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Gangaa Episode 369--370 Update on Tuesday 23rd October 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s College
Ganga narrates that giving birth isnt a crime, but the best experience for a woman, who lord has himself selected for this, then how can the society brand it as one. the principal tries to explain that they have to follow societal norms. ganga argues, and says that the way humanity is dying, its pitiful, and that they cant be restricted to norms and orthodox cultures, which do nothing but suffocate people. she says that she wishes to ask whats marriage, the rituals performed by a religious sanctity. sagar and his father are rendered speechless, and asks if its not a relation of two souls and hearts, and if sacrifice and commitment, the basis of this world, and if it is, then she did marry the person, who is the father of the child, and if the societal norms
are to be believed, then she isnt married. his father says that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and they are here to respect the basic societal norms. she says that norms should change with time, and it has come. she talks about how much the women have improved, and arent confined to the four walls anymore, and its good new rules are being formed, asince change is the only constant in life. she says that when rituals changed, then why not laws and norms, as nothing is constant. she asks how can they take the help of changing parameters to assess someone. she says that she said what she wanted to, and leaves her career in their hands, and waits for their decision, while they eye her tensedly and towards each other too. ganga then leaves the meeting hall. Ganga walks in the corridor extremely tensed and distraught, as she remembers sagar’s father’s statements inside, and how different it is from his actual opinion. ganga finds everyone waiting anxiously for her. raahat sees her and asks what happened. ganga says that she has always done what she thought was right, without bothering for the people. she says that its her test as well as those, who believed in her, her opnions and her dreams. they ask about the college’s decision. ganga says that they shall know after sometime. The media continuously covers it live on camera, regarding ganga’s career, and how she has become the milestone for the youth generation.
Inside, the board deliberates over ganga’s career, while sagar’s father is taken back to memories of ganga since her childhood, and how she always stood by her stand, and never buckled under pressure. sagar expresses his desire to say something, before the voting begins. he is allowed. then he says that ganga has appealed to the board for her completion of studies, and her opnion, moral and ethics, might not match with theirs, but one thing is sure, that ganga’s demands arent wrong, illegitimate or unjustified, and she cant be terminated on ground of mere pregnancy. all are surprised. one of them asks if this can affect the other children wrongly, and set a wrong example. sagar says that they would set a bad example, by ruining ganga’s career, and that they need unabashed truthful speakers like ganga to bring the change, and for this, he doesnt have a problem with ganga continuing her studies. his father is shocked. sagar asks for the voting to proceed, as he has finished the discourse. The principal reminds the fake MMS case, and how they supported her, but this time, they feel cheated and betrayed. sagar says that he knows what betrayal feels, but still he stands for justice, and that ganga might have disappointed many by her behaviour, but despite that, he wouldnt want her to be stripped of the basic rights to education, and asks them to give in their opinion too. they write and proceed, while sagar’s father is tensed too.
Scene 2:
Location: Sagar’s Residence
Madhvi calls pulkit and tells about supriya’s condition, about her cough. he expresses that the doctor isnt in town. she tells him about blood in her cough. he is scared and decides to go to someone else. he arranges and asks her to rush her to the nearest hospital. madhvi then tells supriya the same, and asks her not to be worried, as they shall get the proper treatment done. supriya complies. she gets rudra’s call, who says that he shall get his family doctor for supriya. She understands that pulkit told him, and tells him about supriya’s condition. she is extremely tensed. she asks rudra to send for the doctor who shall come home to check up on supriya. she decides to go and tell pulkit too, that he neednt go to the hospital, and shall come straight home. she then complies and calls pulkit regarding the same. she tells maharaj to get warm water for supriya. Madhvi anxiously waits for rudra, and gets tensed when even his phone doesnt get through. Pulkit rushes in, and is distressed and distraught, while madhvi tries to calm him down, asking him to do so, for his wife’s sake, as she is already scared and would break down, if she sees him like this. she asks him to compose hismelf, and explain to her, that nothing shall happen to him, or his child. he complies and then leaves. she then gets through rudra’s call, and asks him to hurry up. he complies.
Pulkit rushes to the room, and tries to calm down supriya, who is very scared thinking that it isnt a complication. while she is thoroughly distraught, he asks her not to be scared at all, and everything shall be okay. she severely coughs and shows him the blood. he asks her to keep herself calm and composed, assuring that he shall not let anything happen to her and the child, and if anything at all, they shall face it together boldly.
Later, they all wait in anticipation as the doctor checks supriya. the doctor says that chest x-rays show that everything is fine, and a more detailed observation is required. they ask about the child. she says that she shall question only after the full report. prabha stands tensedly. The doctor asks for blood samples, so that they can check for abnormalities. madhvi asks if its essential. the doctor complies. pulkit rushes to get blood ampoules. ammaji asks what can be given to her. the doctor tells some things. prabha leaves to get milk when ammaji asks her to. she rushes to the kitchen, thinking that she cant allow the blood test to happen, as the poison’s truth shall come out, and it shall ruin everything. she says that come what may, she cant let supriya’s child come in the world, and reminds herself of the promise, to ruin this family. she wonders what to do. she is frustrated as she leaves resignedly from the kitchen, with milk for supriya. Meanwhile, pulkit enters the house with the blood collection kits. prabha gets tensed to see this.
Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s college
Outside, Ganga’s friends support her, but ask her to be prepared for the worst too, just in case, if the college doesnt allow her to stay. The principal comes and tells her in front of everyone that the board has taken the decision. she along with her friends wait for her answer in anticipation. The screen freezes on ganga’s tensed face.
Precap: Sagar is shocked to know that his father voted againt ganga’s education. he asks how could he support ganga, after the way he betrayed and insulted him and his family. sagar laments and wonders why does he feel that not his father, but someone else, in revenge stands here today. Later, ganga, misguided that sagar himself took out personal enemity, lashes at him, as to how she thought high of him and his father as bearers of law and justice, but didnt know that they took out, personal enemity in the garb of professional opnion.
Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s College
Ganga is overjoyed, when she gets to know that she has been installed back in and all congratulate. but she is tensed when she knows one vote against her, but the principal refuses to divulge this confidential information. she says that she knows and knows why he did so. Inside, Sagar is shocked to know that his father voted againt ganga’s education. he asks how could he support ganga, after the way he betrayed and insulted him and his family. sagar laments and wonders, that ganga did the right thing, and he couldnt let professional relations mix with personal, and he learned it from him only. his father explains that he has no sympathy for the girl who cant understand true love. he regrets and asks why does he feel that not his father, but someone
else, in revenge stands here today. he leavesd. ganga comes in tauntingly. ganga, misguided that sagar himself took out personal enemity, lashes at him, as to how she thought high of him and his father as bearers of law and justice, but didnt know that they took out, personal enemity in the garb of professional opnion. he doesnt clarify whats the matter, and she storms out, bad mouthing him. sagar leaves too.
In the corridor, she is tensed, while sagar’s father see rraahat waiting tensed for ganga, and remembers her, from their past days, when they used to date each other. he is taken back to memories. he gets emotional. he waits in the car. ganga is composed by raahat ma and taken away. meanwhile, sagar comes and sits and talks about ganga, and his father asks why didnt he tell her. he says that it would have been of no use now.
Scene 2:
Location: Sagar’s Residence
the blood sample is taken, while prabha is asked to wait for the milk. after the samples are collected, pulkit comes out with the doctor, who gives him a long list of instructions for supriya, and then he goes to leave the doctor. prabha finds the samples unattended and then wonders what to do. she takes an empty vial, and then hurts herself, and puts the blood in the sample, and switcehs them. then she is shocked, when she hears pulkit calling her from behind. when relieved, that he didnt see anything, she expresses concern for him, and supriya and leaves. he too is tensed.
As she gets the chance, prabha leaves the blood sample out in the dustbin. after she leaves, someone is shown to pick the thrown vial from the dustbin.
Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s residence
As they sit to eat, raahat get zoya’s call, and ganga is told by others about raahat’s daughter, zoya who says that she is planning to come to Banaras. ganga finds her extremely happy and is amused. raahat comes back and tells this to others, and they are excited too. raahat says that she is very excited to meet ganga too. they decide to celebrate teej together. raahat rushes in to prepare her room, and ganga comes in to watch her so excited. seeing raahat so happy about her arrival, ganga finds out about zoya and her husband, and then asks about zoya’s father and her husband. raahat is stunned.
Scene 4:
Location: On the road
As sagar and his fathwer have tea, sagar asks why they stopped here. he gets nostalgic and emotional, and says that he felt like it. sagar asks if he is feeling lonely, and if he is thinking something. his father is taken back to memories of raahat. The screen freezes on his tensed face.
Precap: While raahat is tensed, ganga banters about how her daughter has taken on her, but must have gotten some features from her father. raahat is disturbed. sagar’s father is tensed about the memories of the past coming up like this to confront him. Meanwhile, when prabha gets to know that supriya is secretely planning to get ganga back home, along with rudra’s sister, she is furious and says that she wont let it happen.

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