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Fall Into Temptation Episode 86 Update on Thursday 18th October 2018

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THE PAST: Damian has a scuffle with Andres because he told Raquel that Carolina had slept with him; Andres defends himself by telling Damian that he had to lie to cover up for his cheating with Carolina so Raquel never finds out so he should stop been angry with him. He then warns Damian to stay away from Carolina because she is a dangerous woman. 

Same vein, Carolina was also clearing things to Raquel about same issue and she tells Raquel that Andres is a liar to make her believe that he did sleep with her when in fact he Andres even tried to assault Lola. Carolina then asks Raquel to stop meddling in her life and in her relationship with Santiago.

Damian still isn’t sure that nothing happened between Carolina and Andres and Carolina becomes so disappointed in Damian for thinking so low of her just because she gave herself to him, he thinks she is so easy of a woman to be doing that with any man that comes her way and she tells him that he can’t treat her that way because they’re both unfaithful. 

THE PRESENT: Vicente warns Rodolfo to tell Andres that he will talk if they don’t do anything to keep him from going to jail. 

Nicolas and Raquel go into Mia’s bedroom just as Sammy is trying to strangle her. 
Tato attempts to kill Vicente the Psychiatry to keep him shut from spilling their names out to the authorities, but Agent Sanchez arrests him. 

Alina tells Santiago that she wants to be partners with him in the construction business, and he assures her that he will think about it. Alina is willing to help Santiago to help him get Benjamin back and Santiago asks her not to use Raquel’s history of psychological problems in his fight for custody of Benjamin but Alina thinks if he wants his son back then he has to use every available tool before them. 

Sammy tries to strangle Mia but luckily, Nico arrives to save her by hitting Sammy until he goes bloody and stepping out of the Becker’s’ house, he purposely steps in front of a moving car and the can runs over him and he dies and the police arrive to take him away. Jovita run to tell Raquel about the sad accident.

Rueda makes Andres aware about how the authorities are now negotiating with Vicente for his protection should he reveal the secret to them and now Andres becomes worried upon knowing that. 
Damian can’t feel his legs and he goes sad and crazy and Miriam asks him to have faith because he will surely recover little by little. 

Rueda is called and told about his son’s death but Andres careless about that and still wants him to continue with his legal problems because the fact that his son is dead doesn’t mean the world has come to an end.

Nico calls Santiago to tell Santiago about the accident of Sammy and Alina is taken aback when she hears about Sammy’s death, and she tells Santiago that Mia did try to kill her following Sammy’s orders and Santiago tells her that what she is saying is crazy, but she tells him that they can even use that as influence to gain custody of Benjamin so they can tell them that the Becker’s family are indeed a bomb thus they are all crazy. 

Mia blames Nicolas for what happened to Sammy, she tells him that if he hadn’t been unfaithful, none of that would have happened. 

THE PAST: Andres tells Damian that the company is laundering money and that is why the company isn’t broke till now since they have investors from all corners so he shouldn’t mess with him if not the whole thing will go down the drain. 

Carolina tells Azucena that she is resolved to telling Santiago the whole truth about her affair with Damian but Azucena still wants him to talk to Damian first but she refuses to do so. Azucena then run to tells Damian about Carolina’s readiness to spill the truth because she is tired of the lies and Damian goes nervous stating that Carolina can’t tell Santiago. All this while, Federico was eavesdropping everything. 

Carolina arrives at the construction site and same vein, Santiago has a terrible accident at work by falling from the story building.

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