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Fall Into Temptation Episode 77 Update on Wednesday 3rd October 2018


THE PRESENT: Damian open his eyes and stirs at Santiago after he told him that he will kill him with his hands and Santiago also looks at him back in deep rage and tells him that Benjamin is his son and now will take him away from him because she took care of his till date and he loves him and will never let anyone to take him away from him.

Because he already took away his wife from him and laughed behind his back and fooled him but Damian shouldn’t have messed with him and that is why he thinks he deserves the state he is in now to him and that he is going to make him pay for hurting him and Raquel and threatens to kill him. This makes Damian have a crisis and the doctor asks Raquel to avoid stressing him at all.

Raquel confronts Santiago as to what he told Damian for him to have that crises and Santiago says he wishes that Damian wakes up so he can face him straight up. He asks Raquel what they are going to do now that Damian is awake but Raquel tells him that she still can’t forgive Damian but she has to be by him since her children needs her support and Santiago says he never wants to lose him but Raquel thinks that moment is not the time to talk about their relationship because she needs to be present during Damian’s rehabilitation period, for her children’s sake.

After the newscast mentions Lola and her relationship with Patricia and how she’s disclosed Miguel was Patricia’s lover, she becomes so depressed since now she is afraid to testify but Alina tells Nico that he has to convince her to testify and to tell Santiago what is going on also.

Andres asks Rodolfo to make sure that all the company’s legal troubles are blamed on Miguel and that the press already mentioned his ties with drug traffickers, but they must make sure Andres comes out unharmed and Rodolfo recommends Alina’s services to Andres but warns him that her services are very expensive.

Lola finally reveals to her dad about her friendship with Patricia and how she got her involve with older men to pay for school trip.
THE PAST: Raquel is shocked when Lola tells her that Mia says that she is Damian’s lover, but Mia sticks to her claims and right there arrives Damian and looking so furious about what his daughter said, he scolds Mia for spreading lies about him and Lola, and tells her he is very disappointed in her.
Same vein, Santiago and Carolina are told by Florencia that, she overheard Nico and Lola arguing that Mia is accusing Lola of sleeping with Damian and Santiago growing so suspicious goes to the Becker’s home to find out if Mia’s claims are true.

Santiago arrives in the Beckers house and asks Lola if Mia’s claims are true or not and Lola becomes disappointed in her father for believing in Mia’s word than hers.

For her part, Carolina questions Azucena about Mia’s claims if it’s true that Lola and Damian are Lovers and Azucena answers that Mia made everything up. Miriam tells Azucena that she can tell that she knows about the affair between Damian and Carolina and that is why she was talking with her but Azucena says the call was only about Lola because she is only requesting for a certificate of employment but she tells her she isn’t stupid she believes she knows everything about Damian but all she can tell her is that, she won’t have Damian’s protection forever.

Raquel also somehow doubts there can’t actually be anything going on between Damian and Lola and Damian gets mad when Raquel questions him about his interactions with Lola and he replies that he is not the kind of man who pursues minors.

Carolina also calls Damian to questions him about same issue and he asks her is she also believes something is going on between him and her daughter and Carolina states that, she can’t defend him since he is cheating on Raquel with her, that makes him capable of anything. So, she takes the opportunity to ask him to end his relationship with her (Carolina) before they get caught.

Godoy asks Laura if she wishes to accuse him so he can go to jail
Alina tells Andres that they can pin Miguel down by accusing him of money laundering and also for being the murderer of Patricia and with this two, he Andres can testify against Miguel and look like the victim since his investment is with Miguel now and when that is done, Andres will be free.

Miguel realizes that he has been betrayed because upon arriving at the drug lord’s house, he tells him that he never wants to have anything to do with him again now that the police is after him for his reckless act about his dealings.
Santiago meets with Raquel and he tells her that, he is sorry but he can’t stand to see her by Damian’s side and Raquel says she can’t also leave him because Damian is the father of her kids. Santiago then wants to know his stand with her now and Raquel says he can’t forbid her from going close to Damian and he says that he can’t do but he truly loves her very much and so now she has to choose between Damian and him and this decision hits Raquel to the mast.

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