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Gangaa Episode 357--358 Update on Tuesday 16th October 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Sagar’s father is getting tensed, as he rememebers his day at the court. he gets a call, and cancels it, pacing around nervously. sagar comes and assures him, along with rudra. he apologises to his father, that he has to bear this all due to him. his father says that due to his wives, he has to face much public humiliation, as people have started voicing their opinions to him openly now. but rudra intervenes, saying that some people may be acusing him, but there are sill some people, who are proud of what he is and what he stands for. he asks him to ignore whats happening, and asks him to justifiably react, even if the situation isnt in control. he says that he too is a part of this family, and hence is apalled for him, and wants to find a solution
together. he gives his father a glass of water, while sagar watcehs tensedly. he then walks out, while they both are tensed.
In ammaji’s room, they discuss, along with madhvi, that sagar should remarry soon, or else he remains distracted. sagar passing by, hears this, and lashes at them, saying that he wont agree ever to marriage. he gets berserk while they are apalled, and try and calm him down. rudra arrives there too. they try to convince him, but he says that he has already decided that he wishes to stay alone now. they are tensed. he reminds the story of his life, how he has been hopeless in their marriage, and maybe this is what he deserves, and maybe he is wrong, and ganga right. they both shut him down, while he says that they are all blaming ganga, but maybe he is wrong, as had he not been there, this wouldnt have happened. he reiterates what rudra explained to his father, and says that he knows what he needs to do, to alleviate the pain, that he has caused them. he rushes out, while they are all boggled, as to what he means. rudra goes after him, and finds him packing his stuff. he stops and asks him whats he doing. sagar says that he shall go far away, to relieve them. rudra asks if thats whats going to happen. he says that if he thinks, leaving is the rightway, then so be it, as when he leaves, according to him, his family shall forget him, and move on. he tries to explain to sagar, that be it any amount of anger, they wouldnt be able to forget him, and vice versa. sagar gets emotional. rudra tries to explain, asking him to be happy, for their sake, and that he doesnt even understand the incredible luck that he has, to have gotten this kind of a family. he talks about how they lost their family, and hence he understands the importance of family, and asks him to stand by his family. he hugs sagar, who remembers that even ganga taught him this. ammaji and madhvi are releived to see this.
Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified Location
Ganga comes with the lady to her house, when a girl from inside the house, rushes to the drawing room, seeing the lady, thinking that she came so soon. ganga gets down hesitantly and then gets inside the house, hollering for kashish, while she steps in after her. they find the doors ajar, and the lights completely off. the lady searches around for candles, but then gets a surprise, as the lights go on instantly, and she is shocked to see a surprise birthday party planned for her in the room. ganga is tken aback, as 3 ladies come and hug her. they animatedly banter, and then cut the cake. ganga watches all this tensedly. the lady then introduces them to the three ladies, Dolly, prema and kashish, who greet her. she nervously complies. ganga narrates everything to them, who are apalled, as to what her people did to her, and when they ask the name, ganga asks why malign anyone by taking their name. she then thanks the lady for all that she did to her, and says that she doesnt know how to thank her, as she is overwhelmed to have met her and her daughters. they are emotional. ganga then gets up and says that she shall forever remember them, and asks for permission to leave now. they are all tensed. the lady stops her, as she turns to go. ganga turns around. she says that she is free to go if she wishes, but before that, she wishes to tell something, and that these girls arent her daughters. she explains the situations of dolly, who is a tortured bahu, whom she helped when she had nothing to resort too, and even attempted suicide, and was then thrown out, and she fought for the custody of her child, and is now leading a sustained life, and then talks about kashish, who was thrown on the streets, since her parents wwanted a boy, and she adopted her and gave her love. ganga is apalled as she hears their stories, and tears stream down their cheeks. she then narrates prema’s story, who was kidnapped, and sold off at a brothel, but was somehow salvaged, and she adopted her too. she says that these people made her house a home, just like she met them incidentally, and tells that they are lucky, to live together like this, having chosen their own family. ganga is overwhelmed with emotions. she assures ganga that they are with her, and asks her to grab thie second chance, and that she isnt doing any favour on her, and its just that her talks shows her genuinety, and knows she is self respecting, and if she still feels so, then she can find her own way to repay back. ganga is led to thinking. she along with others, welcome her in the family to stay together. they extend their hands, while ganga stands tensed. The screen freezes on her face.
Precap: Ganga is at the mazaar, when sagar arrives with ammaji, both oblivious of the other’s presence. as he walks past, ganga instinctively feels his presence, and turns around, while he is lost amidst the crowd. she looks around tensedly.

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s residence
As the lady comes and pulls the shutters away, the morning light streams in, and ganga is still dreaming about staying with ammaji. she is jolted to reality as she finds her new house, when she opens her eyes. the lady asks if she had a nice sleep. ganga silently complies. the lady then presents her the idea of going to hanuman temple, to cheer her up. then she tells ganga that her new story starts afresh from today, and she needs to take the blessings of the lord.
Scene 2:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Ammaji comes and finding everyone tensed, she tries to lighten up the environment, saying that she doesnt understand how she forgot something, of such magnitude. MAdhvi is boggled, and asks whats the matter. ammaji points to sagar,
and then says that she had to go to hanuma’s temple, but completely forgot, and wonders how to go. supriya comes and tries to suggest pulkit’s name, but ammaji shuts her up. supriya understands her signal, and says that pulkit is busy in meeting. they deliberately deliberate over who shall take them. she turns to rudra and asks if he shall, but signals him to say no. rudra too presents an excuse. sagar remains tensed and silent. ammaji remains grumbling, as to how noone is willing to take her to the temple. madhvi says that she shall tell sagar’s father. ammaji asks her not to, as he is busy in work. then finally sagar speaks up, saying that she wont go with him, as he knows why this drama is going on, so that he agrees and cheers up too. she says that she wishes to go to hanuman temple, and sagar complies. all are amused. he says that he wont let his past overwhelm the present. she gets emotional and blesses him, while he asks her to come along soon. as they leave, the ladies are relieved.
Scene 3:
Location: Mazaar
Ammaji arrives with sagar at the pee baba’s mazaar, talking about its importance. Ganga is at the mazaar, when sagar arrives with ammaji, both oblivious of the other’s presence. as he walks past, ganga instinctively feels his presence, and turns around, while he is lost amidst the crowd. she looks around tensedly. the lady asks ganga whats the matter, and then asks her to demand whatever she wishes for, as the baba would fulfill it for her. they start walking towards the mazaar. both sagar and ganga are unaware of their proximity. at the mazaar, sagar takes ammaji inside. she goes over to the Peer Baba, and together they place the chadar at the mazaar, and seek the blessings. he thinks that he has to forget everything, especially ganga, and wishes to be emboldened, so that he can stop even her memories from coming close to him. she nudges him to close his eyes. they both comply, and pray, with their eyes closed. The lady arrives just then, with ganga, inside the mazaar, and they present their chaddar too at the holy mazaar. ganga too wishes for the strength to be able to start afresh moving ahead of the past, and erase sagar from her life. as they sit opposite to each other, separated by a wall, they each pray to be able to forget the other. ammaji prays for strength for sagar, to get him out of troubles. then sagar is asked to tie the holy thread by the sacred wall, which fulfills all wishes. ganga too complies, as she is given the thread too. as they tie it, from the opposite ends of the wall, their fingers meet, and they both are tensed to feel each other’s touch. they look around and then tensedly leave. ganga is asked y the lady to go out, while she just comes. she finds ganga’s thread not properly tied, and ties it with sagar’s thread to be able to tie it properly, not realising the irony of what she just did.
Outside ganga is outside watering the plants, sagar comes to her, and confronts her, as he steps out of the car, while she is shocked to see him. they both eye each other awkwardly. he asks how could she leave him alone and come here, without even thinking for once, how he shall live without her, and says that he cant. he takes her hand, and says that she might say that she hates him, but he knows, that she cant do this, and instead she loves him as much as he loves her. he says that he has hurt her, but he has lived in guilt, and is dying every single second, and begs for an apology and forgiveness, as he has returnd back now. she takes her hand away and retreats away, saying that its too late now. Hurriedly, Sagar says that everything will be okay, and he realises his mistake, and things shall come back to normal and asks her to say it just once, that she doesnt love him, then he shall turn away and never come back to her. she is apalled, as he nudges her to speak up. he begs her not to look like this, as he wouldnt be able to bear it. she blurts that she doesnt love him. he asks her to speak up loudly, as he couldnt hear. she speaks, while he says that she cant even lie, as her eyes and mouth speak otherwise, and he knows that she loves him immensely, and requests her to give them another chance, as he has faith on her as he remembers everything back, and that this child is theirs, and is highly guilty of the awkward situation that he put her in, and says that he remembered everything back, and promises that he shall never leave her hand ever again. he extends his hand out for her to accept. she stands stoically, and then takes his hand, as he smiles lovingly at her. he starts to take her with him, as she walks in a daze, while they cross his car, and she is boggled as to where is he taking her. he makes her stands in the middle of the road, and then leaves her hand. As she eyes him, sagar starts to retreat, and finally rests against the bonnet of his car. she is boggled, as he amusedly smirks. she asks what. signalling her, he asks her to look aside, and when she turns in that direction, she finds an oncoming vehicle directed at her. she is aghast and before she can react, the vehicle almost hits her, and she screams out Sagar’s name. She wakes up from her horrific nightmare, as she realises that she had been sleeping. then she finds kashish sleeping beside, and asks her to wake up, as she shall be late for school.
At the dining table, ganga gets kashish ready for school, and all are surprised as to how she is on time today for school. ganga asks what can she do. the lady says that she has already done the unachievable, by getting kashish so animated with her. The screen freezes on ganga’s happy face.
Precap: Sagar hides behind the shutters, when he finds ganga sitting in the gynaecologist’s chambers. the doctor asks ganga questions about her pregnancy, as to how long has it been, when did she get to know, whats her name. ganga answers all the quetions diligently, but she gets surprised and taken aback, when the doctor asks her the name of the father. sagar too waits tensedly for her answer, in anticipation, while ganga sits surprised.

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