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Fall Into Temptation Episode 84 Update on Tuesday 16th October 2018

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Carolina shoots the gun accidentally and Damian arrives right after, Vicente snatches the gun from her and demands Damian to give him all his money available and his credit card and he warns him that if he dares to delay his silent money he will tell everything to Raquel and Santiago. He then kicks them out of his house.

THE PRESENT: Laura tries to get information from Lisa about Vicente’s arrest and how he’s been taken to a psychiatric hospital, but she won’t give her any info about it.

Fede tells Iker that he is through with him because he’s gotten a woman for himself but Iker replies him not to keep on living in a lie because everything shows he’s a gay since he already started something with him and so he should stop hiding from people who he really is as he’s accepted because he knows trying to be with a girl will never succeed but he will be there waiting for his return to him.

Lola feels that she is to blame for her miscarriage and Santiago tells her that it is not uncommon among would-be first-time mothers so she shouldn’t feel bad. She asks her father to call Raquel over because she really wants to see her and Santiago accepts and called Raquel to tell her about everything and how Lola wants to see her and Raquel says she loves Lola as her own daughter so she will surely go over to see her.

The doctor tells Raquel that Damian has post-traumatic stress syndrome and that it will take him a long time to get well, but that it’s a very good sign that he is remembering some names of his family members. He asks her to avoid causing him any stress.

Blas Gariddo and Tato after listening Laura’s news broadcast on Vicente’s arrest but at the rehab center to overcome his alcoholism but will be interrogated after by the police if he had idea about the death of Carolina, Blas Garrido tells Tato that they’re going to be in trouble if Vicente talks to the police about the whole truth because though he doesn’t know about the whole truth but talking will only make him give them away to the police.

Same vein, Andres orders Rodolfo to take up Vicente’s defense and be his lawyer to make sure he doesn’t shoot his mouth off about the truth to the police and he will pay for his service and Rueda accepts.

Nacho arrives at the hospital to tell Santiago that Zaldivar is looking for him for some remaining payment and Nacho asks him what kind of dealings he has with that man have and why and he answers it’s nothing because it’s a personal issue.

Luisa tells Juan that Lola had a miscarriage and he becomes so upset that he accuses Lola of killing their child.

Bebo still wants Lola to let them give themselves a chance but she thinks she is not a good woman for him but Bebo says she is because ever since he set eyes on her, he’s loved her to date.

Antonio tells Godoy that Laura said on her newscast that Vicente is the key to solving Carolina’s murder and that could prompt someone to try to kill him; Godoy replies that they can use that situation in their favor.
Raquel at the hospital right after Alina was already there talking to Santiago and she goes jealous upon seeing Alina with Santiago.

Lola tells Raquel how she feels and Raquel tells her that she once had a miscarriage after her twins were born, and that she’s only a victim of circumstance and therefore she’s not to blame for the miscarriage; Lola tells Raquel that she is the closest thing she has to a mother after she died but the truth is she misses her (Carolina) very much and Raquel assures her she understands her and that all she can say is everything will be alright. She recommends to Lola to accept Bebo because she sees him as a good person who has accepted her the ways she is always and Lola also discloses to Raquel how her dad loves her and so they should do everything to be happy together since she knows that will make her dad happy.

Damian mentions Carolina’s name and Miriam asks Damian if he remembers what actually happened to her but he goes silent again after Miriam tells him about he and that Carolina cheating on Raquel and destroying his family. Damian then encounter a relapse again and the doctor attends to him.

Sammy suggest to Mia to make them poison Alina because trying to accuse her for ruining minors’ life will only fail.

THE PAST: Raquel asks Andres if he had something with Carolina and Andres tells Raquel that he slept with Carolina through her seduction and so she and his husband should stop trusting Carolina to be a trustworthy person.

Raquel tells Damian that she had a conversation with Andres and it turns out that Carolina cheated on Santiago and Damian becomes surprise.

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