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Fall Into Temptation Episode 85 Update on Wednesday 17th October 2018

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THE PAST: Raquel tells Damian that she had a conversation with Andres and it turns out that Carolina cheated on Santiago and Damian becomes surprise. Then, Damian intentionally gets very upset as to why she will even believe Andres over that farce and Raquel says that it would be terrible for Santiago if she did cheat on him. 

Raquel meets with Carolina and she asks Carolina if it’s true that she chased Andres until they ended up in bed. 

THE PRESENT: Rodolfo tells Andres that it’s not a good idea for him to take up Vicente’s defense because that is going to raise suspicions but Andres still insists he does because if he doesn’t and Vicente opens his mouth and sends him down, he will go down with him. 

Fede tells Andres that he is going to get involved in the company’s management after learning that they’re getting audited again but Andres thinks he is too young to get involve but Fede is not ready to stay back for Andres to do that alone because he is willing to even implement some ideas to help build the company. 

Raquel tells Santiago that she doesn’t like Alina and the way she behaves around him and Santiago asks her to trust him but she tells him that she trusted Damian but he disappointed her and that is why she’s been careful but Santiago says he only have eyes for her and no other woman and with Alina it’s just a gesture of gratitude for that she’s done for his family. 

Godoy tells Antonio that they can use Vicente as bait because lots of people are nervous about the possibility of him talking to the police; Godoy adds that Andres is just as dirty as Vicente. 

Rodolfo tells Vicente that Andres has asked him to tell her to not open his mouth and involve Andres in his statement and he should make sure to tell the police what he (Rodolfo) will tell him and with that he will be free very soon but if he fails then he (Vicente) is doomed.

Sammy manipulates Mia and he convinces her to poison Alina, but upon arriving at Alina’s office, Alina confesses to her that she is really interested in Santiago and so Mia intentionally goes angry and spills the cup of poisoned coffee on the desk and tells Alina if she thinks she can just be using men and be dumping them like she did to Sammy and Nico and Alina asks her what she has to do with Sammy and she is says he is her friend but Alina advices her to stay away from Sammy because he is a danger to her. 

Nico tells Bebo that Alina is like a poison and that he knows how she acts when she wants to catch a man, and he is afraid that Santiago might fall for her whim too because she looks at her dad in a dominative way but he doesn’t want to be with him. Bebo then assures him that he will surely get over his feelings for Alina. 

Nacho wants to know Santiago’s dealings with Zaldivar and Santiago tells Nacho that Zaldivar is only but a public servant who he and Damian bribed to get some zoning permits they needed. 
At the hospital whiles Raquel stood by his side, Damian calls out Carolina’s name and this affect Raquel very much. 

Jovita calls Santiago to let him know that Benjamin is continuously crying and there is nothing they are doing that could calm him down and Santiago decides to go over to calm him down. Mia confronts Jovita to stop calling Santiago anytime Benja cries because her mum is getting back with her father after he recovers.

Santiago arrives at the Becker’s house and Mia kicks Santiago out of her home and tells him that he isn’t Benjamin’s father or Raquel’s husband to be in their house to be with Benjamin. 

Antonio questions Vicente and he gets upset when he learns that Damian came out of his coma and that he could confirm he was blackmailing him but on the other hand he claims he didn’t kill Carolina. 

Andres visits Damian to tell him he is now cleaning all of the mess he left behind and Damian holds his hands and there Andres realizes that Damian is listening to everything he says and thinks that he always hears everything they tell him but he only plays dumb on that sick bed. 

Sammy goes to tell Nico that he poisoned Alina through the help of Mia and by now she will be dead. Nico then run to meet Alina and he tells her that that Mia and Sammy tried to poison her and now she understands why Mia spilled away the coffee on her table. 

Sammy thinking Alina is dead, he takes an obituary flower to Alina’s house to wish her farewell but After Alina read it saw it and called out his name, Sammy upon hearing her voice goes crazy and he pins Mia to the wall after she told him that she wasn’t able to kill Alina because she thought twice about the whole thing but Sammy thinks Mia has betrayed him.

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