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Fall Into Temptation Episode 88 Update on Tuesday 23rd October 2018

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THE PRESENT: Furiously, Rueda tries to strangle Alina to death because he blames her for Sammy’s death but he gives up in the middle of the strangling and Alina tells him to stop blaming her for his son’s death because he hasn’t been of himself a long time after his wife’s death but he Rueda just decided to not notice.

Damian is showing more improvement as he’s been able to mention his first and last name. His children’s name but as to if he has another child, he tells the doctor he doesn’t know. The doctor now asks a nurse to let Damian’s family know about his improvement so the family is called over to see him and the doctor asks them all to give their support to help his recovery since he recognizes them.

Juan calls Lola, but all she hears is his heavy breathing and Lola really detected that it is only Juan who could do that and warns him to not do anything stupid.

Raquel tells Mia that she has to go back for therapy because what she did thus by trying to kill Alina is very serious and she won’t give her a pass but Mia tells Raquel that she needs to break up with Santiago if she wants her to get well.

Lisa is able to tell Vicente about what Bras Garrido sent her to tells him and he assures Lisa to tell Bras Garrido that he will never say a thing until his lawyer says so, therefore they should relax.

THE PAST: Carolina decides to go back to being Raquel’s partner at the catering service shop and Santiago looks happy and she goes there already and she is warmly welcomed back at the shop and since now they will be needing her services, Florencia goes back to work for the Alvarado’s so to take care of Benjamin.

10months before the accident, Fede sees Carolina and Damian together and he tries and even calls his dad but it went to voice mail and Damian and Carolina drove on.
THE PRESENT: Laura asks Hugo to act against Cynthia and he warns her that it’s going to cost her, but that he’ll try to help her.

Raquel fears that Damian will take up all of her time and energy to take care of him and that Santiago will leave her as a result because no man can stand that at all but Cynthia assures her Santiago loves her very much and that he will never give up on her just like that.

Antonio asks Santiago to try to meet Lisa at the clinic while she visits Vicente, and once there, Lisa whispers into Santiago ears that Blas Garrido kidnapped her son and Quickly, Santiago tells Antonio what’s going on and they decide to go rescue the boy.

Godoy corners Tato and tells him that he was with Blas Garrido at the accident site and so he can’t lie to him. So, Tato thinking so has no choice but to say that he didn’t know where they were going.
Luisa tells Lola that Juan violated his bail and that he left home because he thinks she had an abortion to kill his daughter and Lola explains that she miscarried.

Antonio and his men arrive at Lisa’s house and rescue her son, but Blas Garrido ones again gets away.

Godoy tricks Tato into thinking that Blas died during the police raid to get Lisa’s son, so he confesses that on the day of the accident, Blas told him they were going to steal the money Damian was carrying.

Then, Blas threw a rock at the SUV mirror which caused Damian to lose control and roll off the highway leading to the accident.

Antonio and Godoy think that Vicente knows a lot more than he has told them and so they will force him until he confesses all which he will have no choice.

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