through.

Carolina calls Damian to let him know about Federico’s confrontation and how he made her feel bad and so she thinks they are done for good.

Damian wants to decide about the situation but Federico refuses to let him do so and demands from Damian not to hurt Raquel.

THE PRESENT: Santiago gets drunk to the maximum and Alina looks after him in her hotel room but never touched him. The investigator arrives to tells Alina that Juan again escaped Pueblo City and therefore they have to go back to Mexico City but before that they have to make sure to set bodyguards to watch Santiago’s house and that of Juan’s house. She asks the investigator to return the next day to tell her same information and only she knows why.

Nico still can’t understand why his dad went on that trip with Alina and Nacho explains to Nico that his dad lied and kept it a secret because Alina was the one who hired the private investigator to help look for Juan and if he kept it from them it was to protect him.

Mia tells Raquel that she wants to study medicine because it’s pretty obvious that her mum will leave her dad and he will have no one to take care of him that is how come she wants to do medicine because she will not leave her dad alone. Mia then goes to assist the doctor to take care of Damian. Raquel arrives and Damian thanks her for all that she’s done for him.

The investigator comes back the next day to tell Alina and Santiago that Juan returned to Mexico and Santiago wants them to return as soon as possible.

The policeman tells Godoy that Andres arrived in Laura’s house.
Jovita asks Leonardo not to push Raquel too much into taking care of Damian because she got separated from him right after the accident and they are never coming back to each other again. Leonardo then apologizes to Raquel for always asking her to be present when he’s doing therapy little did he know that they even broke up.

Santiago finds out that Benja went to the park with Florencia and he gets worried because of the capabilities of Juan and he run there to get him and Florencia home and seriously at that time too Juan was monitoring Florencia and Benjamin and he could have gotten the boy had Santiago not have arrived early.

Miriam arrives to check on Damian and to ask him to forgive her for the mistakes she’s committed against him but he tearfully and painfully throws her out of his house and Miriam goes very sad and attacks Raquel for having her way with Damian.

Nico reproaches Santiago for having gone on a trip with Alina and never told him nor Raquel about it and now she is very angry with him.

Santiago then goes over to speak with Santiago but Raquel tells Santiago that she doesn’t want to see him again.

Godoy arrives at Laura’s house and sees her in bed with Andres asking if he killed Carolina and the two go nervous.

Damian suffers a relapse again after recollecting how Carolina died and he tells Mia that he killed Carolina and Mia becomes surprise.

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