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Fall Into Temptation Episode 83 Update on Monday 15th October 2018

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THE PRESENT: While Mia takes care of Damian at the hospital, Damian asks about Carolina and what happened and this shocks Mia as she asks her dad if he wants to see Carolina and quickly, he gets a serious relapse and the doctors attend to him.

Santiago wants to how come Miriam changed her mind to give her Benjamin and Raquel tells Santiago that Miriam will surrender her claim for the custody of Benjamin however he must stay at their house and Santiago can see him at any time and at least this come as a consolation to him though that isn’t what he wants.

Lola gets miscarriage and at the hospital she is told by the doctor that she lost the baby and she blames herself for not being careful and Santiago goes to see her.

A man arrives at Santiago’s sight with the same guys who went to see Santiago at her house and tells Nacho and Augustin that, he is there to collect a little favor Santiago still owes him.

Raquel arrives at the hospital and Mía tells Raquel that Damián mentioned Carolina’s name.

Juan asks his mother to allow him go to the hospital to check on Lola since she is expecting his child who is also her grandson and his mum didn’t want him to go because of police restrictions, and she accepts rather to go check on Lola to bring him the feedback.

Godoy calls Cynthia over to meets him and upon her arrival, he asks her how Damian is doing and if he is capable of talking now and seriously this makes her go upset because he only asks her about Damián and not talking about the kiss they shared and the way forward for them.

Antonio calls Lisa over to the station and there he shows her a picture of the man who used Damian’s credit card and asks her if she knows him but she says no and asks her if Vicente could know about that man and she says she can’t tell. He asks her if Vicente knew about Carolina and Damian’s relationship and she answers yes. He sometimes has lots of money which she even most at times goes shocked but when she questions him, he normally laughs at her and make funny comments to her. Now he hallucinates and talks to Carolina and she thinks she needs help as he is going crazy and he only knows what he did.

THE PAST: Carolina and Damian rekindle their love and she promises Damian to do everything so they be together and will end all hindrances coming between them and asks him to trust her because she doesn’t want to feel guilty anymore but she never told Damian that she received a calls call from Vicente demanding for money.

Santiago would have loved that he and Damian signs a contract for their partnership but Damian thinks he trusts him because for some time now Santiago has proven to him that he is a trustworthy man and so there is no need and so their partnership remained oral.

Cynthia tells Godoy that Vicente is deranged and hides information on Damián and Carolina’s relationship. He asks her if she thinks Vicente killed Carolina.
Carolina goes to Vicente’s house with a gun in her purse and there she tells him that she and Damian broke up for almost a year and so she is tired of his blackmail but Vicente doesn’t care and accuses her and their father of ruining his life and he demands that Carolina confesses her infidelity with Damián to her family by calling Santiago but she says she can’t and with Vicente’s insistence, she pulls out and a gun and points it at him. Same vein, Damian has also arrived at the place in his car and in act of despair Carolina shoots and Vicente screams and she goes nervous.

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