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Fall Into Temptation Episode 87 Update on Monday 22nd October 2018

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Carolina arrives at the construction site and same vein, Santiago has a terrible accident at work by falling from the story building and breaks his leg and he is taken the hospital but there, they found out his health insurance is due and Carolina goes with Lola to renew it but they are told that, Santiago’s payment has delayed for 2months and so the claims adjuster tells Carolina that their insurance policy has been cancelled due to that so they have to pay his hospital expenses with cash. 

Fede questions his dad what he will do if a beautiful woman turns out and he falls in love with but he is still a married man or in a deep relationship and Damian wonders why Fede is making up insinuations about infidelities and he is called by Azucena about Santiago’s accident and he decides to go there and wants to call Raquel to go with her and Fede says he should call her unless of course he is hiding something. 

THE PRESENT: Blas Gariddo bounds on Lisa and threatens her to visit his husband Vicente at the psychiatry and warn him to keep quiet and not reveal anything to the police, otherwise he will kill his son and Lisa agrees to but the unfortunate thing is they took her daughter hostage. 

Alina and Raquel argue on Mia’s attempt to kill her but Raquel doesn’t believe her whims and Alina says that she has the evidence and warns her (Raquel) to cooperate with her or she’ll send Mia to prison and also, she tells him that Santiago wants to regain custody of Benjamin because she even doesn’t think the Becker’s house isn’t a good place for Benjamin and Raquel says she also wants the same thing for Benjamin. 

Fede is mad at Nicolas because he won’t admit that he hurt Mia and tells him that he doesn’t want to see him anymore because he played with her by continuously sleeping with Alina. But the truth is he only did that because Mia asked him to, but on the other hand, he doesn’t agree with Mia’s goal of separating Raquel and Santiago. 

Raquel tells Santiago to get Alina out of their lives or he’s going to lose her to her (Alina) because that’s what Alina wants to be with him but Raquel says she won’t let Alina blackmail her with Mia’s issues and that he Santiago is only being naive for not seeing what Alina already did to Sammy and Nicolas which she can lure him also into falling for her. 

THE PAST: Carolina tries doing everything possible to pay for Santiago’s hospital bills but seriously earns cannot meet so, Raquel and Damian help Carolina pay for Santiago’s operation and this leads to the ladies’ reconciliation. 

THE PRESENT: Godoy tells Tato that he is going to accuse him of killing Carolina if he doesn’t say where Blas Garrido is hiding. 

Antonio asks Vicente why Blas Garrido wants to kill him or don’t want him to talk and he wants to think that Vicente and those guys have a hand in the accident of Damian and Carolina’s so they are afraid he will tell the truth but Vicente says Antonio should stop messing up with his mind because he knows nothing. 

Bebo proposes marriage to Lola and she accepts but she asks him to wait so they overcome all of the misfortunes befalling them. 
Furiously, Rueda tries to strangle Alina to death because he blames her for Sammy’s death. 

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