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Fall Into Temptation Episode 76 Update on Tuesday 2nd October 2018

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THE PRESENT: Alina asks Lola to not go near Andres and Miguel because they are very dangerous people and also if Patricia’s mum should come to her, she should direct her to her firm so she can handle her straight and Lola tells Alina that Patricia even expressed how dangerous those people are in a letter she wrote everything she knew about Miguel in a letter she left behind, and Alina promises to keep it confidential as she wants no one to hear.

All this while Nico was outside eavesdropping their conversation and asks Lola why she trusted Alina so much to tell her such a delicate issue than her own family but Alina asks him to keep quiet to keep Santiago from doing something foolish towards Andres that could end him up in jail again. After Alina calls someone to meet with her because she has some information to give him.

Antonio tells Godoy that Damian came out of the coma and that he will help them solve Carolina’s murder because he can be able to tell them how the accident and the killing occurred.
Alina betrays Lola’s confidence by telling everything about Andres and Miguel to Rueda Rodolfo, and they plot to squeeze money from Andres using that case because now Lola confirms to him that Miguel is working with drug traffickers.

Miriam is afraid that if Damian should find out about all the hurt she made his family go through, he will never forgive her much more also now that Federico and Mia hate her now, she is afraid that Federico might uncover the embezzlement, but Andres tells her that he will handle Federico because he only knows what they want him to know about but not everything about them and Miriam doesn’t understand the communication well and Andres asks her where she thinks the money he gives her always comes from or she is just want to act dumb as to how her accounts continue to flourish in cash; it’s from the company and Miriam says she never stole anything from the company so he shouldn’t involve her in his bad dealings and he reminds her that taking the money from him made her his accomplice and so he will make decisions for them from now onwards if not they will end up in prison and Miriam goes anxious.

At the hospital, Raquel is by Damian’s side and he holds Raquel’s hand and she tells him that she doesn’t know what he wants from her again because everything shows he doesn’t love her and never loved her and now she also doesn’t love him so, it’s over between them.

THE PAST: Damian gets upset when he sees Raquel and Santiago together, and they also in turn get mad when they see Damian and Carolina together at the catering company since they look very suspicious and thinks that each of their spouses is cheating on them but both Santiago and Raquel clear things with their spouses separately that, they can never and will never cheat on them.

Godoy feels cornered by Laura’s resentment about he being the cause of ending her career now that she is disabled. She will also be accused him of shooting her leg but it was an accident and also sleeping with Celia and that will cause him to lose his work and so the best thing is he considers quitting the police force.

Nico confronts his sister Lola if it’s indeed true that she has an affair with Damian as Mia is accusing her and Lola gets furious when Nico tells her that Mia swears that Damian and Lola are lovers.
Lola goes to the Beckers’ home to confront Mia as to why she has to frame things up about her and Damian when in fact there is nothing going on between them and they end up fighting. The brothers arrive to separate them and Raquel arrive to calm them down and goes shocked.

THE PRESENT: Antonio goes to the hospital to tell Raquel that the judge issued an order for Damian to testify in the Carolina case and that from that moment on he’s going to be under police custody too due to his finger prints detected on the gun. Antonio also asks Raquel to go to his office to talk about the alleged money laundering in the catering service shop and Raquel goes speechless.

Claudia goes to see Laura and asks her to help her solve her daughter Patricia’s death because she wants to open the case because Lola told her that her daughter’s lover was Miguel but he is a very powerful person and without her protection she can end up like her daughter. Laura then suggests that she goes to the police to inform them but the woman says she doesn’t trust the police again since they closed the case and that is why she needs her help.

Andres goes to see the drug Lord and there he betray Miguel to him that he is now a hindrance to them since the police is after him for shooting a police officer and he is now under investigation so the best thing is for them to get him out of the way if not he is never going to push through with their money laundering business since they will lose all their money should he maintain Miguel and lose him (Andres) but if he maintains him, the authorities need a guilty person and Miguel is the perfect candidate and the Lord accepts to give up Miguel also.

Rodolfo tells Miriam that not returning the embezzlement money to the company turned her into a criminal.

Santiago visits Damian at the hospital and asks him to look him in the eye and tell him why he did it? Why he stole his wife? He asks him if he knew that Carolina was pregnant before the accident and now his child died because of him. Benjamin has also been taken from him but he is going to fight for him until the end and will give his life for that if it becomes necessary to get him back. He tells him he loves Raquel and will protect and defend her from him always. He wishes that the wakes up now for him to open his eyes and get better so he can look him in the eyes as he wants to kill him with his own two hands. This makes Damian open his eyes and stirs at Santiago and he also looks at him back in deep rage.

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